The Weekender: 13 December



The Weekender: 16 August


I don’t have very much to say in the way of personal bits this week. I’ve been fairly tame and boring. I did have a bit of an episode with a jumping spider just yesterday, and I must admit, jumping spiders are literally the worst things in the world. I don’t even know why they exist. It scampered off and I haven’t seen it since. I get the jitters just thinking about it being somewhere in my dwelling just waiting to attack again. Gross…

River Thames by Club Monaco

The Weekender: 19 July


I’m most excited to see Wish I Was Here this weekend and have some relaxing time to watch bad television. Okay and maybe productively catalogue some recipes I have just thrown about all over the place. But for now here’s some important/interesting internet things.

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The Weekender: 12 April


Hello again! It’s time for the Weekender. I don’t have very much to say this morning because I’m quite tired, so let’s just get on with it.

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The Weekender: 1 March

The Weekender: 22 February


I just want to live in this photo

Have a great weekend.

The Weekender: February 8th

Ah, the weekend. Such a short yet adventurous (or relaxing time) and now, for days, on our televisions we get to see all the bobsledding and curling we can handle. Hooray for the Winter Olympics, am I right? Okay, maybe that was a bold statement.

The Weekender: January 10

The first full week of 2014 has gone by so quickly. Actually, that’s a lie. It was fairly slow, and I spent a majority of my vacation catching up on television shows I had missed. Why waste any more time, here’s some of my favorite things on the internet this week.

  • Some of us are still quite bitter our parents would never buy us an American Girl doll (it’s a long story), but for those who had one of the originals how much is your American Girl Doll worth now?
  • Del Taco is introducing turkey tacos.
  • I’ll just leave this here: 16 Modern Day Signs of a True Friend
  • The Atlantic shares the 21 Films to Look Forward to in 2014 and I’m not sure about some of these.
  • Parks and Rec celebrated it’s 100th episode last night. Don’t know this wonderful show I’m speaking of? Check out the BEST episodes of Parks and Rec
  • How NOT to throw a dinner party with lessons learned from Downton Abbey
  • The Selfie Olympics: BEST OF. Seriously….this is a thing.
  • Shameless self plug: New Girl is back and you can read my thoughts on this week’s episode here

Have a great weekend! Catch you on the flip side.

The Weekender: December 20

It’s a rather chilly and rainy day today and there’s really no better way to handle this than giving every attempt possible at staying in bed. Unfortunately, I’ve pretty much caught up on every television show I have missed in the past couple weeks and can’t possibly make a dent in Breaking Bad (I promised my brother) before the Christmas crazy begins so here we are. A very lazy morning inspired weekender.

  • Ever wonder what the top pins of 2013 were on Pinterest? Well, I did and I didn’t know so many people wanted taco cupcakes….
  • Did you like 21 Jump Street? Well how about the trailer for 22 Jump Street?
  • 22 Jump Street not really your style? Looking for something more…festive? How about Christmas Face instead.
  • Infographic of the week: The Most Popular Toys of the Last 50 Years. I had quite a few of these 90s toys.
  • No one loves the Yule Log more than my family which is why I’m so pleased to share with them this: The trailer and director’s commentary for the streaming Yule Log on Netflix.
  • Grab a tissue because these photos of a father and daughter recreating wedding photos to honor the mother is heartbreaking.
  • Finally, my favorite of the week: Google’s Zeitgeist for 2013. It’s been a pretty memorable year and the inspiration part gets me every time.

Just for fun Friday tunes: Midnight Memories live on the X Factor USA Finale. In which Liam changes the words, Louis makes a face, and Harry is just….Harry. The UK one was much better.

Have a good weekend! Bake up some sweets for Christmas. Trust me, it’s fun. And what I will be doing all day Sunday.

The Weekender: December 7

Hello all! It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Well, I’m back. As if anyone actually missed this? I decided to go out and live life the last couple weeks. Thanksgiving came and went without any issues which was more surprising than anything. And now that means it’s time for finals. Ugh, please lord no. By finals I mean attempting to complete group projects solo, give nerve wracking presentations, and recall 5 months worth of information all while trying not to cry. So, to ease back into this my lovely blog whom I clearly care so deeply for, I thought I’d do a Weekender.

Let’s see what has happened this week? Amazon announced its dream plans to have our packages delivered by drones. That would be pretty cool except relatively terrifying at the same time. Not only do the drones look super creepy, but it’s going to feed my need to have whatever I want INSTANTLY. You know what I’m talking about right? That moment you order something online but you don’t want to wait however many days for it to arrive via an annoyed UPS driver? Although it would be cool to say, “the Amazon drone is coming.” See, I’m just so conflicted. Moving on more important things to address.  A lot of things happened this week, but let’s visit some of my favorite things from around the internet.

  From Wired: 2013’s most defining moments in music
  Reuters has the best photos of 2013
10 Most Viral Tumblr Blogs. Yacht Cats is one of my personal favorites.
From Rolling Stone: 50 Best Albums of the Year I must agree with their number 1. I’m not even sure I will make a list this year. GASP!

Well there you have it. Another weekender has graced us with its presence. I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday and are fully in the Christmas spirit. I promise more exciting things to come this month. Okay maybe exciting is overselling it just a little. Have a great weekend!

PS- If you live in the US, please take a couple hours to have an enjoyable evening with SNL tonight featuring host Paul Rudd and musical guest…..One Direction.

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