Trying something new

Dear lovely readers of Coffee and Winter,

I’ve decided to try something a bit new for the new year. I’ve moved my blog to an actual domain name! Yes! After many years I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and go for it. Only one problem, I am not tech savvy enough to set up an automatic redirect or an RSS feed to keep posts forwarded to the trusty reader. Womp, womp.

I love each and every one of you and you have all made my time blogging absolutely spectacular. I’m not discontinuing the blog, but all new posts will be on the separate website. So if you want to continue reading, and I sure hope you do, please please visit and subscribe to

Come hang out with me there. I have loads of new ideas and fun features for the coming year.


I feel like I’m starting on the ground floor again, and would love if you all continued to read despite the inconvenient change. If anyone can put the steps to an RSS feed or whatever in simple terms for me to figure it out, I am certainly willing to try.


Year In Review: 2014 Survey


For the past 5 years or so I’ve been taking time to fill out this year end survey. 2014 really is no exception. The survey contains what I feel are the best and worst in everything from (As seen above) music to movies to even television and my personal life. Everything is based entirely on my opinion so feel free to disagree (but not in a cruel manner of course) and leave some comments with your best/worst of the year or take the survey for yourself and share it with me!


Best Film Of 2014: Wish I Was Here
Best Book Of 2014: Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso
Best Actor Of 2014: Miles Teller
Best Actress Of 2014: Felicity Jones
Best Celebrity Of 2014: Literally none of them
Best Game Of 2014: Kim Kardashian Hollywood
Best Song Of 2014: Night Changes – One Direction
Best Moment Of 2014: LA road trip in September
Best Band Of 2014: One Direction. Stay seated because I won’t be able to hear you over all that record breaking, a stadium tour, and giving millions to charity.
Best Singer Of 2014: Liam Payne, where the hell did you come from? I mean those ooooos in Night Changes…
Best TV Show Of 2014: Girls, Silicon Valley, A to Z
Best Piece Of News 2014: On The Road Again


Worst Film Of 2014: Transformers (Wahlberg or not…just stop)
Worst Book Of 2014: I don’t read bad books I’m sorry.
Worst Celebrity Of 2014: Kimye
Worst Game Of 2014: Kim Kardashian Hollywood.
Worst Song Of 2014: All About That Bass
Worst Moment Of 2014: I can’t say I have a standout worst moment this year that isn’t overly personal.
Worst Band Of 2014: The Wanted. They are still a band….right….?
Worst Singer of 2014: I’m going to say Selena, cried at the AMAs for staged dramatic effect, Gomez
Worst Tv Show Of 2014: Glee..just end already
Worst Piece Of News 2014: I think there’s a majority of news I don’t even have to mention here because it goes without saying. None of it should be forgotten but in this space I won’t mention the severe injustices by individual headlines.


Did you have any resolutions? Did you break them? Keep them? No. Like I say every year, I make goals many of which were not reached or simply forgotten after months.
If you could change one thing about 2014, what would it be? I would be more calm, open, and understanding of those I surround myself with on a daily basis. I tend to not act as one should when under lots of stress.
What is the most memorable moment of 2014: Where We Are Tour
Who did you spend most of 2014 with? My best friend, Rachael and five loveable idiots
Where did you spend most of 2014? Phoenix, school, the car.
Have you changed alot since 2013? No. I think I continued the same growth pattern I started last year only just found more of who I am, where I want to go, and who should continue to be a part of that.
So, how is Nicole spending her last night of 2014?: Comfy clothes, bubbly drinks, and One Direction.

2014 Year In Review: Albums of the Year


Ah, the dreaded but loved Albums of the Year post. To be quite honest, I’m not entirely sure why I still bother to post it. My friends and I don’t really have lengthy conversations about our favorite albums of the year anymore. With Spotify and iTunes it’s actually really simple to keep track of the albums I loved and listened to bunches over the span of a year. Wow, I don’t seem very convincing to listen to, do I? Just like any other person, I know what I like and this is it. I’m by no means a musical expert. Sure, i know a lot of trivial facts that easily help me win the entertainment/music section of any board game or trivia contest, but I am far from all knowing that one artist sounds like another artist. You know like some well informed music reviewers can very easily do. Anyway, these are my favorite albums of the year. I’m not going to lie. I DID spend a good month straight listening to 1989 and I’m going to be listening to Four until probably forever (it’s just that good).

There’s really no particular order or ranking system although from my last little blurb it’s quite obvious I play favorites with at least two of these albums. I’ve included a link to one of my favorite tracks from each album as well as a link to stream the album on Spotify! Very convenient if I do say so myself.

So enjoy and let me know in the comments what you think of these albums, what some of your favorite albums of 2014 have been, or some albums you are looking forward to hearing in 2015!

2014 Year In Review

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 9.05.31 AM

Bet you were expecting a Weekender today, eh? Unfortunately it seems as though everything is a year end review post (other than Beyoncé’s dad having a yard sale) so I thought I would just end the year the same way. So along with nearly everyone else in the world, for the next few days I’ll be sharing my favorite things from this year. I’m talking albums of the year, the great year end survey, & even the final playlist of the year. Very exciting, isn’t it?

Today I’m taking a look at some of my favorite posts from the blog this year. This blog has grown a bit in the last year, and unfortunately I lost my will and was quite uninspired for awhile. I’ve tried some new things such as OOTD posts and even sharing more of my very interesting personality rather than try to maintain some normal standard. I don’t even know what I’m trying to say here, but what I do know is I’m not even a little sorry for how much One Direction was involved. I truly hope to write more posts next year rather than just posting collections of things. I do like writing I just sometimes don’t feel as confident with it. It’s just not a crowdpleaser really. But I won’t ramble any longer, here’s my favorite posts from this year.

OOTD: 5 December


After quite the rainy Thursday, it’s a comfortable and overcast Friday. Why all this boring talk about the weather? Mainly because I’m not really sure how to intro a post on my outfit of choice for the day. How does one say…”I, uh, opened my closet and this is what felt right…” and make it worth reading? Needless to say, last weekend I took part in some sale shopping. I finally gave in and got a new bag (seen above) after being ridiculed mercilessly by my bestie for the shear unappealing quality of my old one. It was kind of like that situation where your mom has like a love of all her 80s clothes and just won’t part with them except mine was a bag I bought 3 years ago and won’t get rid of. I also went a bit too crazy on jeans (they were 40% off!), and even got a cute customizable alphabet necklace (not seen above) from Forever 21. I just couldn’t resist some of the deals at the shops we ventured into, and unfortunately, my wallet was not as excited.

Today’s outfit is just a casual but chic look featuring one of my favorite band tees. Yes, I do actually love my mass produced Joy Division shirt even if the likelihood it is also worn by some 15 year old who has never heard their music and just likes the design is fairly high. I paired it with my biker jacket and a pair of boots. These boots are much cooler than the boots I actually wore but a girl can dream, right?

One may also want to know why I carry a weekender bag with me on the daily. Well, inquisitive individual, on the daily I travel to campus and carry essentially my entire life with me which requires just such a bag so I just stick with it. It’s not ideal all the time since I seem to randomly collect items that stay in there for ages. Oops. One thing I must admit about this bag, I do not like the carry strap. Typically I carry larger bags like this by the strap, and with my school notebooks and such, it just really loves to come unsnapped due to weight. But as long as I’m carrying next to nothing, it’s good to go. Grr.

Joy Division Japanese tee, $28, Urban Outfitters / Black coated moto jeans, $70, Topshop / Ankle Boots, $258, J. Crew / Biker jacket, £20, H&M / Weekender bag, $49.95 H&M / Letter pendant $25 American Apparel / Ring set $5.95 H&M

5 Things: Holiday Songs

Thanksgiving was only over for about 12 hours when I received a random Snapchat of my younger sister singing along to Christmas music on the radio. It had some caption along the lines of FINALLY. Keep in mind Christmas music has been on the radio for nearly 3 weeks by this point. She has the ultimate self control when it comes to tradition and holiday music so radio stations could learn plenty from her. It made me think of when we were younger how we would wait impatiently every year on Thanksgiving for KEZ (the local light radio station) to flip the switch on the Christmas music, and when it did we listened to it nonstop though Christmas. It was the most exciting thing in our young lives. It meant gifts, family, and most importantly, winter vacation. There’s really no shortage of holiday songs. Just look at the Holiday section of Spotify. There’s literally a playlist for every genre or event of the holiday season. There are songs that bring a smile to my face no matter where I am when I hear them so to get into a festive mood, I chose 5 of those songs to share right now.

The Heat/Snow Miser – The Year Without a Santa Claus

The Year Without a Santa Claus is one of my favorite holiday movies. It’s an family tradition. I’m sure there’s some sort of good/evil background to this portion of the story rather than just strictly being about the weather. It’s jazzy, magical, and a little weird.

Mary’s Boy Child/Oh My Lord – Boney M

It took me until later into adulthood to even figure out who sang this song. It came on nearly every time we went looking at lights much to the amusement of my sister. That scene in a Christmas Story where Ralphie and his family are singing Jingle Bells in the car? Well, replace Jingle Bells with this song and you’ve got my family. I don’t understand why we ever loved it so much, but it still makes me laugh every single time.

White Christmas – The Drifters

The only reason I have a connection to this version of White Christmas is, like any other child who grew up in the 90s, Home Alone. Still to this day that’s my main connection to it, but I’ve come to realize what a true classic it is. And, of course, the perfect addition to any lip-syching concert in the bathroom.

Merry Christmas (Happy Holidays) – *NSYNC

*NSYNC put out a holiday album, as any popular 90s artist did, which featured this lovely song. I haven’t watched the video in a million years..that is until today and let me tell ya, it’s a gem. Not only is Gary Coleman starring in it but there’s a lot of terrible fashion, dance moves, and *NSYNC invade someone’s dinner to give a very uncomfortable performance. What else are the holidays about?

All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey

In 1994 one of the greatest modern Christmas songs of all time, All I Want for Christmas Is You, was released. It’s a true classic. It was named the most popular and most played holiday song in the UK and Rolling Stone even dared to call it a “holiday standard.” It also came with a strange video filmed on what appears to be a camcorder that shows Mariah decorating for Christmas and playfully hitting decorations. I’m not really sure why that happens, but I dare anyone not to sing along to this one.

The Weekender: 22 November


Ah, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve shared some personal bits. Personal bits certainly don’t matter as much as these wonderful links of things I find utterly fascinating but it adds a bit of a human touch, doesn’t it? I’m newly tattooed (sorry mom and dad!). Finally after 27 years of living in the same city my friends and I finished the walking tour of historical sites of our town. We took photos along the way and learned our town had far too many post offices and general stores. I guess the wild west was pretty intense back then. I’m being spoiled rotten with a free trial of SirusXM satellite radio which I randomly discovered while stuck in traffic hitting buttons on my car radio. I definitely been missing out on an entire station of 90s music. What was my life before this radio station? I’ve heard Cotton Eye Joe twice since I discovered the trial. There’s a serious lack of appreciation for that one hit wonder. I never want the free trial to end!


The Weekender: 15 November


November Playlist: Fall 2014


A few months ago I was randomly asked if I had a favorite month of the year. I’ve never really given it much thought and after a moment of shock at this entirely strange question, I realized I actually do have a favorite month. So I sheepishly answered, “I suppose November is my favorite.” This began an entirely new line of questioning mainly why I loved November. He naturally assumed it would be because of my birthday or some relevant event. I began to answer with things like Thanksgiving, nice chilly weather, I can wear my mostly dark colored wardrobe without looking like a crazy person, etc. Couldn’t possibly admit to loving November because November always brings a new One Direction album, now could I? No. He was none the wiser to that one.

What does this little story have to do with anything? Well, fall is starting to finally take hold around here, and it’s time for the monthly playlist. Because I love november this theme was simple: cozy fall nights. The nights when it’s just chilly enough to sit in front of a fireplace (or outdoor fire pit around these parts) and have a nice glass of wine. The tunes on this months playlist are from a variety of artists (some popular others not), but it plays perfectly in the background. I personally enjoyed a few listens making my evening meal with a nice glass of wine. So I suppose that’s my listening suggestion, haha.

Tracklisting and links below. Enjoy!

  1. Medicine – The 1975
  2. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran
  3. The Funeral – Band of Horses
  4. Under the Table – Banks
  5. Nancy From Now On – Father John Misty
  6. I’m Not the Only One – Sam Smith
  7. Heart – MMoths featuring Keep Shelly In Athens
  8. The Fall – The Rhye
  9. All I Want – Kodaline
  10. Backdrifts – Radiohead
  11. Recollection – Keep Shelly In Athens

Spotify / 8Tracks

5 Things I Love This Week…


I’m starting to realize 5 is slowly becoming the new theme of this blog. I just really like that number lately. I’m feeling a bit burnt out lately. I’m not entirely sure if that’s just the hectic nature of my life kicking in or just not feeling at all like things matter in the larger scheme of things. Whoa…getting deep there, yea? Okay maybe that’s just some pent up aggression caused by burning myself on my coffee pot this morning added to my multivitamins current crusade to ruin my life. I mean who said being healthy would be like a great thing? I might as well just join Goop’s pre-holiday no fun food cleanse.*

1. Took the night off last night to participate in my fall ritual and watch You’ve Got Mail. I still don’t believe anyone’s dial up AOL was THAT fast, but then again they didn’t have a family filled with people trying to make and receive phone calls.
2. My nail color of choice this week: Carry On, Essie, $8.50
3. Favorite Things Holiday Cards, Rifle Paper Co., $16 for 8 cards
4. Don’t Drake and Drive sweatshirt, Supermuse, $47.99
5. Steal My Girl Acoustic – One Direction

*I’m just assuming the cleanse is no fun. It’s probably really good for you.