Mid-Century Modern Living with Chairish


It’s no secret; I love Mad Men. I love anything with mid-century modern design. Tons of uncontrollable fangirling anytime anyone within a 5 mile radius mentions an Eames chair. So, there’s this really awesome website, Chairish, where lovers of beautiful, classic, pieces can buy and sell their favorite pieces of furniture. Everything from vintage 50s/60s pieces to modern designers carefully curated by a team of pre-loved furniture treasure hunters. If it meets their approval, it’s on their site.

I spent hours browsing their site for the perfect pieces of furniture completely inspired by the vintage red pod chair shown above. I created this here style board with a swinging 60s feel with items entirely from their shop. I even stumbled upon an old armoire my great-grandmother owned which I was eventually to inherit had it not been ruined in a flood. Hope someday I can own that piece! Chairish is pretty great for finding that one quirky piece your home has been missing.

Shop the look: 1. 1960 KLH 20 Twenty Plus Hi Fi Turntable 2. Herman Miller Sofa by George Nelson 3. Nessen Steel Cylinder Table Lamp 4.Vintage accent chair 5. Newton Minimalist Walnut Nightstand 6. Parvez Taj Aluminum Union Jack 7. Silver Mid-Century Modern Jacks 8. Surf Board Coffee Table 9. Red cone fireplace

Browse more great finds at Chairish including even more vintage accent chairs!


Coveting: For the Home


Every few months I become quite bored with the decor around my home. Some things need updating. Sometimes just annoy me so much they need to go. But this time I just feel like I could use some new things.

Storage is a big one. I can’t stand having messes just tossed about. I really need a place to store my vinyl records. They are currently just sitting in a stack on my floor. Probably the worst possible (and most disrespectful) place to store records, but that’s where they currently reside. I like this one above from Urban Outfitters despite probably not being the sturdiest idea. And yes, most things I own are black and white. Very simple to me. Very classic which means I can always move them about and come back to them when I’ve stashed them away. I would love to try adventurous, colorful prints, but it just doesn’t feel very me. I’ll just stick to my little pops of color.

One: Amy Poehler print by Note to Self  Two: Plaid Pillow at Crate and Barrel Three: Eames Aluminum Management Chair ) Four: IKEA Towel Rack Five: London Print Six: Storage boxes Seven: Peggy Chalkboard Eight: Corner Store Vinyl Record Rack at Urban Outfitters

Coffee & Winter Loves: Luvocracy


Asking friends for recommendations and advice is something we do almost daily without thinking. Not only that, we often see people around us using products we ourselves wish we could try. You know like when you look at someone and say, “Yeah, he’s quite cool. I like those shoes. I should wear those shoes.” So a while ago, via what else, a recommendation, I stumbled upon Luvocracy and fell in love. Maybe as a faithful reader you’ve noticed the change in my shop the post links? So what’s so cool about this website? Well let me tell you.

Luvocracy combines shopping and those wonderful recommendations I mentioned before. See, users “luv” products they would recommend to others via a handy browser button, share why they suggest it, and add it to a collection. Other users can browse collections and items via catalogues catered to the interests they choose where they can also “luv” them or purchase them. The coolest thing about Luvocracy is the purchasing feature. Users can purchase items directly from collections made by users and themselves. Luvocracy also finds the lowest price for that item across the internet, and takes the annoying part out of online shopping: Signing up for countless store accounts. Or if you’d rather, it links the shopper to the original website to purchase, which let’s be honest, is the way less cool way of doing it.


Another thing I love about Luvocracy is how it combines Pinterest and shopping. I love Pinterest, but strictly when it comes to recipes and pictures of vacations and street style. Not necessarily for products. They often get lost in a sea of other things and I forget to go back to them, but with Luvocracy that’s not the case. I can add products to collections and purchase them later on (or not at all) and I don’t have to search for where I saw it. I love curating collections. I have collections ranging from books/movies/music I’m currently into, books my book club needs to read, and even furniture I wish I could own. Oh, and all the clothes I wish I intend to buy at some point. You can see some of my favorite collections scattered in this post. Plus, it makes blogging collections and looks even easier.


Another cool feature Luvocracy has is the ability to earn credits. When another user purchases an item from a collection the original user earns a credit to use towards further purchases of their own. It’s basically a reward for having awesome taste. It also helps build a network of trusted users. Loads of great bloggers with the most excellent (and variety of) tastes use Luvocracy and trusting them allows other users to find cool things delivered directly to their catalogue. Not only bloggers but loads of people with similar great taste are basically handed to users on a silver platter. Trusting someone is basically a virtual high five that says “you are cool. I like you. I think you like cool things.” Or maybe that’s just how I look at it. Everyone loves that kind of gratification, right?

Luvocracy is so simple to use. All you need is the app (or browser extension) and things you love to get started. Don’t believe me about how awesome this website is? Find out even more about them in their FAQ! And while you’re there sign up and follow me HERE

The Weekender: 26 July


Hello Friends and happy weekend! Today is kind of going to be a day of catch up so don’t mind the other posts following the Weekender. I felt a bit under the weather this week which, I feel, is entirely unfair to happen to someone during the hottest week of the year. Rather than pretend I was productive I’ll just admit I wasn’t. I misspelled the number ‘twelve’ for heaven’s sake. This blog is about my life and lifestyle in general and well, that’s life, isn’t it? So check back later for some more posts! If not, here’s your weekly dose of important things!

Watch: The trailer for The Walking Dead Season 5
Turn your face into an emoji to annoy your friends with
Speaking of faces, Check out my new favorite app: Party Party from A Beautiful Mess. Now I can make stop motion videos and GIFs of my dog. You’re welcome, Instagram.
Kind of creepy: Children’s characters as Pantone swatches
Wait, hold up: Glazed Donut Muffins
I’m in love with this Herman Miller office furniture to create the office I want.
Stop what you’re doing right now and check out the Nostalgia Machine
Zach Braff on his Kickstarter experiment and go see Wish I Was Here. I highly recommend it.
Weekend Hair Links: How to keep your ombre looking great, braid your bangs, or possibly a DIY hair mask
Weekend Tunes: 5 Seconds of Summer
In case you missed it: My thoughts on this week’s Pretty Little Liars and posts on Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, my summer reading list, and Boy Meets World

Friday Favorites: Crate & Barrel


Saying I love Crate & Barrel is kind of an understatement. I guess I’m kind of a fangirl when it comes to the good ol’ C&B. Honestly, I spend loads of time browsing their website and perusing their store in person. When I was younger I even made an exchange with my friends we would get each other woks from there. Wow…that’s kind of embarrassing. Nevertheless, the reason I love C&B is things are so clean, modern, and stylish looking. The only downside is they always make me think I need things that I probably don’t. Oh a spoon strictly for powdered sugar? I had no idea I needed one of those until this moment. A quiche pan? Need it. I don’t even like quiche or eggs. I’ve never even made one but surely if I had a pan for it, I might give it the ol’ college try, right? No. I sense a future post coming on! For now these are what I currently have my eye on.

1. Chalkboard bottle stopper, $7.95 2. Airscape coffee canister, $26.95 3. Cafe cookie cutter set, $16.95 4. Cuisinart Tazzaccino milk frother, $99.95 5. Pennie chair, $499 6. Moscow Mule glass, $19.95 7. Entu side table, $349 8. Verve sparkling wine glass, $12.95 9. Onlin black rug, $19.95-$299

Noteworthy 001



Introducing Noteworthy a little segment where I’m just going to ramble about things I find are intriguing to me right now. It really serves no purpose other than for me to share things I’ve come across that I find particularly cool in the hopes you, my trusty reader, may also find them cool. Sounds pretty interesting, yeah? Maybe not, but it’s happening so enjoy, haha.

Coveting: Somehow I constantly find myself furniture shopping. I’m not in need of a new sofa at the moment, but if I was, I would certainly choose this one from Design Within Reach. Well if it ever fit my furniture budget. A girl can dream, right?

Food: First there was the cronut (which I still refuse to try) and then the waffle taco (I’d try 17 cronuts before I ever try a waffle taco) and now the churro ice cream sandwich. There’s something to be said about zany food combinations lately, but I can’t quite determine what that could be. All I know is, I might really be on board to try a churro ice cream sandwich.

Music: I mentioned previously my excitement over hearing the new Lana Del Rey album, and Ultraviolence did not disappoint. This album is much grittier and melancholy than her previous release Born to Die. It contains themes of loneliness and longing, and contains many nods to musical trademarks of the past. It’s a beautiful album but definitely not to be listened to if maintaining happiness is ones goal. On the other hand, French Exit by TV Girl is certainly a more upbeat choice for blissful listening. TV Girl’s albums never seem to disappoint me. There’s some serious summery vibes to this album and I just want to lay around all day listening to it whenever possible (with a cocktail would be even better)

Travel: I don’t have to mention my wanderlust. Everyone knows it exists by this point, but what else can be expected in summer? And I love this Kate Spade travel wallet which is now unfortunately sold out.

Sports: The World Cup, am I right? Every four years the world is united to celebrate football. (or at least pretend, as Americans, we like it as more than part of a physical education class curriculum) I quite like football sometimes so finding the time to watch games is pretty enjoyable. Unfortunately, England is out of the running for the cup, but I still really love this Elizabeth and James England tee. No shame in supporting my team of choice, right?

Fashion: I’m obsessed with playsuits this summer. They are comfy and cool. Unfortunately my new favorite one (pictured here on Lou Teasdale) is leather and doesn’t agree with Arizona heat. I guess there’s always winter right? Not to mention it’s not entirely budget friendly.

Books: One of my all time favorite classes I’ve taken has been about the history of rock music. So, I’m really excited to read Bob Stanley’s book on pop music when it is released next month. Mr. Stanley is a music critic who, in the book, breaks down genres, bands, and specific songs to recall the good and the bad in the evolution of pop music. I can’t wait to read it.

Links: Bantam Sofa / Churro Ice Cream Sandwich / (On Spotify) Ultraviolence – Lana Del Rey & French Exit – TV Girl / Kate Spade Travel Wallet / Elizabeth and James Tee / One Teaspoon Johnny Ringo Leather Playsuit / Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! by Bob Stanley

Favorite Things: February 6

First of all, congratulations. We made it to Thursday. I don’t actually know why I’m celebrating that. All Thursday brings is one day closer to a far too short weekend. I’ve had some, what I’m calling, “in limbo” time this week. So here’s some of my favorite images from Tumblr and Pinterest.



Chocolate by Nicole Franzen /  Baked Gnocchi with Bacon, Tomato, and Mozzarella on Pinterest



Jade Thirlwall in NYC (Tumblr) / Kate of Wit and Delight



Eames Upholstered Plywood Lounge Chair (1946) on Pinterest / Marshmallows via Wit and Delight

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Let Me Live Here: Offices…Yes…Offices!


While browsing my Feedly, I noted this post featuring furniture designed for Ophelis by Till Grosch and Bjorn Meier. The duo has designed small, smart, beautiful pieces for offices of the future. I love how simple and modern they are. In my opinion, simple is a good thing.. I also love how functional they are. Working or taking a break would be comfortable and enjoyable. I do enjoy a good piece of furniture. A great interior? Even better. Don Draper’s office makes my heart explode from design happiness. Now that it’s established I love offices, I would rather work in one of these offices of the future than say a boring, dull, sad, grey cubicle any day. Unless I can have Don’s office. Sign me up for that.



See more at Design Milk


Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 8.06.48 AM

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 8.07.04 AM

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 8.07.23 AM

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 8.07.35 AM

Yesterday the lovelies over at Who What Wear launched their new website, Domaine. I actually, as of this moment, love it just a little bit more than WWW. Most likely because I can understand rugs, chairs, and wall art more than I understand what shade of lipstick is better for what skin tone. It’s just not one of my gifts, and I’m thankful WWW & WWW Beauty exist for that reason.

Domaine has decor, celebrity features, how-tos, and even a place to shop for items you see on the website. They even have a celebrity section for those times I want to see (and know) that Lea Michele has a book on Barbara Streisand on her coffee table. Honestly though, that doesn’t surprise me. Other than that her space really isn’t all that bad. Some of it, although not my style, is actually pretty cute. That’s not what we are here to discuss though. In Living, my personal favorite section of the website, there are recipes and recommendations. The site is new and more content is coming, but I can’t wait to see where it goes. How-to, like the name suggests, has how-tos, DIYs, and how to be Ms. Fix It. There’s also a blog and a section showing off their pins on Pinterest.

Overall I am in love with the website and it’s design. I’m excited to see where the website goes from here. So, if you’re like me and love interiors or beautiful things in general check out Domaine.

Images: Citizens of Humanity Studio Visit