The Weekender: 3 January


Here it is, the very first Weekender of 2015. There really wasn’t much in the way of interesting news this week with the New Year rolling in, but I managed to find some fairly interesting tidbits to share.


The Weekender: 20 December


The Weekender: 13 December


The Weekender: 6 December


The Weekender: 29 November


Thanksgiving has come and gone. I can’t say it’s officially Christmas since Christmas arrived three weeks ago according to (nearly) every store, radio station, and small child in the world. I’m happy Christmas is here. There’s just that extra bit of cheer around, and I can’t help but feel a little bit more smiley. Well, unless I’m working on the 2015 calendar I make as gifts. That’s a bit stressful and overwhelming. I mention this strictly because in between finishing up semester assignments and studying a bit, I’ve begun working on said calendars. My goal is to hopefully finish some of my custom made gifts this weekend in order to take part in Shutterfly’s Black Friday sale. I should probably be a bit more organized next year….

The Weekender: 22 November


Ah, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve shared some personal bits. Personal bits certainly don’t matter as much as these wonderful links of things I find utterly fascinating but it adds a bit of a human touch, doesn’t it? I’m newly tattooed (sorry mom and dad!). Finally after 27 years of living in the same city my friends and I finished the walking tour of historical sites of our town. We took photos along the way and learned our town had far too many post offices and general stores. I guess the wild west was pretty intense back then. I’m being spoiled rotten with a free trial of SirusXM satellite radio which I randomly discovered while stuck in traffic hitting buttons on my car radio. I definitely been missing out on an entire station of 90s music. What was my life before this radio station? I’ve heard Cotton Eye Joe twice since I discovered the trial. There’s a serious lack of appreciation for that one hit wonder. I never want the free trial to end!


The Weekender: 15 November


The Weekender: 8 November



novemberIt’s a huge cliche to say how I can’t possibly believe it’s already November. November is one of my favorite months…if not my favorite month. You know, if people chose such a thing to begin with. There’s a few things I’m looking forward to this month and one of them truly is a given.

  • Four: I’m counting down the hours until the release of One Direction’s fourth album Four. Getting a new track this morning made me even more excited. Ready to Run is pretty killer. I can’t wait to hear more.
  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 – I’m not even sure how I’m going to handle this one. I’m just not ready for hijacked PEETA.
  • Thanksgiving – My favorite holiday and my favorite Bon Appetit issue of the year. I have the menu perfected after 5 or 6 years of me preparing the meal myself but I think this year I might change it up and make these mashed potatoes.
  • Holiday shopping – Topshop’s holiday lookbook/collection starring Cara Delevigne is out and I really want this bandeau jumpsuit and these pointed ankle boots. I might even make Essie’s Tuck In My Tux my official holiday nail color this year.
  • 5 Seconds of Summer are currently touring and Rock Out with Your Socks Out is swinging by my town this month. They absolutely smashed it on tour with 1D this summer so I’m ecstatic for my inner teen angst filled self to rock out.

The Weekender: 31 October


Happy Halloween!

The Weekender is going to happen a day early this week all in honor of everyone’s favorite sugar rush inducing holiday, Halloween. I’m going to be seeing a late night showing of my favorite horror movie, Halloween, with my trusty Halloween crew. I’m trying something a bit different this year in the way of costumes and hopefully it all works out. It’s not even really technically a costume but I’m determined to wear it regardless. Maybe next time I should get my idea in order so I can wear what I truly want rather than have costume envy? I say this every year….

Regardless, here’s to hoping you, the trusty readers of this blog (if there are any left), have a super fun, fantastic Halloween. Catch you guys in November…wow…