Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites: Get Active

First I’d like to wish a warm welcome to 2015 and say I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. Next, let’s talk about resolutions. There’s not really a firm consensus over whether its good or bad to make resolutions. I prefer to make goals, but unless I write them down I end up forgetting them. That said, one of my major goals continuing into 2015 was to be healthier. I’m definitely not good at this. Sometimes life becomes so stressful the idea of working out or being active just feels even more unappealing. That said, if your resolution is to get healthy and lose weight: great! I prefer to not put my journey that way only because I feel expectations are just so high and feeling like I’ve let myself down is horrendous. Why am I even sharing this? Well, resolving to get active in 2015 means getting to buy a whole new wardrobe of active wear!

Active wear has become kind of a really fashionable thing. Yoga pants are everywhere not just yoga studios. While I don’t really understand that (especially to brunch. Everyone knows you didn’t just work out), I’m entirely guilty of wearing them to run out to Starbucks or to the bank. There’s so many options. Long gone are the unitards, off the shoulder sweatshirts, and legwarmers of yesteryear. The best part is it’s all on sale right now for the new year. Old Navy has some particularly good deals if you’re looking for affordable pieces to get started with!

I’ve put together 3 active wear looks featuring some of my favorite companies (Adidas obviously). I’m really obsessed with the Stella McCartney for Adidas range and two of my favorite pieces are included. The yoga mat featured is by Orla Kiely for Target and something I actually use for yoga & pilates. I’m obsessed with it. I’m not sure why it took me so long to actually purchase one. See? I’m no fitness expert!

So get out, get active, and look fashionable while doing it!


Orla Kiely yoga mat, Old Navy capris, Stella McCartney for Adidas sneakers, Athleta tank top, Adidas sports bra, Orla Kiely water bottle, Griffin earbuds


Adidas by Stella McCartney sweats, Calvin Klein zip pullover, Victoria’s Secret sports bra, Fitbit, Philips headphones, Adidas sneakers


Orla Kiely yoga mat, LuLu Lemon pants, Athleta tank top, LuLu Lemon sports bra, S’well water bottle


Friday Favorites: On SALE!


Christmas has been over only a few hours now and I’m already planning how to spend my gift cards. The best part about the day after Christmas is the sales. There’s just so much to choose from. Today’s Friday Favorites are those such items. I’ve been browsing the sale pages of my favorite stores and choosing loads and loads of items. Here’s just a couple of my favorites from each store which can be found on sale today on their website. Surprise, surprise. They are mostly black & white.

ASOS: Color block jumper / Bomber jacket | Topshop: Hybrid sweater / Side stripe joggers | Forever 21: Net print jumper / Trapeze dress | H&M: Knit jumper / V-Neck blouse

Friday Favorites: Sephora


I must admit I am not very good at this whole beauty routine thing. I’m just excited I remembered to wash my brushes this morning. Recently I was bamboozled into a Sephora rewards card by a lovely salesgirl who really had nothing else to do. No seriously, I was the only person in the store at the time and she was really not going to let me leave without one. So now that I’ve had this fancy membership thing for the last few months I’ve found myself browsing their site and heading to the store a bit more. I guess their little plan worked, so just in time for the holiday season, some of my favorite things currently available at Sephora.

1. Sephora Favorites Gift Set 2. Elizabeth & James Nirvana rollerball 3. Urban Decay Naked3 palette 4. Butter London Trout Pout nail colour 5. Smashbox Primer 6. Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara 7. Eye Brush Capsule 8. Yves Saint Laurent Touché Eclat concealer

Friday Favorites: Zara


I’m sorry it feels as though all I do is appear twice a week now, but when I sit down to say something, I get distracted. I’m working on that not being an issue any longer, but for now here’s Friday Favorites.

Today I chose Zara. It’s clear by now to anyone reading this how simplistic but classic my style is. At times I try to step out of my comfort zone but it’s extremely rare and usually at the hands of my best friend/clothing judge/stylist. So, I find Zara suits my style quite well. If I had unlimited funds to make additions to my closet, these are things I would definitely be ordering ASAP. The pieces I chose fit seamlessly in with the clothes I already own which is one reason I can’t get enough of Zara. I can wear them without feeling as though I’m trying hard to be something I am clearly not, and they last season after season.

On second thought maybe it’s time to make a trip to Zara for some retail therapy….

1. White Blouse 2. Short coat 3. Guipure T-shirt 4. Jacquard dress 5. Checkered Shirt 6. Flap pocket dress 7. Grey wash jeans 8. 3/4 sleeve tee 9. Striped sweater

Friday Favorites: Black and White

First off I would like to apologize for the sporadic blog posts these last two weeks. I don’t entirely know why professors all wait for the same week to schedule their regular ordinary exams. It’s like they have some demonic meeting together to find out how maximize stress, minimize sleep, and increase the profit of Starbucks significantly during this time. But alas I survive and now have a bit of a lull for a Friday. (A strange feeling) So, I found some time for Friday Favorites.

My wardrobe is fairly monochrome and consists of mostly black and white with a tiny hint of color here and there. So, for FF I decided, with the help of my trusty Polyvore account (it’s easier to keep track of things I want to buy), I put together some things I wish I could add to my already black and white wardrobe.


White:  Topshop Zip Jumper / Acne Studios beanie / H&M V Neck Blouse / Graphic Tee / H&M Bow Blouse


Black: H&M Playsuit / Topshop Biker Jacket / Saint Laurent Letters Clutch / Sam & Libby Ankle Boots / Mango Selfie Sweatshirt

Friday Favorites: Urban Outfitters


Today’s Friday Favorites are from the always tried and true, Urban Outfitters. I don’t always buy women’s apparel from Urban. In fact, it’s probably not the first place I go when I need new clothes. I just don’t think many of the things I own need to be see through, have weird cutouts or be wafer thin. So why am I using them as my Friday Favorites this week? Simply because I found somethings I liked on their website. I would add them to my wardrobe. They also fit my style asthetic quite well I’d say. I will still always continue to shop at Urban. You know for handbags, sunnies, apartment goods, and men’s graphic tees. Because let’s face it, a male graphic tee is much better than any women’s tee ever is.

For fall/winter I’m desperate to find the perfect (probably faux) leather jacket and a pair of joggers. Yes, I actually want to wear joggers outside the house as regular pants without feeling like I’ve given up on life. Also preferably ones that don’t have the word “juicy” or “pink” on the bum. I love the “favorite sweatshirt” shown above. It’s simple and looks absurdly comfortable. I fell in love with an ACNE one very similar to this but could never bring myself to buy it. This is quite the suitable substitute I feel. I can’t wait for fall. Boots, jumpers, and beanies. oh my!

Links: BDG Boatneck Tunic Tee / LNA Beach Sweatpants / Pins and Needles Silky Flutter Floral Romper / Ryder Quilted Flannel Mini Skirt / Project Social T Favorite Sweatshirt / Members Only Vegan Leather Jacket

See more things I’m coveting from Urban Outfitters over on Luvocracy

PS: Pumpkin Spice Lattes return to Starbucks August 25! (Really not ready…)

Saturday Favorites: Topman


Ah, Friday Favorites moves to Saturday this week. Why? Simply because stuff happens and after painstakingly trying to achieve straight and even lines on this here image, I realized I misspelled the number twelve. Honestly, as a 27 year old woman, I have no idea how that happened, but it did. I gave up, but as someone who doesn’t like giving up, here we are. I fixed it and the post goes on. I couldn’t let all that work go to waste now could I?

Everyone knows Topshop is one of my favorite places and for gents clothing I must say I love Topman. I enjoy a well dressed man. That is a fact. Topman does a great job of providing lots of different styles. Everything from something casual to something on the fancier side. They currently have a style guide to dressing like a cool California dude up if any guys need some surfer/skater style inspiration. I decided for this weeks favorites I’d do some browsing at Topman. I picked pieces I found to be, in my opinion, quite stylish. I also picked pieces I would be no doubt likely to casually borrow had I noticed them tossed about a certain man’s bedroom. You know, if he just wore whatever I said and not what he loves. But I might add, he doesn’t need my help. He dresses quite well most of the time.

1. Acid wash denim jacket 2. Sonic Youth tee (UK only, bummer) 3. Gold aviator sunglasses 4. Bleach ripped denim shorts 5. blue stripe short sleeve shirt 6. White wash Detroit skater tee 7. Grey canvas plimsolls 8. Black roller crew neck tee 9. Black spray on skinny jeans 10. Light grey jersey shorts 11. Komono Urkel black sunglasses 12. Eleven Paris X (Les)Artist back number tee

Shop the rest of the For the Gents collection on Luvocracy

Friday Favorites: Crate & Barrel


Saying I love Crate & Barrel is kind of an understatement. I guess I’m kind of a fangirl when it comes to the good ol’ C&B. Honestly, I spend loads of time browsing their website and perusing their store in person. When I was younger I even made an exchange with my friends we would get each other woks from there. Wow…that’s kind of embarrassing. Nevertheless, the reason I love C&B is things are so clean, modern, and stylish looking. The only downside is they always make me think I need things that I probably don’t. Oh a spoon strictly for powdered sugar? I had no idea I needed one of those until this moment. A quiche pan? Need it. I don’t even like quiche or eggs. I’ve never even made one but surely if I had a pan for it, I might give it the ol’ college try, right? No. I sense a future post coming on! For now these are what I currently have my eye on.

1. Chalkboard bottle stopper, $7.95 2. Airscape coffee canister, $26.95 3. Cafe cookie cutter set, $16.95 4. Cuisinart Tazzaccino milk frother, $99.95 5. Pennie chair, $499 6. Moscow Mule glass, $19.95 7. Entu side table, $349 8. Verve sparkling wine glass, $12.95 9. Onlin black rug, $19.95-$299

Friday Favorites: Wildfox


I love Wildfox. Everything always looks so summery, comfy, and soft. Perfect for lounging around. I spent a bit of time on their website this morning looking at all of their newer pieces and collections. These are all the ones I wish were in my closet right now.

1. X My Heart tee  2. Twiggy sunnies  3. You & I tee  4. Wildfox jumper  5. Fancy You sweater  6. All Over Gingham mini sweater  7. The Lola Forever-Ever jean  8. Off the Deep End lazy weekend tee  9. Bel Air Palms tote bag  10. Essentials Cozy Raglan