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The Weekender: 4 October


Another week bites the dust and it’s time for personal bits. I feel like all I can comment on is how busy my weeks are becoming. I mean who schedules all their tests for the same day? Apparently every professor I have this semester. But Monday was a pretty great break from the normal. My bestie and I spent plenty of the morning dutifully annoying our local KISS FM station about playing the new One Direction single. Now, yes, I am in my twenties and that seems like such a 14 year old thing to be doing, but to be fair it was over Twitter and the song deserves to be played. I stand by one thing, good music, despite the countless claims they stole the piano intro. just to comment on that: it sounds most like Faithfully by Journey which is also a great song. But moving on….


The Weekender: February 8th

Ah, the weekend. Such a short yet adventurous (or relaxing time) and now, for days, on our televisions we get to see all the bobsledding and curling we can handle. Hooray for the Winter Olympics, am I right? Okay, maybe that was a bold statement.