12 Days of Christmas: Day 08


I mentioned previously how I’ve tried new things this year as far as beauty products are concerned, and one of those has been lipstick. Lipstick was really awesome when I was playing dress up with my sister, but lip balm has been a way of life for much of my adult life. Randomly one day (I think for a special occasion) I decided to give lipstick a go. That one chance happening has blossomed into a love/hate relationship. I don’t know why I thought this relationship would be a simple one. It definitely is not. That said, I found two shades I really love and are my go-to lip colors. I’ve suggested them both before here on the blog. The MAC shade, Myth, is a nice nude shade and one of their most popular colors (in case you’re like me just trying to figure things out). The pink Kate Moss shade by Rimmel is very pink. That’s not a bad thing; just something I wasn’t quite used to at first. Now I just find it very flirty and fun. I really want to branch out and try a recommendation by one of my favorite makeup artists and try the Hourglass Cremé Lipstick in Grace.

Buy: Myth by M.A.C., $16 / Shade 101 by Kate Moss for Rimmel, $5.29


12 Days of Christmas: Day 10


Essie is my go-to nail polish company. It’s my favorite & I’m always buying more. Just take a look at the ever growing collection in the container next to my bed. I just can’t resist a good seasonal collection. Licorice is my all time favorite shade, in case anyone is curious. But for day 10 in the 12 Days of Christmas, I’m sharing the shade I wore most often in 2014: Cute as a Button.

Cute as a Button is a nice coral shade that compliments, and even offsets, most of my darker wardrobe nicely by adding a little slice of color. It’s bright and applies simply. I definitely didn’t need more than two coats, and the best part is, it didn’t flake after a few days. Typically I would consider it more of a spring/summer shade (which is when I wore it most often), but even in the bleaker days of winter, I find myself tempted to pull it out again. Any of the hundreds of Essie polishes would make great stocking stuffers (or party favors), but I might suggest this one first and foremost.

Cute As a Button, Essie, $8.50

Looking for a holiday shade? Try Wicked or Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low

Essie is my go-to polish company.

12 Days of Christmas

Everyone knows that holiday tune the Twelve Days of Christmas right? I often wonder who would want these horrible things. I mean 12 drummers drumming? 12 seems a little excessive and loud to be quite honest. How one even organizes 8 maids-a-milking is beyond me. The song and some inspiration from others got me thinking of doing my own bitty 12 days of Christmas. Rather than shoving four calling birds in people’s faces without their permission (what was this song even for really), I thought I would just share 12 of my favorite things from this year that I’ve bought/used/loved. Many are suitable for last minute gifts and such but bear with me as I’m not very good at this sort of thing. Let’s try it and see how it goes. Maybe develop a great learning curve for next year. Who knows?! Already off to a rough start, I missed day 12 yesterday so today I will begin with a combination post of 12 and 11.

PS: If someone in 2014 where to purchase the Twelve Days of Christmas (which no one in their right mind should ever do) it would cost approximately, $116k


Day 12: my favorite eye make up essentials

Time to be a bit narcissistic for a second: my eyes are one of my favorite features. I receive a lot of compliments on them so I really try to play them up on the daily. I put a lot of attention on my eyelashes and try to make them as long and voluminous as possible, which is why I love this Two Faced Mascara. Another thing I’ve become obsessed with is gel eyeliner. First it was a pain in the butt to apply and my makeup remover wasn’t exactly a fan of removing it at the end of the night. Now I’ve learned the blessed ways of the NYX gel liner and there’s no going back now. Even after a crazy night out (where I often forget to remove my makeup before bed) it doesn’t smear or come off all over my pillowcases. I certainly don’t condone wearing eye makeup to bed, but sometimes it happens and gel liner makes sure to still look good in the morning! Sorry the hangover isn’t fun, but the eye makeup looks great!

Better Than Sex mascara, Two Faced $23 / Gel eyeliner & smudger, NYX, $9


Day 11: Bleach London Super Cool Colour

Earlier this year I became obsessed with Bleach London’s Super Cool Colours. I was envious because they weren’t available for sale to US customers, so I headed to my nearest stylist and ended up with a purple ombré. Eventually I learned of someone who would ship to the US and my ombré became Rosé. What I love so much about Bleach London colour is its super simple to apply alone and washes out in a few washes. The temporary nature of the colour is a blessing and a curse. It allows for tons of color changes (they have a variety of colors) but doesn’t stick around a lot without reapplication which bothersome sometimes. I still recommend it because it’s fun and Bleach London has a variety of amazing products. I wish I could visit their salons and really try something crazy, but for now my blonde ombré is still hanging in there…maybe it’s time to try a bullini?

Super Cool Colour, Bleach London, UK or Worldwide

Friday Favorites: Haul


So, I guess there’s this cool thing to do on the internet where you share things you’ve recently purchased in some sort of haul post. Granted most of these are done by fairly popular Youtubers who have people who care what they buy watching their videos. I, for one, believe I have a highly obnoxious speaking voice and am not entertaining enough to make videos, so I decided to blog them instead.

Let’s start with the clothes, shall we? I love H&M basic sweaters. I think I own one in every color they have ever made. My most recent addition to my jumper collection is this grey knit sweater with zipper. Not only is it reasonably priced but ridiculously comfy. It’s taking plenty of self control not to go buy more. I’m trying to break this habit I have of buying multiple colors of things I already own. Next are ripped jeans. I was skeptical of this at first because why would I pay money for clothes with holes. I’m a sensible adult, right? That makes no sense. But on a whim I tried on a pair and just really kind of liked it enough to get some of my own. Ah, boots. Every fall/winter I go on a quest to find boots and always end up realizing maybe I’m “just not a boot person.” I really liked these though and, well, being on sale doesn’t hurt either. I just hope the weather begins to lighten up a bit so they become wearable.

I rarely take a brush to my hair. I can get my curls to last for a few days with just dry shampoo, but someone said this Tangle Teezer was an absolute hair must so I figured, maybe Lizzie McGuire is right, “Why not?” I’ve used it a bit and I must say I do think it is a hair must. This NYX Matte Finish spray is my new beauty must have. I’m obsessed with it. I love how it makes my make up look. I’m also loving their tea tree oil absorbing sheets. I’m trying this whole new put effort into make up thing. That’s what grown ups do, yea?

Speaking of adulthood, let’s talk about sheets. Since they don’t make One Direction sheets for adults (really missing the market here, guys), I’m forced to have grown up sheets like some person who follows societal norms. I’m entirely kidding, I love simple, basic sheets and I was adorkably excited to get new ones. These particular sheets from my favorite “we have everything shop,” Target, feel almost like hotel sheets. Yea, some people may hate that feeling, but it reminds me of traveling, which is something I love. Also, they are fairly good quality for the price, which is something I can always get behind.

Shop the post: H&M Knit jumper / H&M ripped jeans / Target combat boots / Tangle Teezer / NYX Matte Finishing Spray / Target Room Essentials microfiber sheet set

Hers/Mine: Trench Coat


Please forgive this hastily thrown together image. I just really became frustrated and that’s that. On to the more important things: The Everlane Swing Trench. I was perusing my Instagram feed just the other day when I saw Everlane had posted this photo and I thought to myself what a great outfit. Not to mention what a stylish and classic looking coat. So for the purposes of this post, I put together how I might wear this look. I absolutely used the basics for style inspiration but changed it a bit to cater more to myself. I can’t go without mentioning the new fall Essie line is out and I’m slightly obsessed with Dressed to Kilt which is why it’s also featured in this look alongside Fudge Urban’s Festival Pink hair chalk. Hair chalk is honestly the easiest way to achieve the pink ends featured on the model and the beauty is Fudge Urban’s hair chalks even work on darker colored hair. I know, that’s pretty great for those trying a no-commitment hair color change.

Shop the look: Everlane Navy swing trench, Paige Denim white button down, Topshop bleached moto jeans, Vans Lo-Pro sneakers, Marc Jacobs handbag, Fudge Urban hair chalks, Essie Dressed to Kilt


Oh, and before I forget, the blog is going to take a bit of a hiatus. It’s only a short time! Time to escape the crazy Arizona weather and head to sunny and blissfully comfortable Los Angeles for a few days! I’ll catch you on the flip side but as always you can follow my adventures on Instagram and Twitter! See you next week!

Girl, you tripin’


Every summer there is a near constant flood of vacation photos that appear in my social media feeds. Everyone has these really cool adventures, and I get super bored with my current surroundings. Whether it’s entirely brought on by jealous/trip envy or just the wish I could be anywhere else in the world, I just want to have an adventure. The ones so memorable they become the subject of dinner party conversation years later. The ones that are sometimes so embarrassing to recall in front of another human being. So, it got me thinking, if I just picked up this weekend and took an entirely spontaneous roadtrip, what would I bring with me? But also where would I go? Then I realized I was missing the point of being entirely spontaneous and filling my type-a mold once again.

Truth be told, I am a bit excited for a trip that is coming up so soon so I suppose that also factors into this post. Either way, these are the things I would bring with me on a little jaunt to somewhere random on the map. Just the thought of pointing to a random place on the map makes me so, so anxious. 


One: Ashish x Topshop Hi My Name Is Tee  / Topshop Black faux leather shorts  / PLAY by Comme des Garçons Chuck Taylor low tops / Oliver Peoples’ Gregory Peck sunglasses  / Honeydew Intimates x Madewell Lace Bralette  / Baggu canvas backpack

Two: Sephora color reveal lip balm / Philosophy vanilla coconut body lotion / St. Tropez self tan bronzing mousse / MANGO wristlet cosmetics bag / Fudge Urban sea salt spray / Bobbi Brown Beach rollerball

12 Things I Can’t Live Without


Everyone has those products/items we can’t live without let alone stop raving about, right? I’m no expert, but I know which ones I love. They tend to be on the less expensive side. I just can’t bare to spend loads of money on makeup I plan to wash off my face eventually (or that will make me break out) and often I don’t feel like they need to be expensive in order to be effective. Plus, I can spend those hard earned dollars elsewhere in life which I enjoy quite a bit as well. That is unless someone would like to toss me some expensive products to try out. You know, I wouldn’t say no to that. No one would!

If I were to box up some kind of Nicole starter kit these are the things I definitely would include. I can’t live without them, and can’t rave about them enough.

1. Essie nail polishes: Essie makes my favorite polishes. Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that. For summer I’m constantly switching off (almost weekly) between these three shades: Cute as a Button, Vice Versa, and Sand Tropez.

2. Fudge Urban Powder Styler: Since I dip dyed the ends of my hair pastel pink, I haven’t been able to use my beloved Sea Salt Spray to gain extra texture with my beachy waves. Not only does it provide an adequate amount of texture, but I can also add it to my roots to increase the volume of second day hair rather then using dry shampoo all the time.

3. 3 in 1 face wipes: Because something has to remove the dirt, grime, and makeup after a long day of sweating in the hot summer sun, right? Another alternative: Burt’s Bees wipes.

4. My phone...which is basically attached to my hand at any given moment.

5. Liquid eyeliner: I was 100% against liquid eyeliner from the word go, but I finally gave in and I’m obsessed with it. This Rimmel one draws on smoothly and last quite awhile. It also makes winged lines fairly easily unless you’re an utter perfectionist.

6. Dry Shampoo: I have yet to find a dry shampoo I’m head over heels in love with. Honestly, my bathroom counter looks like a beauty shop. So far, Batiste is in the running for affordable dry shampoos. Another alternative: Dove which smells fresher than most dry shampoos.

7. Mascara: I wear glasses daily so mascara is my best friend when it comes to makeup. This luminous Manga mascara from L’Oréal gives lashes a extra boost of volume.

8. Tinted moisturizer: I was given Sonia Kashuik’s tinted moisturizer as a gift (what a weird gift) and loved it. I haven’t used another tinted moisturizer since. It’s lightweight and provides excellent coverage. Wearing full makeup in the heart of summer isn’t always enjoyable so tinted moisturizer is the way to go. And it doesn’t leave a greasy feel and it has SPF so double duty.

9. Rollerball Perfume: I love perfume rollerballs. They are so convenient to just drop in my bag and go. Sometimes when the summer heat gets too much, you’ve got to have something to freshen up with on the fly. Just maybe don’t let your handbag fall over in the car. I lost my favorite one for 3 days that way.

10. Sunnies: It’s fairly clear by now I live in one of the sunniest places on the planet. I would be insane not to mention sunglasses despite it clearly being a given.

11. Bobby Pins: My hair savior. They are literally everywhere in case of emergencies. Cup holders, my wallet, and even a travel soap holder in my makeup bag.

12. Matte Powder: This is my go-to matte powder. It works better at removing shine better than any other powder I’ve tried.

1. Cute as a Button / Vice Versa / Sand Tropez 2. Fudge Urban powder styler 3. Topshop 3 in 1 face wipes4. iPhone 5. Rimmel liquid liner 6. Batiste dry shampoo 7. Miss Manga mascara 8. Radiant tinted moisturizer 9. Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume rollerball 10. Steff frames by Wildfox 11. bobby pins 12. Stay Matte pressed powder 13. Bonus: Mango handbag which I desperately want