Styled: Saint Laurent Studded Boots

It seems like everyone in the world has these Saint Laurent studded boots. Well, anyone whose style I’m inspired by has them. Sure, if I could justify spending almost 2,000 on a pair of shoes, they would also be in my closet. Since I can’t, I currently have a stylish knock off pair that was given to me for Christmas. I’m not actually sure why I’m even sharing my boot envy with the world. I’m very appreciative of the gift version, don’t misunderstand. That said, since this is a blog where I get to have both style envy and live a very fashionable existence on virtual paper, I decided to style the actual Saint Laurent boots of my dreams. Both outfits are things I would actually or have actually worn recently with my own boots.

What I love most about the boots is the edginess they give a simple outfit. It almost feels like ‘yeah, I could definitely punch someone in the face,’ only I can’t. But the illusion is enough, isn’t it?

Buy: Saint Laurent studded boots


Alexander Wang striped tee, Paige Denim black jeans, Forever 21 angular rings, Rebecca Minkoff quilted bomber, Forever 21 necklace, Saint Laurent handbag


H&M sweater, Topshop jeans, H&M handbag, Marc Jacobs flower ring, H&M rings


The Weekender: 13 December


The Weekender: 15 November


The Weekender: 31 October


Happy Halloween!

The Weekender is going to happen a day early this week all in honor of everyone’s favorite sugar rush inducing holiday, Halloween. I’m going to be seeing a late night showing of my favorite horror movie, Halloween, with my trusty Halloween crew. I’m trying something a bit different this year in the way of costumes and hopefully it all works out. It’s not even really technically a costume but I’m determined to wear it regardless. Maybe next time I should get my idea in order so I can wear what I truly want rather than have costume envy? I say this every year….

Regardless, here’s to hoping you, the trusty readers of this blog (if there are any left), have a super fun, fantastic Halloween. Catch you guys in November…wow…

The Weekender: 25 October


The Weekender: 18 October


The Weekender: 4 October


Another week bites the dust and it’s time for personal bits. I feel like all I can comment on is how busy my weeks are becoming. I mean who schedules all their tests for the same day? Apparently every professor I have this semester. But Monday was a pretty great break from the normal. My bestie and I spent plenty of the morning dutifully annoying our local KISS FM station about playing the new One Direction single. Now, yes, I am in my twenties and that seems like such a 14 year old thing to be doing, but to be fair it was over Twitter and the song deserves to be played. I stand by one thing, good music, despite the countless claims they stole the piano intro. just to comment on that: it sounds most like Faithfully by Journey which is also a great song. But moving on….

Hello, October…


It has been one of those weeks where it feels as though I can’t get anything accomplished. Fortunately to outsiders it looks like I have my shit together even when I don’t. I guess I just have that particular skill. But it’s a new month which means kind of a fresh start! These are things I’m looking forward to this month.

  • Where We Are concert film: Next weekend for two days only One Direction are taking over cinemas worldwide for a live concert film event. I can’t wait to relive WWA Tour despite it feeling like it wasn’t all that too long ago…Watch the trailer, buy tickets and find out more here.
  • Cozy Nights In: I love chilly nights in. Comfy clothes, bad television, and tea? Even cuddles? Sign me up. Right now I’m loving this knit jumper and these Topshop joggers for nights in.
  • New She & Him?: While browsing to see which albums are set for release this month I noticed She & Him’s album Classics listed. I hope this is true. I can’t wait to here that album. I mean just look at the teaser
  • Holiday Suja Juices: I mentioned in a previous post Suja’s holiday juices. Finally the flavors have been revealed and the Wassail to You sounds so so delicious. And a portion of the purchase goes to charity. I went and checked my local Whole Foods and they didn’t have them yet, but hopefully soon. (Links to buy: Call Me Pumpkin and Wassail to You)
  • AMC Fearfest: One of my favorite times of the year is AMC’s Feafest which features the Halloween marathon.
  • Halloween: Halloween is on a Friday this year which means time to live it up. Maybe this should be my costume?
  • Bob’s Burgers: Ah, one of the best shows on television returns this Sunday, 5 October with a musical extravaganza.

The Weekender: 27 September


This week has been one hectic mess. It felt as though I barely slept or stopped moving. I’ve been studying up a storm which is never fun. It’s a stormy Saturday outside and they ever so non-chalantly said “be aware there could be isolated tornados.” Yes, in Arizona. As if that’s a thing Arizonans are used to hearing and should not at all be concerned with. I mean it probably isn’t going to be Twister-esque outside suddenly but I’m not a big fan of funnel clouds in the sky. I’ve seen a few of those here in my lifetime and they are constantly unsettling.

The Weekender: 6 September


It feels so strange to type September up there in the title. That means my favorite season, fall, is just round the corner!!! I feel like I talk a lot about the weather on here…probably just out of awkwardness. I’m just excited for it not to be 100+ degrees on my mile long walks to class. (Hopefully people just stop going to class soon and I can park closer, ha) And well, my mostly black wardrobe will be less of a chore. I’m a little nervous for tomorrow’s football games. It’s a bit of a nervous excitement. What used to be just me screaming at my team is now just going to be me screaming at players on my fantasy roster and obsessing over halftime stats. I don’t want to jinx anything…