Friday Favorites: Urban Outfitters Part 2


Last week it was the girls turn, this week it’s the boys.


1. Helvetica Tee 2. New York tee 3. Knit sweater 4. LA Dodgers tee 5. Gym shorts 6. Shirttail henley tee 7. Quilted joggers 8. Zip hoodie 9. Joy Division Japanese tee (which is actually super comfortable. I own and love it.) 


Saturday Favorites: Topman


Ah, Friday Favorites moves to Saturday this week. Why? Simply because stuff happens and after painstakingly trying to achieve straight and even lines on this here image, I realized I misspelled the number twelve. Honestly, as a 27 year old woman, I have no idea how that happened, but it did. I gave up, but as someone who doesn’t like giving up, here we are. I fixed it and the post goes on. I couldn’t let all that work go to waste now could I?

Everyone knows Topshop is one of my favorite places and for gents clothing I must say I love Topman. I enjoy a well dressed man. That is a fact. Topman does a great job of providing lots of different styles. Everything from something casual to something on the fancier side. They currently have a style guide to dressing like a cool California dude up if any guys need some surfer/skater style inspiration. I decided for this weeks favorites I’d do some browsing at Topman. I picked pieces I found to be, in my opinion, quite stylish. I also picked pieces I would be no doubt likely to casually borrow had I noticed them tossed about a certain man’s bedroom. You know, if he just wore whatever I said and not what he loves. But I might add, he doesn’t need my help. He dresses quite well most of the time.

1. Acid wash denim jacket 2. Sonic Youth tee (UK only, bummer) 3. Gold aviator sunglasses 4. Bleach ripped denim shorts 5. blue stripe short sleeve shirt 6. White wash Detroit skater tee 7. Grey canvas plimsolls 8. Black roller crew neck tee 9. Black spray on skinny jeans 10. Light grey jersey shorts 11. Komono Urkel black sunglasses 12. Eleven Paris X (Les)Artist back number tee

Shop the rest of the For the Gents collection on Luvocracy

The Weekender is BACK!

Today is the final day of The August Break, so I figured it would be time to just jump right back in to the norm. The August Break was pretty fun to try. I must admit, I frequently forgot to use the photo prompts, or would just have no inspiration in regards to taking the photo. For that reason, I didn’t share as many as I thought I would have. I took some time to change up the theme here on the blog. There’s now a featured post slider with posts  I, as well as others, enjoyed. It took forever to do so it better be awesome. There’s also a new side menu making it easier to find me on social media, and an entirely new blogroll separated by category or you can still check the Daily Reads page . It’s less cluttered which I like. So enjoy those new features. Lately, I’ve been fairly busy lately trying to complete half a million things at once, but I still managed to pocket some pretty cool stuff that happened on the internet this week.

  • Can we talk about how perfect Carey Mulligan’s ensemble was at the Venice Film Festival?
  • My tied for first favorite Beatle, Paul McCartney has released a new song titled New and it’s great.
  • Dior Homme’s new ads star Robert Pattinson and some teaser photos have been released. Normally I wouldn’t care about Mr. Pattinson but come on!
  • Remember that crowd sourced movie James Franco was trying to make based on his short stories, Palo Alto? Well it finally has a trailer and recently had a showing at the Telluride Film Festival. I honestly have no idea how he found the time to do this with his Comedy Central Roast coming up this weekend, and his general feeling that he needs to try everything the world has to offer. I’m a little excited about Gia Coppola directing this though.
  • Jay Z has released a new video, I’m sorry I mean visual for Holy Grail featuring Justin Timberlake.
  • According to the new documentary, Salinger, J.D. Salinger’s estate is going to release 5 more books starting in 2015. I love J.D. Salinger as much as the next person, but I really question this development. If it is true, that’s great, but I guess we have to wait and see. Maybe it will be like that time Geraldo covered the opening Capone’s vault and there was nothing inside.
  • It’s Labor Day weekend here in America. The official end of summer. Whether you’re celebrating or just soaking in the final days of warmth and sunshine I’ve got a playlist for just about everything: Goodbye Summer (my favorite), Summer BBQ 2, and even some classics: Summer Crushes, and the original Summer BBQ. Among tons of others on my 8tracks page. 

Have a great 3 day weekend everyone (in America)!

Gift Guide: Father’s Day


Father’s Day is upon us, and it’s time to thank dad for that one time he lost you at a car show. Okay, maybe that just happened to me. I’m not upset about it anymore. He bought me a toy and we agreed never to tell my mom about it. To be fair, my dad is a huge car guy, and it’s my mom’s fault she let him take me to a convention center filled with automotive junk. That stuff is shiny. Any child would wander off to look at it.

Every year my dad forgets Father’s Day is a thing, and never wants a gift. I usually just make him dinner + dessert and call it a day. This year it may be a spectacular pasta dish I’ve been waiting to try. I like to think I got lucky in the parent lottery. They never want gifts unless they are made with love which is why they get painted rocks and macaroni necklaces year after year even though I’m an “adult” now.

Here are some gift ideas in case painted rocks that say “I love you, Dad” just don’t cut it.

The Grilling Book  Geneva Soundsystem  Bottle Opener  Necktie  Beertender  Marlon Brando: Anatomy of an Actor  Helios Grill Set  Wristwatch  The Beatles  Chexmex Coffee Maker

Oscar Results + Best Dressed



The Oscars have come and gone. The winner of the great ballot challenge of 2013 was…A TIE! Just like the highly coveted category of sound editing, we have a tie. One of us is Skyfall and the other Zero Dark Thirty. It was super fun not being 98% wrong this year. Also, congratulations, Jennifer Lawrence.

Above are my picks for best dressed. I decided not to pick various ladies. Every gown I loved everyone else absolutely hated. So I went with the gown I loved the most, Jennifer Lawrence in Dior. The men (and a couple stylish women) were a different story! Kudos to you, Affleck, JGL, and Clooney.




Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and gifts will be being bought. That is if you believe participate in such a thing. I found some really cool things that anyone would be happy to receive on the day of greeting card sanctioned appreciation of love. Granted I wouldn’t recommend any of the more expensive options if you recently entered a relationship with someone, or aren’t married to them. Seriously, it would be a bummer to buy such an awesome gift for someone and then break up, am I right? What girl would also appreciate champagne flutes for Valentine’s Day? Me. It’s definitely me.

His: Grande Seconde Stainless Steel Watch | Wallet | Gingham Tie | Retro Flip Clock | Monogram Beverage Bucket
Hers: Chloe Perfume Necklace | Coco Mademoiselle | Watch | Heart Macaroons | Champagne Flutes