In the Kitchen: Thanksgiving 2014


Happy Thanksgiving Eve, my fellow Americans! Time to start prepping one of the largest meals of the year which requires (as far as I’m concerned) some great tunes. My prep begins quite early tomorrow so the music in this mix is mostly relaxing, indie pop and some of my current favorite songs. I made a Thanksgiving mix a few years ago which was much more jazzy and classic so this is bit of a departure from that. Basically, it’s perfect for a Thanksgiving brunch, Friendsgiving, working in the kitchen or even the travel home. Now a disclaimer, this is really my prep playlist this year so there will be songs by artists maybe you personally are not fond of. Trust me. Give it a chance. If not skip it and enjoy the rest!

Tracklisting and links below. Enjoy and have a Happy Thanksgiving!



The Weekender: 22 November


Ah, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve shared some personal bits. Personal bits certainly don’t matter as much as these wonderful links of things I find utterly fascinating but it adds a bit of a human touch, doesn’t it? I’m newly tattooed (sorry mom and dad!). Finally after 27 years of living in the same city my friends and I finished the walking tour of historical sites of our town. We took photos along the way and learned our town had far too many post offices and general stores. I guess the wild west was pretty intense back then. I’m being spoiled rotten with a free trial of SirusXM satellite radio which I randomly discovered while stuck in traffic hitting buttons on my car radio. I definitely been missing out on an entire station of 90s music. What was my life before this radio station? I’ve heard Cotton Eye Joe twice since I discovered the trial. There’s a serious lack of appreciation for that one hit wonder. I never want the free trial to end!


The Weekender: 15 November


Tuesday 10: Halloween Party


So what’s pretty cool is I’ve finally found my Halloween spirit. I mean with days to spare, am I right? Even with the countless horror movie marathons, ghost stories, and Monster Mash airings on the radio, it was a bit hard to get excited. Well, maybe you’re throwing a shindig this Friday night for all of your neighborhood ghouls and goblins and need some last minute cool stuff for your party. I have the solutions and the best news is: it’s all on sale, ha.

1. Tombstone Slate Cheese Board 2. Kids (more like should be for adults) Skull Apron 3. Bone Bottle Opener 4. Because it’s makes better candles than candy: Candy Corn Candles  5. Bat Punch Bowl 6. Graveyard Server 7.  Vampire Matches 8. Skeleton Servers 9. Halloween Candy Box DIY 10. Spiderweb Garland

The Weekender: 11 October


Nothing new in the way of personal bits this week. I think I covered most of it yesterday, so on to the links! Have a great weekend. Catch you Monday with a whole new week of style, music, and general musings! Maybe even a product review or two!

The Weekender: 6 September


It feels so strange to type September up there in the title. That means my favorite season, fall, is just round the corner!!! I feel like I talk a lot about the weather on here…probably just out of awkwardness. I’m just excited for it not to be 100+ degrees on my mile long walks to class. (Hopefully people just stop going to class soon and I can park closer, ha) And well, my mostly black wardrobe will be less of a chore. I’m a little nervous for tomorrow’s football games. It’s a bit of a nervous excitement. What used to be just me screaming at my team is now just going to be me screaming at players on my fantasy roster and obsessing over halftime stats. I don’t want to jinx anything…

The Weekender: 26 July


Hello Friends and happy weekend! Today is kind of going to be a day of catch up so don’t mind the other posts following the Weekender. I felt a bit under the weather this week which, I feel, is entirely unfair to happen to someone during the hottest week of the year. Rather than pretend I was productive I’ll just admit I wasn’t. I misspelled the number ‘twelve’ for heaven’s sake. This blog is about my life and lifestyle in general and well, that’s life, isn’t it? So check back later for some more posts! If not, here’s your weekly dose of important things!

Watch: The trailer for The Walking Dead Season 5
Turn your face into an emoji to annoy your friends with
Speaking of faces, Check out my new favorite app: Party Party from A Beautiful Mess. Now I can make stop motion videos and GIFs of my dog. You’re welcome, Instagram.
Kind of creepy: Children’s characters as Pantone swatches
Wait, hold up: Glazed Donut Muffins
I’m in love with this Herman Miller office furniture to create the office I want.
Stop what you’re doing right now and check out the Nostalgia Machine
Zach Braff on his Kickstarter experiment and go see Wish I Was Here. I highly recommend it.
Weekend Hair Links: How to keep your ombre looking great, braid your bangs, or possibly a DIY hair mask
Weekend Tunes: 5 Seconds of Summer
In case you missed it: My thoughts on this week’s Pretty Little Liars and posts on Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, my summer reading list, and Boy Meets World

Friday Five: Summer Hair Inspiration


Summer is the worst on my hair. I can normally begin the day with some nice beachy waves but by 1pm (in the horrid 100+ degree days) they become a sweaty, sticky mess. Seriously, growing out my fringe was a terrible idea. So, I went on the hunt for some hairstyles I want to try on gross summer days. Granted, no, I couldn’t exactly dye half my ponytail red and the other almost white to show my support for England in the World Cup, but how cool does that look? Lately, when it comes to second day hair, I’ve been rocking some serious braids. I’ve tried the braid crown and today I’m rocking some maiden braids. It seems, like a 6th grader at a slumber party, I’ve got a thing for braids lately…

Get the look: 1. Half Do Bun  2. Messy Knotted Bun 3.  Red + White Ponytail 4. Perrie Edwards Braided Headband ( I’ve been doing mine as shown in this tutorial) 5. Maiden Braids Tutorial

This Week’s Favorite Things

Ah, it’s almost Friday. It’s so close I can almost taste it. I am so, so excited for a mini holiday. I just want to catch up on loads of shitty television and make a little change with my hair. But, I’m a bit of a workaholic so I’m sure I’ll still be working like a busy little bee.

For now, enjoy some of my favorite things from this week.


Chocolate cake via Pinterest / Beautiful kitchen via Pinterest


Outfit envy via Tumblr / Sequin Sweatshirt DIY from A Beautiful Mess


This daily lesson via The Dapper Project


Word Up! by Little Mix. Sure it’s a cheese-tastic video, but there’s a Sporty Spice cameo and it’s raising money for Sports Relief. It’s pretty much my driving jam of choice right now. If you live pretty much anywhere except the US you can pre-order the single on iTunes. It’s for a good cause so get moving.