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The Weekender: 18 April


Ah, the Weekender is happening hours earlier than normal! For one reason and one reason only: Tomorrow is Record Store Day! Record Store Day is like Christmas. Actually, maybe more like Christmas with a featured wild goose chase to find all the best exclusive releases and add some sweet vinyl to the collection. I have my eye on a couple of releases so here’s to hoping I get them! If not, I still might walk away with a pretty sweet haul.


The Weekender: 29 March


Ah, the weekend has arrived again. Time for some relaxing, am I right? Wishful thinking. The weekend is usually the time where I have to scramble to get done all the things on my to-do list that magically seemed to have been pushed from day to day. I suppose it’s time to begin tackling that list and have a pretty cool adventure to the art museum.

The Weekender: 22 March

tumblr_n2phbbNqiq1ro9nbqo1_500How cool does this photo make smart watches look? I mean, in reality, it’s a bit like a James Bond type thing right? Or just a weirdo talking into their wrist. The Jetsons had flying cars and we have miniature versions of items already in our pockets. Pretty darn cool if you ask me.

Image via The Dapper Project

The Weekender: 15 March


Oh, how I love Saturday mornings. The combination of quiet and coffee is delightful. But then I suddenly realize how many things I really should be doing and all relaxation ceases to exist. You win some, you lose some right? Plenty of exciting things are happening this weekend, but more on that later. For now here’s some cool things from the around internet.

The Weekender: February 15

We all survived another Valentine’s Day. Hooray! Now it’s time to focus on what’s really important: spring training! I’m so, so excited for the games to start up again next week. Nothing screams fun like a day at the ballpark and a helmet full of nachos.

I know, I know. Just get to the links:

Have a great weekend!

February Playlist: Movie Love Songs

I’ve begun writing my little film column over at TV Ever After again, and with Valentine’s Day just days away I decided to celebrate some of the most passionate romances in movie history. Okay, well AFI already handled that. I just picked my favorites. But to go along with the celebration, I made a playlist featuring some of the best love songs from movies.

Maybe not the best, but definitely the ones that everyone hates at first but then secretly grow to love as time goes by. The guilty pleasures of romantic movies. I must give props to the 1980s for making this playlist entirely possible. I’m not sure why but they seemed to get the memo when it came to cheesy love songs. Granted they weren’t exactly cheesy back then were they?


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The Weekender: February 8th

Ah, the weekend. Such a short yet adventurous (or relaxing time) and now, for days, on our televisions we get to see all the bobsledding and curling we can handle. Hooray for the Winter Olympics, am I right? Okay, maybe that was a bold statement.

The Weekender: November 2

Long time no see little blog. I had a couple of posts planned this week, but my trusty sidekick, the internet, made that nearly impossible. First world problems, right? Halloween happened. That was pretty cool right guys? I spent the night with friends and Father John Misty. I still don’t know how the room managed to hold not one but TWO Kenny fucking Powers and two Richie Tenenbaums but it did. It’s officially not Halloween until someone is dressed as a Tenenbaum. Overall it was a great holiday. I didn’t get caught in a zombie flash mob this year so I’m counting it as a success. Lou Reed passed away which was surprising and upsetting. A true musical talent. He will be missed greatly, but we will always have his art. Some pretty cool things happened on the internet this week, so let’s get to it.

  • My favorite item from this week: What if Wes Anderson made a horror movie?
  • Enjoy some amazing dollhouses designed by famous architects
  • Uh there’s going to be an emoji art show?
  • NEWS FLASH: You can fix a broken nail with a tea bag. My life is has been forever changed.
  • The Do Lectures launched their new blog. Definitely bookmarking this.
  • According to FastCompany there’s an optimal time to drink coffee. At least my all day every day coffee drinking falls during the optimal time at least once a day.
  • Have you listened to Reflektor yet? If not, Slate has you covered. I’ll stay mum for now.
  • Shameless Plug: No New Girl this week, but I watched Halloween III: Season of the Witch so you never…ever…have to watch it.
  • Friendly reminder (because I’m not ashamed) please buy Story of My Life here and look for the (amazing) video tomorrow! Thank you.

That’s all for this weekend. I can’t believe it’s already November. I’ve got an action packed month ahead of me. It started with my semi-famous pumpkin chili and who knows where it’s going. Catch you on the flip side, loves.

Featured image of the always handsome Leonardo DiCaprio via Tumblr

The Weekender: October 19

What a week it has been. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m still slightly under the weather. The weather changes at the drop of a hat here so going from the 90s to the 80s is rough. Not to mention it gets very, very chilly over night. Not exactly the best thing for attempting to avoid a runny nose or the sniffles. But who wants to hear me complain about weather some more? No one. I’m pretty sure.

What else happened this week? Let’s see. The government reopened (for now) which means one thing: PANDA CAM IS BACK! Yes the all mighty panda cam  is back on!  As well as a few other underrated national zoo cams. That’s exciting! The Dodgers lost to the St. Louis Cardinals. That’s so sad and unfortunate, but they made it pretty damn far. It’s hard not to be proud of that fact even if going to the World Series would have been pret-ty awesome. Dutchess Kate played volleyball and looked pretty damn flawless. I’m still boggled how that’s possible since every time a normal person, mainly myself, does any physical activity I look like an uncoordinated monster. Can I please have her outfit? Over all it’s been an interesting week, here are some other things from around the net.

Ever wonder what your choice of drink says about you? I guess I could be considered civilized….?
Strange News: Seriously guys, what’s wrong with the blueberries?
H to the IZZO: Now you can browse the web like Jay Z which is something I didn’t even know I ever wanted.
Fangirl Alert: There have been some new TV spots for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and it’s becoming 900% harder every day to contain the feels.
Awe-dorable: There’s a huggable monkey robot that discreetly helps caregivers care for the elderly.
USA Today shares the most common room service orders. Can I get that antipasto stat?
Oh my god! Pumpkin spice lattes almost never happened? What else would I fall in love with? Probably pumpkin spice M&Ms. You know, if Target wasn’t sold out of them every single time I went to get some…
Listen up: Who do you think should be inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for 2014? You can sound off here. I already know who I’m choosing.
I WISH: Ever wanted Alexa Chung’s perfect hair? I know I do. Well, Nylon Magazine has us covered. Except, I feel like mine will still turn out to be a frizzy mess.
I love this: The Headphones Project stops random people and asks what they are listening to. Some of the results were pretty surprising.
FINALLY: There’s a trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel. I absolutely cannot wait.
Shameless self plugs of the week: New Girl review The Box (Warning contains a really bad box pun). Over at TV Ever After find out my favorite horror movie themes or check out our playlist of horror scores to get into the Halloween spirit.

Well, I’m taking a mini road trip today. That should be fun and exciting. Who doesn’t love a good adventure? Catch you on the flip side, loves! 

Mixtape: Horror Scores

It’s (almost) Halloween. That means a couple things: pumpkins everywhere and it’s time for those lovable horror movies. For TV Ever After this month I’ve been given the task of dedicating an entire month to horror. Like AMC’s Fearfest except a little more humorous. Anyone who knows me knows AMC Fearfest is one of my favorite times of year, and I don’t even love horror movies that much. Halloween is my jam though 110%. So, in honor of this creep-tastic time of the year I put together a little playlist of horror scores that can add just a little edge to your day. I’ve spent time listening to these scores days on end to pick just the right ones. Trust me, a gust of wind came, while I listened to Carol Anne’s Theme, that blew my blinds open and in that moment I could have peed my pants. That’s how much effort I put into this! I secretly love it though so it wasn’t much work. Enjoy.


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