Currently Coveting: Christmas Wish List

Gifts are always cool to me. Someone puts a lot of thought into what they want to get you or, in the case of my family, put a lot of thought into ignoring the things you asked for. Gift giving in my family kind of works like this: right after Thanksgiving everyone becomes bombarded with what do you need for Christmas? text messages, e-mails, etc. The first couple of times it’s always the same nothing or I don’t know. Eventually time inches closer and closer to zero hour and everyone MAGICALLY has come up with at least one thing they need. (We usually buy gifts based on needs rather than wants) Once the person has given in typically everyone runs with a theme based on one thing they said. For instance, my sister loves penguins so every year I buy her something with a damn penguin on it. Last year it was salt and pepper shakers (she loved them) and some other less arctic themed home goods. This year will be no different. Unfortunately, this system is extremely flawed and once someone mentions they like ONE THING everyone gets a little carried away. I’m pretty sure I’ve already figured out my theme this year and I must admit I’m impressed yet unsure why it is the theme. Christmas is a bit strange as an adult. There’s only so many throw blankets and home goods I can handle, guys. 

In any case, I decided to put together a wish list for myself. A wish list that contains things that would be awesome to have, but won’t replace the pillowcases and coffee mugs that will inevitably end up under my tree. Hey, I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth. I love gifts. I’m just saying it’s a wish list for a reason, right?



One: Knitted Grey Jumper  Two: Salt + Pepper Shaker Set  Three: Ankle Boots  Four: Giles + Brother Nail Bracelet  Five: Note to Self Coffee Print  Six: Biker Jacket  Seven: CheMex Coffee Maker  Eight: Daniel Wellington Watch  Nine: The Black Album – Jay Z and The Chronic – Dr. Dre


Fall Uniform


And so the fall appreciation rolls on here on the blog with my fall uniform. Well in this case uniforms. Cold weather is my favorite weather. All of my clothes, in my opinion, are much more stylish. What can I say I love a good jumper. So much I’ll even wear light ones in the summer too because oh well. Not everyone can be confident in tiny summer fashions, right? So shown above are takes on two of my current favorite go to outfits. These items are much better than ones in my actual (sensibly priced) outfits, but that’s probably because with online browsing budgets never matter. (Most of these items are still reasonably priced) Sadly the real world doesn’t match up with this philosophy even though it should. I think we can all agree on that. Nevertheless the outfits are very similar to the ones I can be found wearing any given day of the week with a few minor additions such as a coffee cup. That’s an accessory right? No. I know it’s not. 

Truth be told I was a bit skeptical of booties but I’ve always wanted some. I’m probably one of the clumsiest people on the face of the Earth. Seriously, I just found another magical bruise and can’t recall which instance may have caused it. I tried on countless pairs but it seems flat ankle booties are my only savior. Who wants to look like a newborn giraffe learning to walk while trying to maintain some form of confidence in a cute outfit? I feel utterly ridiculous talking about this, so on to the shopping links.

Shop the look:
Look 1: 1. Jumper 2. Mind Your Mittens by Essie 3. Watch 4. Bag 5. Black Skinny Jeans 6. Boots
Look 2: 1. Knit Hat 2. Black Skinny Jeans 3. Plaid Top 4. Vans Sneakers 5. Ring 6. Handbag

November Mix: Chilly Fall Nights

Comfy, warm jumper. Check. Cup of tea. Check. Fire in the fireplace. Check. Well, if I even had a fireplace. It’s my favorite time of the year but I think I’ve mentioned that about half a million times since I started this adventure almost two years ago. Daylight Savings Time has come along and brought with it evenings which get dark much much sooner. There are some positives and some negatives with this, but since this isn’t a blog about DST I’ll refrain from listing them. That would be a weird blog topic though, right? Anyway, time to get a little young adult novel up in here. There’s something slightly perfect to me about beautiful tunes, a warm beverage, and nighttime. I could be doing anything from pretending to study (which, 98% of the time, is bookmarking recipes), cooking, or just taking a break from the hustle and bustle of life, and somehow, during fall, night becomes my favorite time of day. That’s saying a lot since everyone knows I’m really a morning person. The crisp chill in the air has officially arrived (and comes and goes here in the desert) so for November’s mix, I put together a collection of songs I’ve been listening to on these nice fall evenings.

It’s ideal, at least to me, for the special times I mentioned above in the excerpt from my forthcoming YA novel: Really Nicole? Okay so maybe that’s not a real book I’m writing, but I could. So, I hope you enjoy some nice tunes. Perhaps enjoy them with a warm beverage, a nice dinner party, or a slice of delicious pie (preferably pumpkin because, well, seasons).


Find it over on 8Tracks and Spotify

You can also find an older fall mix on 8Tracks

Original image from Kinfolk

Currently Coveting: Is It Fall Yet?


Arizona has had a few rainy days lately which reminded me fall is coming. Unfortunately Arizona hasn’t received that memo and it’s going to be warmer than normal by the end of the week. Enough with the weather. Sorry, it’s my least favorite thing about Arizona. While impatiently waiting for the temperatures to drop to a normal, lovable number, I’ll be coveting all these items and online browsing for new clothes.

These are my favorite items as of late:

Watch / Baseball Tee (Sadly, sold out) / Bra / Sweatshirt / Trousers / Plaid Shirt / Boots / Tote Bag / Sweater

August Mix: Goodbye Summer


It’s been almost a week of The August Break, and I have to say it’s very different. One thing I couldn’t let pass up posting was the monthly mix. I decided to make a mini challenge for myself and make monthly mixes. Sometimes it feels like overkill, but it’s fun. This month I decided to send off summer in style. It’s August. It’s hot and sticky out. I’m already over it. Where’s the fast forward to September button? Goodbye Summer features a bunch of songs I loved this summer. There’s a little something for everyone. It’s perfect for pretty much any summer activity other than working in an office building. I’d much rather listen to it while grilling or having a nice cocktail watching a sunset, but there again I’m a lover of summer cliches.

So, as long as you’re not hanging out in an office setting sans  headphones*, you can enjoy this mix pretty much anywhere.

Find it on 8Tracks

*Seriously though, some of the rap tunes are NSFW. Don’t do it, bro. 

Summer Favorites


When I was younger summer was my favorite thing. Understandable because there was no school and I got to watch the Price is Right without having to be sick. Now I’ve traded in swimming until  bedtime for just trying to exist without dying in the heat. Let’s just say it’s no longer my favorite thing, but that’s not to say I hate everything summer brings. I’m just not really a giant fan of trying to run simple errands while simultaneously trying not to look like a bright red tomato. Cooking is unbearable and it never rains when they say it should. Just ugh, is it fall yet? There are somethings I loved about this summer, and these are a few of them. Popsicles seem to be the flavor of the week, and there are so many flavor combinations I can’t wait to try. I’ve already tried making wine popsicles which I would have shared here, but the combination didn’t work out as well as I had hoped. They were delicious but on the strong side and the raspberry seeds were overwhelming. I’m so excited a local theater picked up The Spectacular Classics series. Not that I have already seen most of the movies about a thousand times. I’ve been frequenting another film series at a local place that has monthly themes.

Links: An Elegant Edge Dress by Modcloth/ White Peach, Lychee, and Raspberry Popsicles/ Sour Cherry & Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Pops / There’s even: Funfetti Pudding Pops/ Bankrupt!/ Modern Vampires of the City/ Information about The Spectacular Classics

Spring Garden Party


The weather is getting warmer, the pollen is driving my allergies insane, and of course, I wish I could entertain outside. Soon it will be too warm to even step outside until after 7pm, so I want to spend as much time outside as possible.

Salad Plates  Public Highball Glasses  Pretty In Palm Beach Dress by Modcloth  The Head and the Heart  Of Monsters and Men  Mason Jar Drink Dispenser  Sunglasses  Croquet Set  Heels by Kate Spade  Floral Centerpiece

Need recipe ideas? I really want to try halfway homemade pasta salad via A Beautiful Mess, sparkling watermelon sangria via The Kitchn, peach and raspberry crumble Joy the Baker.

Mix No 28: April


I am like iTunes genius in the sense that I make a lot of playlists. Granted mine are probably a little better since they aren’t generated by an alogrhythym, but that’s beside the point. April showers bring May flowers, or so I hear. Arizona doesn’t get much spring rain so I’m just going to take everyone’s word for it. Aside from that April is one cheerful month around here, and nothing screams cheerful like a mix of (mostly) indie folk goodness, right?

  1. Here Comes the Sun – the Beatles
  2. Fake Plastic Trees – Radiohead
  3. Won’t You Come Over – Devendra Banhart
  4. Time to Run – Lord Huron
  5. Lazuli – Beach House
  6. Lazy Projector – Andrew Bird
  7. Wishes & Stars – Harper Simon
  8. Towards the Sun – Alexi Murdoch
  9. April Come She Will – Simon & Garfunkel
  10. Deep Blue Sea – Grizzly Bear
  11. Over the Ocean – Here We Go Magic
  12. Swing Low Magellan – Dirty Projectors
  13. Blue Skies – Noah and the Whale
  14. Stubborn Love – The Lumineers

It’s the perfect soundtrack to an outdoor dinner, driving on a sunny day, or laying in the grass looking up at the clouds*. Whoa cliche alert!

As always it’s over on 8Tracks

*Please don’t lay in the grass and look at the clouds if grass hates you and your allergies. It’s a terrible idea. I know from experience.