The Weekender: 3 January


Here it is, the very first Weekender of 2015. There really wasn’t much in the way of interesting news this week with the New Year rolling in, but I managed to find some fairly interesting tidbits to share.


Year In Review: 2014 Survey


For the past 5 years or so I’ve been taking time to fill out this year end survey. 2014 really is no exception. The survey contains what I feel are the best and worst in everything from (As seen above) music to movies to even television and my personal life. Everything is based entirely on my opinion so feel free to disagree (but not in a cruel manner of course) and leave some comments with your best/worst of the year or take the survey for yourself and share it with me!


Best Film Of 2014: Wish I Was Here
Best Book Of 2014: Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso
Best Actor Of 2014: Miles Teller
Best Actress Of 2014: Felicity Jones
Best Celebrity Of 2014: Literally none of them
Best Game Of 2014: Kim Kardashian Hollywood
Best Song Of 2014: Night Changes – One Direction
Best Moment Of 2014: LA road trip in September
Best Band Of 2014: One Direction. Stay seated because I won’t be able to hear you over all that record breaking, a stadium tour, and giving millions to charity.
Best Singer Of 2014: Liam Payne, where the hell did you come from? I mean those ooooos in Night Changes…
Best TV Show Of 2014: Girls, Silicon Valley, A to Z
Best Piece Of News 2014: On The Road Again


Worst Film Of 2014: Transformers (Wahlberg or not…just stop)
Worst Book Of 2014: I don’t read bad books I’m sorry.
Worst Celebrity Of 2014: Kimye
Worst Game Of 2014: Kim Kardashian Hollywood.
Worst Song Of 2014: All About That Bass
Worst Moment Of 2014: I can’t say I have a standout worst moment this year that isn’t overly personal.
Worst Band Of 2014: The Wanted. They are still a band….right….?
Worst Singer of 2014: I’m going to say Selena, cried at the AMAs for staged dramatic effect, Gomez
Worst Tv Show Of 2014: Glee..just end already
Worst Piece Of News 2014: I think there’s a majority of news I don’t even have to mention here because it goes without saying. None of it should be forgotten but in this space I won’t mention the severe injustices by individual headlines.


Did you have any resolutions? Did you break them? Keep them? No. Like I say every year, I make goals many of which were not reached or simply forgotten after months.
If you could change one thing about 2014, what would it be? I would be more calm, open, and understanding of those I surround myself with on a daily basis. I tend to not act as one should when under lots of stress.
What is the most memorable moment of 2014: Where We Are Tour
Who did you spend most of 2014 with? My best friend, Rachael and five loveable idiots
Where did you spend most of 2014? Phoenix, school, the car.
Have you changed alot since 2013? No. I think I continued the same growth pattern I started last year only just found more of who I am, where I want to go, and who should continue to be a part of that.
So, how is Nicole spending her last night of 2014?: Comfy clothes, bubbly drinks, and One Direction.

2014 Year In Review

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 9.05.31 AM

Bet you were expecting a Weekender today, eh? Unfortunately it seems as though everything is a year end review post (other than Beyoncé’s dad having a yard sale) so I thought I would just end the year the same way. So along with nearly everyone else in the world, for the next few days I’ll be sharing my favorite things from this year. I’m talking albums of the year, the great year end survey, & even the final playlist of the year. Very exciting, isn’t it?

Today I’m taking a look at some of my favorite posts from the blog this year. This blog has grown a bit in the last year, and unfortunately I lost my will and was quite uninspired for awhile. I’ve tried some new things such as OOTD posts and even sharing more of my very interesting personality rather than try to maintain some normal standard. I don’t even know what I’m trying to say here, but what I do know is I’m not even a little sorry for how much One Direction was involved. I truly hope to write more posts next year rather than just posting collections of things. I do like writing I just sometimes don’t feel as confident with it. It’s just not a crowdpleaser really. But I won’t ramble any longer, here’s my favorite posts from this year.

The Weekender: 29 November


Thanksgiving has come and gone. I can’t say it’s officially Christmas since Christmas arrived three weeks ago according to (nearly) every store, radio station, and small child in the world. I’m happy Christmas is here. There’s just that extra bit of cheer around, and I can’t help but feel a little bit more smiley. Well, unless I’m working on the 2015 calendar I make as gifts. That’s a bit stressful and overwhelming. I mention this strictly because in between finishing up semester assignments and studying a bit, I’ve begun working on said calendars. My goal is to hopefully finish some of my custom made gifts this weekend in order to take part in Shutterfly’s Black Friday sale. I should probably be a bit more organized next year….

The Weekender: 22 November


Ah, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve shared some personal bits. Personal bits certainly don’t matter as much as these wonderful links of things I find utterly fascinating but it adds a bit of a human touch, doesn’t it? I’m newly tattooed (sorry mom and dad!). Finally after 27 years of living in the same city my friends and I finished the walking tour of historical sites of our town. We took photos along the way and learned our town had far too many post offices and general stores. I guess the wild west was pretty intense back then. I’m being spoiled rotten with a free trial of SirusXM satellite radio which I randomly discovered while stuck in traffic hitting buttons on my car radio. I definitely been missing out on an entire station of 90s music. What was my life before this radio station? I’ve heard Cotton Eye Joe twice since I discovered the trial. There’s a serious lack of appreciation for that one hit wonder. I never want the free trial to end!


The Weekender: 8 November


The Weekender: 25 October


Weekly Inspiration

Trying something new today and sharing some things that will hopefully make this week just a little bit easier. Some weekly inspiration if you will…


Wear: I am loving this outfit Definitely plan to copy it in Arizona weather friendly terms. / Eat: Pumpkin Sage Alfredo Pappardelle with Brown Butter from A Cozy Kitchen is most definitely going on my dinner list this week.


Listen to: I have no shame saying I listen to the radio frequently (at least lately) and I have come to enjoy Love Me Harder by Ariana Grande and The Weeknd quite a bit. / Smile: Norm is ready for Halloween


Buy: Madewell x Sezane / Watch: A to Z on NBC. Starring Ben Feldman (Mad Men) and Cristin Milioti (How I Met Your Mother), A to Z is the comprehensive retelling of Andrew and Zelda’s relationship. It’s a bit too much like 500 Days of Summer, but that’s partially what I like about it. There’s something special about this show and I hope other people see it too.

The Weekender: 11 October


Nothing new in the way of personal bits this week. I think I covered most of it yesterday, so on to the links! Have a great weekend. Catch you Monday with a whole new week of style, music, and general musings! Maybe even a product review or two!

Hello, October…


It has been one of those weeks where it feels as though I can’t get anything accomplished. Fortunately to outsiders it looks like I have my shit together even when I don’t. I guess I just have that particular skill. But it’s a new month which means kind of a fresh start! These are things I’m looking forward to this month.

  • Where We Are concert film: Next weekend for two days only One Direction are taking over cinemas worldwide for a live concert film event. I can’t wait to relive WWA Tour despite it feeling like it wasn’t all that too long ago…Watch the trailer, buy tickets and find out more here.
  • Cozy Nights In: I love chilly nights in. Comfy clothes, bad television, and tea? Even cuddles? Sign me up. Right now I’m loving this knit jumper and these Topshop joggers for nights in.
  • New She & Him?: While browsing to see which albums are set for release this month I noticed She & Him’s album Classics listed. I hope this is true. I can’t wait to here that album. I mean just look at the teaser
  • Holiday Suja Juices: I mentioned in a previous post Suja’s holiday juices. Finally the flavors have been revealed and the Wassail to You sounds so so delicious. And a portion of the purchase goes to charity. I went and checked my local Whole Foods and they didn’t have them yet, but hopefully soon. (Links to buy: Call Me Pumpkin and Wassail to You)
  • AMC Fearfest: One of my favorite times of the year is AMC’s Feafest which features the Halloween marathon.
  • Halloween: Halloween is on a Friday this year which means time to live it up. Maybe this should be my costume?
  • Bob’s Burgers: Ah, one of the best shows on television returns this Sunday, 5 October with a musical extravaganza.