Girl, you tripin’


Every summer there is a near constant flood of vacation photos that appear in my social media feeds. Everyone has these really cool adventures, and I get super bored with my current surroundings. Whether it’s entirely brought on by jealous/trip envy or just the wish I could be anywhere else in the world, I just want to have an adventure. The ones so memorable they become the subject of dinner party conversation years later. The ones that are sometimes so embarrassing to recall in front of another human being. So, it got me thinking, if I just picked up this weekend and took an entirely spontaneous roadtrip, what would I bring with me? But also where would I go? Then I realized I was missing the point of being entirely spontaneous and filling my type-a mold once again.

Truth be told, I am a bit excited for a trip that is coming up so soon so I suppose that also factors into this post. Either way, these are the things I would bring with me on a little jaunt to somewhere random on the map. Just the thought of pointing to a random place on the map makes me so, so anxious. 


One: Ashish x Topshop Hi My Name Is Tee  / Topshop Black faux leather shorts  / PLAY by Comme des Garçons Chuck Taylor low tops / Oliver Peoples’ Gregory Peck sunglasses  / Honeydew Intimates x Madewell Lace Bralette  / Baggu canvas backpack

Two: Sephora color reveal lip balm / Philosophy vanilla coconut body lotion / St. Tropez self tan bronzing mousse / MANGO wristlet cosmetics bag / Fudge Urban sea salt spray / Bobbi Brown Beach rollerball


Saturday Favorites: Topman


Ah, Friday Favorites moves to Saturday this week. Why? Simply because stuff happens and after painstakingly trying to achieve straight and even lines on this here image, I realized I misspelled the number twelve. Honestly, as a 27 year old woman, I have no idea how that happened, but it did. I gave up, but as someone who doesn’t like giving up, here we are. I fixed it and the post goes on. I couldn’t let all that work go to waste now could I?

Everyone knows Topshop is one of my favorite places and for gents clothing I must say I love Topman. I enjoy a well dressed man. That is a fact. Topman does a great job of providing lots of different styles. Everything from something casual to something on the fancier side. They currently have a style guide to dressing like a cool California dude up if any guys need some surfer/skater style inspiration. I decided for this weeks favorites I’d do some browsing at Topman. I picked pieces I found to be, in my opinion, quite stylish. I also picked pieces I would be no doubt likely to casually borrow had I noticed them tossed about a certain man’s bedroom. You know, if he just wore whatever I said and not what he loves. But I might add, he doesn’t need my help. He dresses quite well most of the time.

1. Acid wash denim jacket 2. Sonic Youth tee (UK only, bummer) 3. Gold aviator sunglasses 4. Bleach ripped denim shorts 5. blue stripe short sleeve shirt 6. White wash Detroit skater tee 7. Grey canvas plimsolls 8. Black roller crew neck tee 9. Black spray on skinny jeans 10. Light grey jersey shorts 11. Komono Urkel black sunglasses 12. Eleven Paris X (Les)Artist back number tee

Shop the rest of the For the Gents collection on Luvocracy

Summer Reading List ’14


When I was younger one of my favorite things was the summer reading program at the local public library. There was always some kind of theme and the goal, ultimately, was to get children reading while they were out of school. The was always a prize for reaching little tiny milestones over the course of the Candy Land-esque treasure map. Prizes like a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut (I never did redeem this) or a bookmark which exclaimed to everyone within a 5 mile radius that you LOVED reading. The summer reading program was awesome. Not only did I get challenged to complete a task, which I definitely could beat my sister at (I’m competitive), but I got to head to the library week after week to get new books. I would constantly check out the same few books time after time. Mainly a fiction book we read in class that year that I couldn’t put down or a baking book for children. Yeah, my love of baking started very early on.

Sadly, when you grow up there’s no longer such a fun way to get reading back into your life. Well, there’s book clubs where maybe a good class of wine or spot of cheese on a cracker can replace that cool number 2 pencil reward of years ago. Now I use reading to relax and stay sane since life seems to move so much faster when you’re an adult. Or maybe that’s just me.

The last book I read was The Fault in Our Stars. Obviously it’s quite the tearjerker. So, I decided maybe it’s best to seek out some other books to finish out the summer reading. As you can probably see, it’s fairly expansive. Subjects from novels about all the thing humans waste to the economics behind the disribution of capital. But right now in my iBooks, Orange is the New Black is just begging to be started. Maybe it’s time to start up the ol’ boozy book club again?

1. Want Not by Jonathan Miles 2. Orange Is the New Black by Piper Kerman 3. Design as Art by Bruno Munari 4. Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris 5. One More Thing: Stories and More Stories by B.J. Novak 6. Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso 7. 100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design 8. Capital In the 21st Century by Thomas Piketty

Noteworthy 002


Beauty: My hair could use a nice deep conditioning treatment from all of the elements. Someone recommended this one from Kiehl’s and I just might give it a try. Especially since avocado home treatments are just far too messy, and let’s be honest, a much more suitable use of avocados is guacamole.

Enjoying: It’s been a very strange few weeks with summer storms. That photo was at about 5am this morning when I was surprised by a random rain shower.

Pinning: The last time I made homemade ice cream was after I graduated high school and I made soft serve with my friends the chemistry class way. I’m clearly not skilled in the ways of ice cream making, but I desperately want to try this chai latte ice cream from Sugar and Cloth.

Hair Inspiration: I love my dip dye, but I wish I had the effort and patience to dye my entire head one funky color. I love the purple pictured here so much. The upkeep is just way more than I’m willing to take on as well as the chance it might just not be the way I want it to.

Music: This week in music is what this should be called since it’s constantly changing. Right now two albums I keep revisiting are; X by Ed Sheeran and the soundtrack to Wish I Was Here. I wasn’t a giant fan of Ed Sheeran in the beginning but the more I heard of this album I couldn’t deny it’s pretty good. My favorite tracks right now are Bloodstream and Thinking Out Loud. If it’s not clear by now, I’m obsessed with Wish I Was Here. I finally got to hear the full soundtrack and I’m so in love with it. Especially So Now What by The Shins.

Clothing: I really like this zip front shift dress by Calvin Klein although I’m not entirely sure it would be very flattering on me. I have been graced with a set of hips.

Crushing On: Mark Duplass is seriously underrated. He’s quite the looker not to mention he’s hilarious. I love him in the League (my favorite of his roles) and he was quite the charmer in Tammy. Later this summer I can’t wait to see him in The One I Love with Elizabeth Moss.

Loving: PUPPIES! Who doesn’t love puppies? And how cute is this one that keeps reappearing on my Tumblr dashboard? I think it’s a sign I should get another puppy! Okay..maybe not. Hey I can dream, right?

July Mix: Missing You


Sometimes for whatever reason whether it be a breakup or just great distance separates us from someone special. At the risk of sounding like a young adult novel, it feels like a giant gaping hole in the pit of ones chest, and it sucks. It no doubt sucks more than anything should suck. How some people just manage to cope with it, I’ll never know. Myself on the other hand just has an overwhelming feeling of sadness that can’t even be tamed with a bowl of ice cream. And the next day it will feel like everything is going to be just fine. That’s life, I suppose. The other day, I sat down and made a playlist of songs that really just convey the feelings of missing someone so much it hurts a little bit more than normal. I wouldn’t say they necessarily help cope with the situation, but they definitely enable a little bit of feeling. I once heard somewhere, “That’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.” So here’s an utterly depressing but beautiful playlist. Even if you’re not missing someone it’s still filled with beautiful music. Tracklisting will, as always, be behind the cut.

Available for streaming on: 8Tracks / Rdio / Spotify whichever tickles your fancy.

Original image via: Habitually Chic


Friday Favorites: Wildfox


I love Wildfox. Everything always looks so summery, comfy, and soft. Perfect for lounging around. I spent a bit of time on their website this morning looking at all of their newer pieces and collections. These are all the ones I wish were in my closet right now.

1. X My Heart tee  2. Twiggy sunnies  3. You & I tee  4. Wildfox jumper  5. Fancy You sweater  6. All Over Gingham mini sweater  7. The Lola Forever-Ever jean  8. Off the Deep End lazy weekend tee  9. Bel Air Palms tote bag  10. Essentials Cozy Raglan


I haven’t always been the number 1 fan of grilled cheese sandwiches. It was the way they were made or I just had a natural aversion to Kraft Singles; Either is possible really. But recently I’ve been craving one so badly and there are loads of recipes for grown up grilled cheeses worth trying. This one for Gabrielle Hamilton’s grilled cheese sandwiches was delivered to my inbox this morning, and honestly, there’s nothing I want more than to try it for dinner! Maybe just one…

Not only does Madewell have some of the best clothing around, but their stores consistently have the best playlists. They have always added little playlists to their blog, Madewell Musings, and now each month they are putting up their in-store playlists. I’m pretty obsessed with the one for July. Florida by Luke Temple is my favorite track on it. Such great summer vibes.

Last night Pretty Little Liars celebrated a television milestone with the most explosive 100th episode. I’m still not entirely over it! I never saw some of it coming. It’s definitely a contender for one of my favorite episodes of PLL in existence. There’s just so much to talk about and my review/thoughts of it are over on Screen Spy. So stop on by and let me know what you thought of the 100th!

I’m fairly certain if anyone asked me what Haute Couture was, I would be wrong. That said, these beautiful dresses by Giambattista Valli caught my eye while internet browsing earlier today. I’m just smitten by them and their shapes. Not to mention the colors…

Speaking of fashion, here’s something a bit more my style. Well, something I would more likely wear than say a haute couture dress, right? I just love everything about it from the perfectly ripped jeans to the jacket. Too bad it’s the dead of summer and this outfit is entirely not realistic. Actually…it could be. If I wanted heat stroke that is…I don’t think this is recent, but either way, kudos to you, Ashley Benson. I’ll be filing this away for fall (trends be damned).

There’s a new game sweeping the world: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. The goal is to climb your way up to the A List. Photoshoots. Shit talking. Dating. Club appearances. It’s all there. It’s entirely ridiculous and admitting you spend loads and loads of time playing it is sometimes so shameful to say out loud. It’s such a waste of time, but I can’t stop playing it. Not only does it waste so, so much of the aforementioned time, but you can buy things with actual dollars. I haven’t because, well, I’m just not into that whole buying virtual goods thing, but it’s an option. I haven’t exactly worked my way up to the A List yet. Hell, I just got broken up with virtually by a fake model. And my avatar (see above) is way cooler than I am in real life which makes me a bit jealous. Yeah, I’m jealous of fake me. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is available now in the Apple app store. (Christmas Kitty Charli is the best part, no lie)

Friday Five: Songs for the perfect summer BBQ

Fourth of July. Time for Americans to celebrate our independence from Britain. Sorry about that whole tea thing, guys. There’s kind of a unspoken rule to spend the day relaxing or having a BBQ and when having a BBQ you need some really cool tunes, am I right? I’ve made quite a few playlists in my day, and I’m no expert, but I think there’s a few songs that need to go on (nearly) every BBQ playlist. For today’s Friday Five I’m sharing those with you as well as 5 bonus songs that I’m loving for summer ’14. So fire up the grill, grab a cold one and turn up these great tunes.

Cruel Summer – Bananarama

I don’t know loads about Bananarama as a band, but I do know one of them married the non-George Michael guy in Wham! and without a doubt their biggest hit was Venus (which was just made for razor commercials some 20 years later). I love Cruel Summer. It just evokes this feeling of lounging outside waiting to find something to do. If nothing else, it just really makes me want to crimp my hair, put on a pair of acid wash jorts, and sit out by the pool in an uncomfortable plastic chair by the pool. Totally tubular.

Summer Breeze – Seals and Crofts

What do you get when you mix boat shoes, a captain’s hat, and a nice J. Crew jumper? The perfect visual representation of Yacht Rock. Growing up the smooth oldies station constantly played this song and I just kind of grew to love it. If I had to listen to it once every few hours might as well learn to appreciate it. I love Yacht Rock as a genre, and I’m not entirely sure it’s ironically anymore. Summer Breeze just makes me want to watch a sunset while on a sailboat while drinking some fancy wine no one has ever heard of. Sounds like a dream…

Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus

How is this not the national anthem of the USA yet? It makes America sound like so much fun. Like we always have a Jay Z song on and we are all moving our hips like yeah. I’m not even going to pretend that this wasn’t my jam a couple summers ago. I still love it, and if anything it gets people dancing (and singing). Especially after a couple drinks, right? As Miley says, the butterflies fly away. And no one will ever speak of it again.

Juicy – Notorious B.I.G.

It wouldn’t be a summer playlist without some Biggie. Juicy is more of a late afternoon jam for BBQs. It just evokes this feeling of cruising or chilling while the sun goes down. There’s really nothing more to say than that. It’s just such a chill jam. Happy days.

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – The Rolling Stones

I wish I was around to experience summers in the 1960s. They probably weren’t much different than my childhood summers though: riding bikes and listening to the Stones. Satisfaction is one of my favorite Stones songs of all time, and not certainly because I had to listen to that horrid Britney Spears cover a million times and began to appreciate the original. It’s just a great song. And just gives off the vibes of a good time like a party scene of a film. Not to mention, who could forget this scene in Mad Men of Don Draper lighting a cigarette? I certainly can’t. It’s burned on the inside of my retinas.

Listen to these tracks here: Friday 5: BBQ Songs and below you’ll find 5 more bonus songs for summer 14!

Looking for some festive BBQ/4th of July Playlists? Look no further than here!
Spotify: Summer BBQ 1 / 4th of July / Summer BBQ 2 / America
8Tracks: Summer BBQ 1 / 4th of July / Summer BBQ 2 / America


Essentials: 4th of July



Independence Day, the day Americans were freed from the reign of the aliens. Okay that’s just the plot to the widely popular film, Independence Day. Is it widely popular? Is that a fair statement? All I know is tomorrow Americans everywhere will be eating BBQ and wielding fireworks to celebrate freedom. One thing I wish I could be doing is laying out by the beach. Boy do I miss the beach. Since we don’t have a beach in Arizona, and there’s not enough time to plan a road trip, I picked some essentials I would take with me on a boat. We have some very pretty lakes around these parts. At least there’s that.

Shop the look: 1. Pret a Surf for J. Crew bathing suit top and bottoms 2. Topshop Burnout Armhole Vest 3. Topshop fedora (sold out) 4. American flag beach towel from Urban Outfitters 5. H&M distressed denim shorts 6. Pabst Blue Ribbon 7. Karen Walker sunnies 8.Ked’s  double up core sneakers 9. Take a Deep Breath sunscreen from Philosophy 10. Wildfox reversible beach bag

Hello, July


Far too often I find myself saying, “I can’t believe it’s already _____!” It’s July and I seriously wonder where half of this year already went. I feel like I’m living in that one scene in Garden State. You know the one where Zach Braff is sitting on the couch and everything around him is moving but he’s sitting still? Yeah, like that. Except you know without the drug use and the subsequent orgy, but more feeling like I’m standing on the sidelines while everyone else lives the miraculous, fabulous lives. But with a new month brings the prospect of new and exciting to things to look forward to. These are a few of mine.

Books: According to Entertainment Weekly, Friendship is a great novel for fans of the television series, Girls. It centers around a friendship similar to that of Hannah and Marnie’s except with far more pent up anger and resentment. Now I normally don’t listen to say, the likes of Entertainment Weekly, when it comes to what books I pick up, but I’m willing to give this one a shot.

Television: There’s one thing I love about summer: Big Brother. Both the US and the UK versions. The UK version is my current favorite (#teammark). They are wacky and crazy and love backstabbing each other. I can’t wait to catch up with them (and the latest on Mark’s eyebrows) on the daily.

Fourth of July: Ah, that time of the year where we, as Americans, celebrate our independence from the British. Not entirely sure when it began that we celebrate this with fireworks, BBQs, and a Will Smith movie, but I’ll roll with it. There’s nothing I love more than a cold beer and a viewing of Independence Day to celebrate America. Still not entirely sure what aliens have to do with independence but okay.

Films: I am most excited for Wish I Was Here. It’s been ten years (holy cow) since Garden State, and I’m anxious to see Zach Braff’s follow up about a actor/father trying to find his purpose in life at 35. While it is has similar parallels to Garden State and is meeting mixed reviews, I can’t stop watching the trailer like a wide eyed kid at Disneyland. Not to mention those new songs by the Shins and Bon Iver…

Music: Speaking of music, there’s going to be some new tunes out this month in addition to the (brilliant) Wish I Was Here soundtrack. First up: 5 Seconds of Summer. Hear me out! There was a time where pop punk (whatever you want to call it) reigned supreme. I guess it still kind of does. I don’t run in that circle so I’m not entirely sure. Around this time I was in high school and I loved it, so listening to, what one reviewer called, “frenzied pop punk that tries to dry hump you,” takes me back. I just can’t get enough of it, and if you pre-order on iTunes you’ll receive quite a few tracks now! My favorite so far is Amnesia.  Next up: Jenny Lewis. I love Jenny Lewis. Troop Beverly Hills Jenny. Rilo Kiley Jenny. But especially solo Jenny. I cannot wait to hear The Voyager.

New hair color: If you can’t tell yet, I have a bit of a thing for bright colored hair. I haven’t had the guts to dye my entire head yet. The upkeep just feels so daunting to me, but now Bleach London has a new product I can’t wait to try: hair crayons. They have quite a few products in their new range I want to try, but for now I’ll stick to my soon-to-be rosé locks.

LinksFriendship by Emily Gould /  Wish I Was Here trailer /  5 Seconds of Summer (Available now outside of the US) iTunes pre-order: hereThe Voyager by Jenny Lewis / Hair crayons available for purchase from Bleach London Worldwide