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Friday Favorites: Pinterest

Well, Friday is almost gone, and I almost missed Friday Favorites. Not that it matters entirely, but better (almost) late than never, right? This week, rather then spending hours blissfully doing some virtual window shopping, I decided to head back to my trusty friend, Pinterest, and see what was happening there. Loads of beautiful vacation spots, new street styles, and plenty of recipes. Not to mention a few photos of some pretty cute musically talented boys, but no one wants to hear about that.

There’s not much more to say than that, so here’s some of my favorite things currently appearing in my Pinterest feed that are worth the repin!


(Old) Perrie Edwards 60s Photoshoot | Wish I had the guts to try all purple hair


Absolutely loving the stairs in this interior | Babe, we are so putting up some floating vinyl shelves


I love everything about this  | Note to Self


Chocolate and Salted Carmel Tarts |  Fresh Tomato and Ricotta Whole Wheat Pasta

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Summer is (unofficially) here and that means many television shows are on their summer hiatus, but thank goodness for teen shows and ABC Family. Without them I wouldn’t have my new summer addiction: Pretty Little Liars. I can hear the annoyed groans of my brother from across town, but trust me, Pretty Little Liars is so much better than I thought. The twists and turns are endless and just when I think I’ve solved the mystery of A, the rug is pulled out from underneath me. Not only that, all season long I’ll be writing about it over at Screen Spy! Find out what I thought of this week’s season 5 premiere: EscApe from Manhattan


Continuing with this, “Nicole, do you realize how old you are?” theme, I’m currently reading The Fault In Our Stars. When I first heard of this book (and it’s film adaptation, which ultimately brought along this decision), I very quietly nodded my head and allowed everyone to talk about their cryfests. Last weekend, I bought my ticket to the movie thinking “why not?” I’ve heard enough about it and saw my fair share of posts on Tumblr regarding metaphors and the like. I was pleasantly surprised how well done the film is and how happy fans of the book were that it stayed fairly close. Being adapted by two of my favorite screenwriters certainly didn’t hurt either. But long story short: I ended up crying far more than I’d ever like to admit in real life let alone on this blog, so just know it happened and move on. (Watch the trailer and buy the novel)


Music is kind of a big deal, and this cone speaker by Aether is rather amazing. The Cone learns what kind of music you like, when you like it, and pretty much every other detail of your music experience in order to serve you better. It’s beautiful looking not to mention fairly technologically advanced. Like if Smart Houses were real, I wish every room of mine would have one of these included. Hell, I would love to have one right now.


Speaking of music, nearly every time I do a currently I always mention some songs I’m loving. I suppose this time should be no exception? I’m a little bit more than excited to hear Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey. These songs being released every few days have been so good. I just don’t want to stop playing them. My current favorite is Brooklyn Baby. On the other end of the spectrum I’m listening to a lot of Salute by Little Mix. They recently released an EP for the single featuring some remixes, and this remix Troyboi just happens to be one of them. It’s slowed down and really has this 90s pop mixed with an electronic twist vibe to it. Kinda makes me feel like someone mashed up Pony and Salute at times. I won’t pretend I’m not obsessed with it.


Earlier, I mentioned The Fault In Our Stars and it goes without saying that a book/film about that type of subject matter (not to mention the countless references to her favorite book that ends mid sentence and what that means about life) can’t help but make me think of all the things I want to do in life. That combined with these two photos Jac Vanek posted of her travels to Santorini on Instagram made my wanderlust grow exponentially. Adding Santorini to my list of places to visit immediately.

This Week’s Favorite Things

Ah, it’s almost Friday. It’s so close I can almost taste it. I am so, so excited for a mini holiday. I just want to catch up on loads of shitty television and make a little change with my hair. But, I’m a bit of a workaholic so I’m sure I’ll still be working like a busy little bee.

For now, enjoy some of my favorite things from this week.


Chocolate cake via Pinterest / Beautiful kitchen via Pinterest


Outfit envy via Tumblr / Sequin Sweatshirt DIY from A Beautiful Mess


This daily lesson via The Dapper Project


Word Up! by Little Mix. Sure it’s a cheese-tastic video, but there’s a Sporty Spice cameo and it’s raising money for Sports Relief. It’s pretty much my driving jam of choice right now. If you live pretty much anywhere except the US you can pre-order the single on iTunes. It’s for a good cause so get moving.