12 Days of Christmas: Day 02


Today’s 12 Days of Christmas item is something I was actually given as a gift this holiday season, and I enjoyed using it so much I’m paying it forward and recommending it now. ‘Wow she’s pretty obsessed with her hair..’ is something one might say right now since I keep on sharing my favorite hair care items. The truth is, yeah, I kind of love my hair. It’s the thing I’m most complimented on so I take really good care of it.

I’m not one for fancy shampoos etc but I kind of love this one now. The shampoo and conditioner are light and don’t weigh hair down. Considering olive oil is a base ingredient my hair isn’t surprisingly greasy and the dryness and frizz that comes along with natural drying has been tamed. The styling creme is sensational. A little bit goes a long way, so not only is the bottle going to last a bit longer, but it’s a breeze to work with. Now how am I supposed to go back to my regular hair regime?

Brilliant Glossing shampoo, conditioner, and styling creme, Frederic Fekkai, $55


12 Days of Christmas: Day 03


Soon the Christmas tunes will be a distant memory until next year, so why not take a listen to 4 of my favorite albums from this year. No shame in my game. Look for more of my favorite albums & songs of 2014 in the coming days, but for now purchase these over on Amazon: Taylor Swift 1989, One Direction Four, The 1975, Banks Goddess

12 Days of Christmas: Day 07


Today’s item was intended to be my one of my favorite clothing purchases of the year: my leather biker jacket. Since I had purchased it many moons ago from H&M, it is no longer available. Rather than share an item no one can buy, should they want to, I decided to browse the jackets/coats and see if anything tickled my fancy. I really liked this wool biker jacket. It seems very warm, stylish, and like the next member adopted into my ever growing closet.

I really like the zippers and the jacket flaps. I would probably pair it with a white blouse and a nice pair of jeans for a nice classic, sleek look that doesn’t take away from the coat. H&M does have a couple of leather biker jackets in stock, but none that overwhelmed me. I haven’t been much of a jacket fan since the 90s when I stopped wearing denim jackets. Why should you take my advice then? Well, I’m a reformed jacket lover. I’ve seen the light! Hallelujah! I’ve been missing out on so much all these years. Now I never take my leather jacket off. Just kidding….mostly. I live for blistery days and my beloved coats.

Wool Biker Jacket, H&M, $79.95

Currently Coveting: Christmas Wish List

Gifts are always cool to me. Someone puts a lot of thought into what they want to get you or, in the case of my family, put a lot of thought into ignoring the things you asked for. Gift giving in my family kind of works like this: right after Thanksgiving everyone becomes bombarded with what do you need for Christmas? text messages, e-mails, etc. The first couple of times it’s always the same nothing or I don’t know. Eventually time inches closer and closer to zero hour and everyone MAGICALLY has come up with at least one thing they need. (We usually buy gifts based on needs rather than wants) Once the person has given in typically everyone runs with a theme based on one thing they said. For instance, my sister loves penguins so every year I buy her something with a damn penguin on it. Last year it was salt and pepper shakers (she loved them) and some other less arctic themed home goods. This year will be no different. Unfortunately, this system is extremely flawed and once someone mentions they like ONE THING everyone gets a little carried away. I’m pretty sure I’ve already figured out my theme this year and I must admit I’m impressed yet unsure why it is the theme. Christmas is a bit strange as an adult. There’s only so many throw blankets and home goods I can handle, guys. 

In any case, I decided to put together a wish list for myself. A wish list that contains things that would be awesome to have, but won’t replace the pillowcases and coffee mugs that will inevitably end up under my tree. Hey, I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth. I love gifts. I’m just saying it’s a wish list for a reason, right?



One: Knitted Grey Jumper  Two: Salt + Pepper Shaker Set  Three: Ankle Boots  Four: Giles + Brother Nail Bracelet  Five: Note to Self Coffee Print  Six: Biker Jacket  Seven: CheMex Coffee Maker  Eight: Daniel Wellington Watch  Nine: The Black Album – Jay Z and The Chronic – Dr. Dre

Gift Guide: Mother’s Day


Buying a Mother’s Day gift can be a pretty daunting experience. What am I supposed to get my mom to show her the gratitude and appreciation I should be showing her daily? My mom is a rare breed of human that hates receiving gifts. Either people spending money on her upsets her greatly or she just hates faking enthusiasm. I’m not quite sure which one it is. Just the other day I mentioned to my mom I got her a gift and she replied, “Why? You got me a macaroni necklace once. That’s plenty.” It’s true. I did give my mom a macaroni necklace, but I was 20 years old and it’s the gift she loves the most in the world. I should mention we have a running joke where we both pretend I’m not getting older.

When I selected these gift ideas I really thought about somethings my mom would really want. She had a Stevie Nicks phase in high school so the deluxe edition of Rumours would be a great gift. She’s had the same purse for at least 5 years so maybe it’s time to change it up. She loves anything vanilla, and any chance she gets she will make me bake. Yeah, I guess those cookbooks aren’t such a great idea. I’ll just get them returned to me with pages marked with things she wants.

Estee Lauder Mad Men Collection, Rebecca Minkoff Bag, Fleetwood Mac Rumours Reissue, Vanilla Blackberry Perfume, Vases by West Elm, Kindle Fire, In Vogue Coffee table book, Chanel: Collections and Creations, Iced Tea Pitcher, The Cookie Dough Lovers Cookbook by Lindsay Landis & Joy the Baker Cookbook by Joy Wilson



Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and gifts will be being bought. That is if you believe participate in such a thing. I found some really cool things that anyone would be happy to receive on the day of greeting card sanctioned appreciation of love. Granted I wouldn’t recommend any of the more expensive options if you recently entered a relationship with someone, or aren’t married to them. Seriously, it would be a bummer to buy such an awesome gift for someone and then break up, am I right? What girl would also appreciate champagne flutes for Valentine’s Day? Me. It’s definitely me.

His: Grande Seconde Stainless Steel Watch | Wallet | Gingham Tie | Retro Flip Clock | Monogram Beverage Bucket
Hers: Chloe Perfume Necklace | Coco Mademoiselle | Watch | Heart Macaroons | Champagne Flutes