2014 Year In Review

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Bet you were expecting a Weekender today, eh? Unfortunately it seems as though everything is a year end review post (other than Beyoncé’s dad having a yard sale) so I thought I would just end the year the same way. So along with nearly everyone else in the world, for the next few days I’ll be sharing my favorite things from this year. I’m talking albums of the year, the great year end survey, & even the final playlist of the year. Very exciting, isn’t it?

Today I’m taking a look at some of my favorite posts from the blog this year. This blog has grown a bit in the last year, and unfortunately I lost my will and was quite uninspired for awhile. I’ve tried some new things such as OOTD posts and even sharing more of my very interesting personality rather than try to maintain some normal standard. I don’t even know what I’m trying to say here, but what I do know is I’m not even a little sorry for how much One Direction was involved. I truly hope to write more posts next year rather than just posting collections of things. I do like writing I just sometimes don’t feel as confident with it. It’s just not a crowdpleaser really. But I won’t ramble any longer, here’s my favorite posts from this year.


Father’s Day: TV Fathers

In conversation I had dropped I wanted to a blog post on my favorite movie dads. I love movies so it seemed relatively easy in theory. In reality it’s not because explaining why someone is a great dad is hard. My friends, Rachael and Kendall, brought up a good point: What about TV dads? 

We grew up in the 90s. The era of TGIF. Every Friday night we spent a few hours in front of the television with wholesome family programming. At the end of the episode there was something to be learned from a TV dad. Don’t get me wrong, real dads are better than TV dads, but there have been plenty of good and bad TV dads. We, after much discussion, narrowed down SIX TV dads to discuss for a little feature I like to call: Let’s Chat about…TV Dads.

First up,

Alan Matthews, Boy Meets World

Rachael: He always had the best advice for his sons. I wouldn’t say he’s the most notable (I can’t even remember his name), but he always seemed there for his family. He was a good dad overall.

Me: I have to admit I didn’t remember his name either. I remember his parenting though. He always had good advice even if it didn’t seem like it to Cory. For instance, the time he refused to help Cory and Topanga with a house after they got married. I really liked how he accepted Shawn as one of his own. Of course, any father who has to put up with Eric is a good one, right? Seriously, what the hell happened to Eric in the later seasons? 

Phil Dunphy, Modern Family

Rachael: He is semi-clueless, but always has good intentions. He’s a self professed “cool dad.” Does anyone else think it’s weird he does those orange juice commercials?

Me: I love that he was professing his thoughts on being a cool dad and then proceeded to do a dance from High School Musical. He’s strange, but it’s endearing and funny. I mean I don’t know what more there is to say about him. He has the best puns, and he said “Luke, I am your father” when his son was born. Doesn’t that automatically make anyone a good dad?

Jack Arnold, The Wonder Years

Rachael: He’s probably the closest representation of a dad of all these dads. I feel like he was the typical middle class dad from the 1960s/1970s.

Me: Jack Arnold is most like my dad out of any of these dads. He was stern the way most fathers are. He really yelled at Kevin and Wayne when they were fighting. They didn’t have a sit down discussion where they talked out their feelings. He went to work, came home, ate dinner, and never said much, but when they acted up they knew they were in trouble. It’s more realistic to real family life in the 1960s and even now. Didn’t he quit is office job to sell handcrafted furniture with Wayne?

The men of Arrested Development

Rachael: None of them will ever win Father of the Year except maybe Michael. He is borderline obsessed with George Michael. GOB receives a job from his son and doesn’t even show up on the first day. Tobias always forgets he has a daughter. George Sr. was a shady man who always tries to control his family.

Me: No, none of them will win Father of the Year. Michael has the best intentions for George Michael, but he never listens to him. He did give George Michael the job of Mr. Manger though. No one would do that unless they are confident in their son, or just trying to shape them into something they don’t want. GOB didn’t even know he had a son for awhile, and couldn’t even remember what he looked like years later when he ran into him. To be fair, he probably just thought Steve Holt was an illusion. I do love that Tobias can never remember he has a daughter or even how old she is. The blue paint could have an effect on that. George Sr. I don’t even know what to say, but he did teach everyone one thing: There’s always money in the banana stand. 

Don Draper, Mad Men

Hey, we could pick (almost) all good fathers now could we?

Rachael: Ironically, the only episode I have seen was when he takes his son to see Planet of the Apes because he gets in trouble by his mom. SOLID PARENTING

Me: Haha, I did love that he did that. Not only once though he let him watch it twice, but there was a moment after that were he looked at Bobby in wonder. The kind of wonder parents get when they are trying to find out where the hell these kids learned the things they learn. Don may not be the best parent, but let’s be honest, he’s more into women than he is kids. At times he’s a surprising parent though like when he went to Bobby’s summer camp and was singing Bobby’s new favorite song with him. It was strange and touching to see Don almost say, “what the hell” and join in. There are more bad moments for Don as a parent, but so bad they almost become funny. Sally better start to get smart to his shit.

Danny Tanner, Full House

Rachael: My favorite dad probably because I would always tell my mom she was just like him. I will mostly remember him for his obsessive cleaning and squeaky clean lifestyle.

Me: Danny is the best dad, but in the most unrealistic way. No one just sits down and has a chat about their feelings all the time. His girls, who he claimed he needed help with raising, were way too well behaved. For someone so neat and tidy, please tell me how the same photos hung in the kitchen for a million years? I did enjoy how he loved to clean (we are a family of clean freaks), but it wasn’t funny how they always took jabs at how uncool he was. Remember the time he dated a college student? That was freaking weird. Danny went to a lot a trouble for his kids, maybe not as much as the three men put together like the time they went to get the Mighty Super kids fortress thing. He always had valuable advice for the kids, and everyone learned a lesson at the end of the show. Will there be a reunion soon? 

So, there you have it. Some of our favorite TV dads. We could have gone on forever, but these dads taught us some pretty cool lessons.

  • Things aren’t always easy in the real world. – Alan Matthews
  • You only get one chance at a first impression. I suggest Julia Child because it’s easy to do. – Phil Dunphy
  • It’s not easy being a hero. – Jack Arnold
  • Have you ever been on a plane you piece of sh*t? – Michael Bluth
  • People tell you who they are, but we ignore it – because we want them to be who we want them to be. – Don Draper
  • Bruce Springsteen is the boss. – Danny Tanner 

Father’s Day: Favorite Movie Fathers

It’s Father’s Day. A day where as children we look back fondly on our fathers and all the things they have done for us and taught us in the process. Instead of doing a retrospective on my own father, I decided to take a look at my favorite movie fathers. There’s something to say about movie fathers. They always have the perfect thing written for them to say, and they always know what to do. There are plenty of fathers to choose from. There’s Darth Vader, Atticus Finch, and even Nemo’s dad, but I chose my 5 favorites.


5. Dill Penderghast, Easy A

Dill is funny, and he’s always family member of the week. Then again he choses family member of the week so that doesn’t really say all that much. He raises his kids in a different way than most and it works. Rather than have cheesy touching moments there’s Dill and his humor. There’s so much I can say here but out of context it doesn’t make much sense so just watch Easy A. If you’ve seen it you get a gold star.

4. Sam Baldwin, Sleepless in Seattle

This may be a dark horse when it comes to dads. Sleepless in Seattle is one of those chick flicks, and Sam is underrated as a dad. He’s a widow. His wife recently died, and he’s just not ready to move on. Enter Jonah and his (strange) love of a talk radio show. He calls in and tells his dads story which gets responses from hundreds of female suitors. Sam begins to date the most annoying woman in the world which is sad and unfortunate. He could do so much better, and he does eventually. Sam is a good dad. He does what he thinks is best for Jonah even if Jonah is a 50-year-old man trapped in a child’s body. Nothing says good parenting like not realizing your child has run off to the Empire State Building in New York City to meet your (hopefully) future wife, right? Just remember: “This is what single people do . . . they try other people on and see how they fit; but everybody’s an adjustment. Nobody’s perfect.”

3. Clark Griswold, National Lampoon’s Vacation

Growing up Clark Griswold and the vacation movies were a staple in our house. We rarely took vacations, but when we did my dad used Clark Griswold as a clear model for parenting. Clark would do anything to get his damn kids to Walley World even though they protested a majority of the way. Clark takes special care in planning their vacations, and even wins a vacation to Europe on a game show. In Christmas Vacation, he wants Christmas to be perfect, a fun-filled old-fashioned family Christmas. Like any father Clark snaps when his family seems to lack appreciation for his efforts which seems to happen a lot. One lesson to learn here: If your dad wants to take you cross-country to a theme park, you shut your mouth and enjoy it. Also pray that it isn’t closed when you get there. 

2. Pete, Knocked Up and This Is 40

First introduced in Knocked Up, Pete is a special father. How anyone puts up with Debbie is beyond me, so he should win an award. Pete is cool. He works for a record label, and eventually opens up his own. He provides for his family and seems to, at times, genuinely like them. What I love about Pete is his relaxed attitude toward parenting. It’s refreshing and funny since a majority of parents are more…Debbie like. According to Pete, marriage is like an eternities long unfunny episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. Instead of funny dialogue everyone is just tense and pissed off. He wants to like anything as much as his daughters love bubbles.

1. Don Vito Corleone, The Godfather

Vito Corleone may have an unsavory professional life. The olive oil game is tough. There’s one thing that’s important: family. Family is one of the most important themes of the Godfather. All I need to quote here is, “A man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.”

Oscar Predictions

The Oscars are upon us. It’s the night where movie stars, directors, and those awesome sound editors finally get noticed for all of their handiwork! Movies entertain us, help us escape, and in return, on Oscar night, we judge their clothing and rejoice/argue over the winners. For the past couple years, my dearest friends and myself have gotten together to watch the Oscars. We do what everyone else does, eat good food and judge everything. Last year, I shared my predictions with all of you. Most of them were wrong, but again, I don’t get to vote as a member of the Academy (I WISH!).

This year I decided I’d recruit my fellow Academy Award viewing ladies to share their ballots with everyone as well. So here they are, our 2013 Academy Award predictions.



“Jennifer Lawrence for all the awards.” – myself


“It is Lincoln. All the awards” – Rachael on her ballot

We will see in a matter of torturous hours who made the best predictions. What do you think of our choices? Who deserves to win Best Picture?