Saturday Favorites: Topman


Ah, Friday Favorites moves to Saturday this week. Why? Simply because stuff happens and after painstakingly trying to achieve straight and even lines on this here image, I realized I misspelled the number twelve. Honestly, as a 27 year old woman, I have no idea how that happened, but it did. I gave up, but as someone who doesn’t like giving up, here we are. I fixed it and the post goes on. I couldn’t let all that work go to waste now could I?

Everyone knows Topshop is one of my favorite places and for gents clothing I must say I love Topman. I enjoy a well dressed man. That is a fact. Topman does a great job of providing lots of different styles. Everything from something casual to something on the fancier side. They currently have a style guide to dressing like a cool California dude up if any guys need some surfer/skater style inspiration. I decided for this weeks favorites I’d do some browsing at Topman. I picked pieces I found to be, in my opinion, quite stylish. I also picked pieces I would be no doubt likely to casually borrow had I noticed them tossed about a certain man’s bedroom. You know, if he just wore whatever I said and not what he loves. But I might add, he doesn’t need my help. He dresses quite well most of the time.

1. Acid wash denim jacket 2. Sonic Youth tee (UK only, bummer) 3. Gold aviator sunglasses 4. Bleach ripped denim shorts 5. blue stripe short sleeve shirt 6. White wash Detroit skater tee 7. Grey canvas plimsolls 8. Black roller crew neck tee 9. Black spray on skinny jeans 10. Light grey jersey shorts 11. Komono Urkel black sunglasses 12. Eleven Paris X (Les)Artist back number tee

Shop the rest of the For the Gents collection on Luvocracy


Coffee & Winter Loves: Luvocracy


Asking friends for recommendations and advice is something we do almost daily without thinking. Not only that, we often see people around us using products we ourselves wish we could try. You know like when you look at someone and say, “Yeah, he’s quite cool. I like those shoes. I should wear those shoes.” So a while ago, via what else, a recommendation, I stumbled upon Luvocracy and fell in love. Maybe as a faithful reader you’ve noticed the change in my shop the post links? So what’s so cool about this website? Well let me tell you.

Luvocracy combines shopping and those wonderful recommendations I mentioned before. See, users “luv” products they would recommend to others via a handy browser button, share why they suggest it, and add it to a collection. Other users can browse collections and items via catalogues catered to the interests they choose where they can also “luv” them or purchase them. The coolest thing about Luvocracy is the purchasing feature. Users can purchase items directly from collections made by users and themselves. Luvocracy also finds the lowest price for that item across the internet, and takes the annoying part out of online shopping: Signing up for countless store accounts. Or if you’d rather, it links the shopper to the original website to purchase, which let’s be honest, is the way less cool way of doing it.


Another thing I love about Luvocracy is how it combines Pinterest and shopping. I love Pinterest, but strictly when it comes to recipes and pictures of vacations and street style. Not necessarily for products. They often get lost in a sea of other things and I forget to go back to them, but with Luvocracy that’s not the case. I can add products to collections and purchase them later on (or not at all) and I don’t have to search for where I saw it. I love curating collections. I have collections ranging from books/movies/music I’m currently into, books my book club needs to read, and even furniture I wish I could own. Oh, and all the clothes I wish I intend to buy at some point. You can see some of my favorite collections scattered in this post. Plus, it makes blogging collections and looks even easier.


Another cool feature Luvocracy has is the ability to earn credits. When another user purchases an item from a collection the original user earns a credit to use towards further purchases of their own. It’s basically a reward for having awesome taste. It also helps build a network of trusted users. Loads of great bloggers with the most excellent (and variety of) tastes use Luvocracy and trusting them allows other users to find cool things delivered directly to their catalogue. Not only bloggers but loads of people with similar great taste are basically handed to users on a silver platter. Trusting someone is basically a virtual high five that says “you are cool. I like you. I think you like cool things.” Or maybe that’s just how I look at it. Everyone loves that kind of gratification, right?

Luvocracy is so simple to use. All you need is the app (or browser extension) and things you love to get started. Don’t believe me about how awesome this website is? Find out even more about them in their FAQ! And while you’re there sign up and follow me HERE

Friday Favorites: Crate & Barrel


Saying I love Crate & Barrel is kind of an understatement. I guess I’m kind of a fangirl when it comes to the good ol’ C&B. Honestly, I spend loads of time browsing their website and perusing their store in person. When I was younger I even made an exchange with my friends we would get each other woks from there. Wow…that’s kind of embarrassing. Nevertheless, the reason I love C&B is things are so clean, modern, and stylish looking. The only downside is they always make me think I need things that I probably don’t. Oh a spoon strictly for powdered sugar? I had no idea I needed one of those until this moment. A quiche pan? Need it. I don’t even like quiche or eggs. I’ve never even made one but surely if I had a pan for it, I might give it the ol’ college try, right? No. I sense a future post coming on! For now these are what I currently have my eye on.

1. Chalkboard bottle stopper, $7.95 2. Airscape coffee canister, $26.95 3. Cafe cookie cutter set, $16.95 4. Cuisinart Tazzaccino milk frother, $99.95 5. Pennie chair, $499 6. Moscow Mule glass, $19.95 7. Entu side table, $349 8. Verve sparkling wine glass, $12.95 9. Onlin black rug, $19.95-$299

12 Things I Can’t Live Without


Everyone has those products/items we can’t live without let alone stop raving about, right? I’m no expert, but I know which ones I love. They tend to be on the less expensive side. I just can’t bare to spend loads of money on makeup I plan to wash off my face eventually (or that will make me break out) and often I don’t feel like they need to be expensive in order to be effective. Plus, I can spend those hard earned dollars elsewhere in life which I enjoy quite a bit as well. That is unless someone would like to toss me some expensive products to try out. You know, I wouldn’t say no to that. No one would!

If I were to box up some kind of Nicole starter kit these are the things I definitely would include. I can’t live without them, and can’t rave about them enough.

1. Essie nail polishes: Essie makes my favorite polishes. Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that. For summer I’m constantly switching off (almost weekly) between these three shades: Cute as a Button, Vice Versa, and Sand Tropez.

2. Fudge Urban Powder Styler: Since I dip dyed the ends of my hair pastel pink, I haven’t been able to use my beloved Sea Salt Spray to gain extra texture with my beachy waves. Not only does it provide an adequate amount of texture, but I can also add it to my roots to increase the volume of second day hair rather then using dry shampoo all the time.

3. 3 in 1 face wipes: Because something has to remove the dirt, grime, and makeup after a long day of sweating in the hot summer sun, right? Another alternative: Burt’s Bees wipes.

4. My phone...which is basically attached to my hand at any given moment.

5. Liquid eyeliner: I was 100% against liquid eyeliner from the word go, but I finally gave in and I’m obsessed with it. This Rimmel one draws on smoothly and last quite awhile. It also makes winged lines fairly easily unless you’re an utter perfectionist.

6. Dry Shampoo: I have yet to find a dry shampoo I’m head over heels in love with. Honestly, my bathroom counter looks like a beauty shop. So far, Batiste is in the running for affordable dry shampoos. Another alternative: Dove which smells fresher than most dry shampoos.

7. Mascara: I wear glasses daily so mascara is my best friend when it comes to makeup. This luminous Manga mascara from L’Oréal gives lashes a extra boost of volume.

8. Tinted moisturizer: I was given Sonia Kashuik’s tinted moisturizer as a gift (what a weird gift) and loved it. I haven’t used another tinted moisturizer since. It’s lightweight and provides excellent coverage. Wearing full makeup in the heart of summer isn’t always enjoyable so tinted moisturizer is the way to go. And it doesn’t leave a greasy feel and it has SPF so double duty.

9. Rollerball Perfume: I love perfume rollerballs. They are so convenient to just drop in my bag and go. Sometimes when the summer heat gets too much, you’ve got to have something to freshen up with on the fly. Just maybe don’t let your handbag fall over in the car. I lost my favorite one for 3 days that way.

10. Sunnies: It’s fairly clear by now I live in one of the sunniest places on the planet. I would be insane not to mention sunglasses despite it clearly being a given.

11. Bobby Pins: My hair savior. They are literally everywhere in case of emergencies. Cup holders, my wallet, and even a travel soap holder in my makeup bag.

12. Matte Powder: This is my go-to matte powder. It works better at removing shine better than any other powder I’ve tried.

1. Cute as a Button / Vice Versa / Sand Tropez 2. Fudge Urban powder styler 3. Topshop 3 in 1 face wipes4. iPhone 5. Rimmel liquid liner 6. Batiste dry shampoo 7. Miss Manga mascara 8. Radiant tinted moisturizer 9. Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume rollerball 10. Steff frames by Wildfox 11. bobby pins 12. Stay Matte pressed powder 13. Bonus: Mango handbag which I desperately want 

Essentials: 4th of July



Independence Day, the day Americans were freed from the reign of the aliens. Okay that’s just the plot to the widely popular film, Independence Day. Is it widely popular? Is that a fair statement? All I know is tomorrow Americans everywhere will be eating BBQ and wielding fireworks to celebrate freedom. One thing I wish I could be doing is laying out by the beach. Boy do I miss the beach. Since we don’t have a beach in Arizona, and there’s not enough time to plan a road trip, I picked some essentials I would take with me on a boat. We have some very pretty lakes around these parts. At least there’s that.

Shop the look: 1. Pret a Surf for J. Crew bathing suit top and bottoms 2. Topshop Burnout Armhole Vest 3. Topshop fedora (sold out) 4. American flag beach towel from Urban Outfitters 5. H&M distressed denim shorts 6. Pabst Blue Ribbon 7. Karen Walker sunnies 8.Ked’s  double up core sneakers 9. Take a Deep Breath sunscreen from Philosophy 10. Wildfox reversible beach bag

Friday Favorites: ASOS


I’ve never been one of those people who use the phrase TGIF. I just think it’s weird, but today I am so grateful it’s finally Friday. But what does this have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing. Just a new installment of Friday favorites. This week I chose another of my favorite shops: ASOS. I just love the pieces/outfits pictured here. All of which are great for summer. Despite my rather unwilling attitude to wear anything but black during the summer. Okay maybe sometimes you can catch me in white.

I almost never wear skirts but the bright yellow midi skirt was too much to resist. I’m not daring enough to attempt wearing dungarees as an adult, but if I were to take the leap these vintage washed ones would be the ones I would choose. I’m obsessed with the polka dotted playsuit. Now you may ask yourself why I added a boys ensemble there on the bottom. It’s simple really: tees made for boys are usually better than most tees made for girls. Sorry, every shop ever, I don’t always need my shirt to be some distressed crop top. Not to mention how seamlessly this outfit falls together. I just kind of love it. That said, if I were to get this shirt for myself (or if I just stole it from a boy) I would definitely roll the sleeves a bit and rock it like nobody’s business.

Links: 1. Kimono Blouse // 2. Little Rock Pointed Ballet Flats // 3. Midi Skirt // 4. Linen Boyfriend Tee // 5. Sunglasses // 6. Drop Crop Sleeve Top // 7. Denim Dungarees // 8. John Zack Polka Dot Playsuit // 9. Converse Cons ‘East Is Beast’ Mens tee

Summer Essentials: Part 1 of ?


Alright, first off all, as a disclaimer I’d like to note I’m actually a 27 year old despite the interests listed in this post. I can assure you I am, in fact, a fully grown adult. I’m just not willing to let go of my Bath and Body Works lotion (the scent lasts much longer than adult perfumes) and I really don’t enjoy spending loads of money on clothes. Sure, I love looking at clothes with large price tags, but I’m far to frugal to jump right in and buy one! Well at least not without the gigantic guilt complex that follows.

Let’s just get to the purpose of this post, shall we? At (nearly) every party or awkward conversation circle someone is bound to ask: If you were deserted on an island, what would you want to have with you? There’s a million possibilities for answers. Obviously clean drinking water and sustainable food because who knows how long you would be there, right? Books because those gossip magazines are going to be old news within seconds. A volleyball to reenact Castaway with? See? the possibilities are endless. With summer just rising on the horizon, I decided instead of doing my same boring summer essentials (I’m sure they will come about again sometime in the next few months) I thought I would pick some things I would love to have on a deserted island as of right now. These are clearly not set in stone nor are they entirely logical choices of things to bring, but let’s just go with it for the sake of having a bit of fun.

1. Guacamole Hummus (and accompanying veggies + pita chips) from Trader Joes / This is my favorite hummus in the whole world. I absolutely adore avocados, guacamole, and hummus so this would naturally be the one thing I would eat to stay the long haul. I’m not an expert but, I’m guessing that’s not healthy or wise, but neither is being deserted on an island.

2. Henley Tank Top from Old Navy / Yes, Old Navy. Hear me out. I know Old Navy is probably like the cool place for moms to shop, but I am in love with this tank top. Frequently in Arizona it’s 900 degrees out, and I don’t always want a stylish outfit to sweat all over while running errands so enter this simple (and affordable!) and comfortable tank top. I imagine being on a sandy beach would also require this simple tank top. And paired perfectly with these Boyfriend Shorts

3. Bath and Body Works Beach Glow Lotion in Oahu / I love lotions from Bath and Body Works. I’m not sorry about it either. As creepy as it is, people love telling me how good I smell and the scent definitely lasts longer than the average lotion for which I am extremely grateful. This lotion has a bit of a tint to it in order to give a just at the beach glow. It’s not fairly realistic as far as tans go since to get this “just back from the beach” glow, you’d have to camp out at the beach for at least one entire day while avoiding a massive sunburn, but other than that it’s fairly effective. Not to mention this entire new line smells wonderful.

4. Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble / Okay so maybe being at the beach may be far more effective than Surf Spray, but I could never part from it. The secret is out kids, it’s an essential part to my hair routine.

5. Bikini Tube Top by American Apparel / Because why not?

6. Tunes: Because the Internet by Childish Gambino & The 1975 by The 1975 / Sure logically the iPod would die soon, there would be no way to listen to physical cds, and bringing vinyl is clearly out of the question, but music is essential to life. These are two of my favorite albums lately so they would have to be by my side.

7. My Phone / As I mentioned above, electricity is extremely scarce on deserted islands, but my phone is always with me. My phone is in the market for a new case I kind of love these, and it’s just so hard to choose: LAX Phone Case by Urban Outfitters, Coffee, and Bobbies by Note to Self: The Print Shop or Infinity Rope by a million people on Etsy. 

8. Pretty Little Liars! My new guilty pleasure. I can’t wait for the new season to start in just a few short weeks. If I were caught on a deserted island, I would be missing all of the new twists and turns. See new photos and trailer over at Screen Spy!

9. My favorite Suja juice: Lemon Love / I’ve mentioned this juice before, but it’s still my favorite thing right now. I would need a lifetime supply for this now resort style type island. I can’t wait to try all the new ways of drinking it I’ve seen suggested by others! A slushy maybe?

There you have it. My absolutely ridiculous list of deserted island must haves. Well, I mean, it can’t be that ridiculous seeing as how Mr. Howell, from Gilligan’s Island, brought millions of dollars with him on a three hour tour right?

Spring Essentials!

Spring has officially sprung here in Arizona. When it’s not close to 90 degrees (gross), it is actually not so bad. Spring means a couple things: 1. I can’t wear my beloved jumpers anymore without looking like an absolute crazy person. and 2. I get to share things that are pretty essential to my life right now. So, if you ever looked at me and thought “damn, I want to be just like Nicole!” This is the post for you. I am joking about wanting to be like me, but hey if you do. I guess that’s cool too.



Let me just rave about some of these things. First, Fudge Urban’s dry shampoo is stellar. I tried putting it on at night before bed like I read on some beauty tip article and it actually worked to increase the volume of my hair. And when I’m not pulling off the perfectly messy yet volume filled ponytail, I’m going to try pulling off a snapback. Yes, a snapback. The 90s are well and alive and snapbacks are COOL. But seriously how great was my ponytail yesterday? Thank you, FU.


Looking for a good music recommendation? 5 Seconds of Summer. Now hear me out, it truly is “pop punk” goodness. I hate that genre label, but I’ll roll with it for the sake of that sentence. It’s warm weather, driving with the windows down certified. Which is a rating scaled I also just made up.

I’m seriously obsessed with rings lately, and I really want this arrow one from Urban Outfitters. Arrow crew for life.

Finally, say it with me now, hazelnut gelato. I wasn’t much of a gelato fan until I tried Talenti. Now I’m just super addicted to it which frankly isn’t the best for someone who isn’t best friends with dairy. Everything in moderation isn’t harmful though so live a little. This flavor is only available at Target and it truly takes everything in me not to just buy the entire shelf. I just learned they have sea salt carmel bars. YES BARS. Only downside? They only come in a box of 3. I might still give them a try. You know maybe just take one for the team and see how delicious they might be? Ya, an experiment. That’s it.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 9.13.34 AM


Links: ONE: Dark Chocolate Pomegranate by Brookside / TWO: Oversized Clubmaster Sunglasses by Ray-Ban / THREE: Dry Shampoo by Fudge Urban / FOUR: LA Dodgers Snapback / FIVE: She Looks So Perfect EP by 5 Seconds of Summer / SIX: Arrow Ring @ Urban Outfitters / SEVEN: Lasting Finish Lipstick By Kate for Rimmel My shade is 101 in case you were curious. / EIGHT: I Woke Up Like This tee by Lauren Pope
Lasting Finish Lipstick

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Coveting: Holiday


Long time no see, blog. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means it’s almost time to start decking the halls with boughs of holly. Ugh, that really sounded as dorky in type as it did in my head. I’m sorry. Holiday decorating is both exciting and frustrating, but nevertheless I love it. So I’ve been browsing the internet taking a look at all sorts of new holiday decorations and festive things in anticipation for decorating day 2013. Yeah, that’s a thing I do. Trust me, it’s a pretty cool event I made up for myself. And how cool is it there’s a cute Mad Men inspired Christmas album? Onto the shopping links! 

Links: 1. Mad Men Christmas CD 2. Dotted Mug 3. Hot Chocolate Mix 4. Sweet Treat Kit 5. Ball Ornament 6. Stocking Holder 7. Peppermint Hand Soap 8. Snowflake Bowl 9. Create Your Own Ornament


Fall Uniform


And so the fall appreciation rolls on here on the blog with my fall uniform. Well in this case uniforms. Cold weather is my favorite weather. All of my clothes, in my opinion, are much more stylish. What can I say I love a good jumper. So much I’ll even wear light ones in the summer too because oh well. Not everyone can be confident in tiny summer fashions, right? So shown above are takes on two of my current favorite go to outfits. These items are much better than ones in my actual (sensibly priced) outfits, but that’s probably because with online browsing budgets never matter. (Most of these items are still reasonably priced) Sadly the real world doesn’t match up with this philosophy even though it should. I think we can all agree on that. Nevertheless the outfits are very similar to the ones I can be found wearing any given day of the week with a few minor additions such as a coffee cup. That’s an accessory right? No. I know it’s not. 

Truth be told I was a bit skeptical of booties but I’ve always wanted some. I’m probably one of the clumsiest people on the face of the Earth. Seriously, I just found another magical bruise and can’t recall which instance may have caused it. I tried on countless pairs but it seems flat ankle booties are my only savior. Who wants to look like a newborn giraffe learning to walk while trying to maintain some form of confidence in a cute outfit? I feel utterly ridiculous talking about this, so on to the shopping links.

Shop the look:
Look 1: 1. Jumper 2. Mind Your Mittens by Essie 3. Watch 4. Bag 5. Black Skinny Jeans 6. Boots
Look 2: 1. Knit Hat 2. Black Skinny Jeans 3. Plaid Top 4. Vans Sneakers 5. Ring 6. Handbag