Tuesday 10: Halloween Party


So what’s pretty cool is I’ve finally found my Halloween spirit. I mean with days to spare, am I right? Even with the countless horror movie marathons, ghost stories, and Monster Mash airings on the radio, it was a bit hard to get excited. Well, maybe you’re throwing a shindig this Friday night for all of your neighborhood ghouls and goblins and need some last minute cool stuff for your party. I have the solutions and the best news is: it’s all on sale, ha.

1. Tombstone Slate Cheese Board 2. Kids (more like should be for adults) Skull Apron 3. Bone Bottle Opener 4. Because it’s makes better candles than candy: Candy Corn Candles  5. Bat Punch Bowl 6. Graveyard Server 7.  Vampire Matches 8. Skeleton Servers 9. Halloween Candy Box DIY 10. Spiderweb Garland