New Years Eve Party Style

So there’s less than 24 hours until New Years Eve and I have some last minute styling ideas for pretty much any celebration. Sure, it’s a bit last minute and it’s impossible to order these things (maybe technology can work on that), but that won’t stop the inspiration. I’ve styled 3 looks one with a dress (my favorite), one with pants, and one with a playsuit. I have even paired each look with one polish from Essie’s winter collection just to tie everything together.

Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 1.35.54 PM

This is my favorite look of the bunch, and I’m not even really a dress person. They just don’t look right with my hips. That said, I would trade in my joggers and jumper for this outfit for any outing tomorrow in a heartbeat. It contains many non-budget friendly items, but again, it’s my dream look so I went big with this one.

Markus Lupfer dress, Kurt Geiger heels, Saint Laurent Sac de Jour, Eddie Borgo ring, Marc Jacobs safety pin bracelet, Burberry leather jacket

Pair with: Tuck in My Tux


This is a more relaxed but sparkly look. I would also combine this with a nice peacoat to keep warm. I absolutely love the sparkly top from Topshop despite it being rather out of my comfort zone. Yes, I featured the Eddie Borgo ring & Marc Jacobs bracelet again with this look but simply because I just love them both so much and they seemed to fit well with the color of the Aldo heels.

Topshop sparkle top, Topshop high rise skinny jeans, ALDO heels, Eddie Borgo ring, Marc Jacobs safety pin bracelet, Zara handbag

Pair with: Double Breasted Jacket


What? A playsuit in winter? Well, yes. If I was attending say a houseparty or dining at a restaurant or, dare I say, going to a nightclub, I might choose a playsuit over a dress. It’s probably not the greatest idea for say…the Mill Avenue block party or hanging out in Times Square. To get more warmth I might suggest some black tights (or exchange this for a longer less flattering long playsuit)
and a white jacket/blazer. The shoes are the real stunner of this look and even then tights may draw more attention to them.

New Look playsuit, Topshop heels, Saint Laurent clutch, H&M silver necklace

Pair with: Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low which seems to no longer be available online so check in stores.

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#OOTD: Rain, Rain Go Away


Today Phoenix broke it’s all time rain record and practically shut down the entire city. There were still daring people like myself who ventured out into the wet streets for necessity rather than entertainment, but that was few and far between. Eventually the sun came out, schools were closed, and I had to plan a whole new outfit of the day. So here’s some rainy day style inspiration.

ONE: Alexander Wang striped sweater TWO: Umbrella THREE: H&M skinny jeans FOUR: Forever 21 bag FIVE: Hunter tall wellies

Back to Class: In My Bag

Anyone who knows me can tell you my handbag is a complete disaster. A million Starbucks straw wrappers, unnesessary recipts, movie ticket stubs, and a pleathora of spare coins. When a new semester starts and I switch from bag to bag I try to maintain a certain standard of cleanliness which ultimately a week later fails miserably. So this week for the final installment of Back to Class we are gonna take a look at the things I carry with my in my bag on the daily.

There’s loads of expected things: my keys, my computer, my phone charger, and of course, a snack. I literally have no break this semester. But then there’s the other things that make me super special. Just kidding. They are kind of essential to school life.


1. Sparkling Champagne Waterbottle 2. Sharpie Clear View Highlighters 3. Ray Ban Aviators 4. Urbanears in Coral 5. Hello Kitty flash drive 6. Marc Jacobs wallet 7. BIC ballpoint pens 8. Get Graphic journal 9. TI-83 Plus 10. One Direction spiral notebook (no longer available) 


1. Burt’s Bees lip balm 2. hairpins 3. hair ties 4. Maybelline Pin Up Peach 5. hand cream 6. Orla Kiely cosmetics cube 7. Pumpkin Spice Latte hand santizer 8. Advil 9. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb rollerball 10. Rimmel Stay Matte powder 11. Altoids, drugstore. 12. Topshop blush Afternoon Tea

Back to School: Wardrobe Essentials

For some reason every year I got ready to go back to school I was worried about one thing: my wardrobe. I didn’t care about having the coolest *NSYNC notebooks in the classroom (my mom allowed my sister and I one *NSYNC designed notebook each). The only thing I cared about was what I was going to wear. I spent most of the summer in my pajamas or raggedy old clothes (what else would one wear to play outside?). Okay so they weren’t raggedy. I just got bored fast. Not that much has changed, well, except the whole spending my summer in my pajamas thing. I no longer do that. But with back to school coming along quite fast I wish I could add even more to my wardrobe.

My parents definitely had one rule when it came to clothes shopping for back to school; We each got one first day outfit and the other four days we had to make due with what we had. They were convinced we would absolutely hate everything we bought after seeing what everyone else was wearing. I realize now it was most likely a ploy to not waste money or valuable time waiting in line to return nearly everything. Smart thinking mum and dad.

I’ve picked some things that are essential to my wardrobe. Items that usually make up my day to day outfits during the semester. They are fairly basic and mix and match with other pieces quite well. This is just a taste of some of the things I wear and some items I really can’t wait to add to my wardrobe. You get the idea, right?


Shirts: 1. Zara Silk Top 2. American Eagle polka dot chambray shirt 3. Mango side slit crepe blouse 4. Zara contrasting collar top /  Jeans: 1. River Island Amelie super skinny jeans 2. Rag & Bone Rock jean 3. Topshop Leigh skinny jeans  /  Sweaters: 1. Equipment Lucien zipper striped sweater 2. ACNE Studios Bird fleece cropped pullover 3. Mango Mohair sweater 4. Topshop textured fisherman jumper  /  Tees: 1. Topshop washed tee 2. Forever 21 DARE Racerback tank 3. Worn By Joy Division vest 4. H&M Oversized grey top


Boots: 1. H by Hudson Lewknor suede ankle boots 2. Mossimo Harmony combat boots 3. Forever 21 zipper booties /  Bags: 1. H&M handbag 2. Forever 21 pebbled satchel 3. ZARA Office citybag
/  Etc… 1. Topshop cutout triangle ring 2. Forever 21 ampersand ring 3. Urban Outfitters branch necklace 4. Topshop Warren flat top sunglasses /  Shoes: 1. Kurt Geiger ITELLI black sandal 2. VANS canvas lo pro 3. ASOS little rock pointed ballet flats

Friday Favorites: Urban Outfitters


Today’s Friday Favorites are from the always tried and true, Urban Outfitters. I don’t always buy women’s apparel from Urban. In fact, it’s probably not the first place I go when I need new clothes. I just don’t think many of the things I own need to be see through, have weird cutouts or be wafer thin. So why am I using them as my Friday Favorites this week? Simply because I found somethings I liked on their website. I would add them to my wardrobe. They also fit my style asthetic quite well I’d say. I will still always continue to shop at Urban. You know for handbags, sunnies, apartment goods, and men’s graphic tees. Because let’s face it, a male graphic tee is much better than any women’s tee ever is.

For fall/winter I’m desperate to find the perfect (probably faux) leather jacket and a pair of joggers. Yes, I actually want to wear joggers outside the house as regular pants without feeling like I’ve given up on life. Also preferably ones that don’t have the word “juicy” or “pink” on the bum. I love the “favorite sweatshirt” shown above. It’s simple and looks absurdly comfortable. I fell in love with an ACNE one very similar to this but could never bring myself to buy it. This is quite the suitable substitute I feel. I can’t wait for fall. Boots, jumpers, and beanies. oh my!

Links: BDG Boatneck Tunic Tee / LNA Beach Sweatpants / Pins and Needles Silky Flutter Floral Romper / Ryder Quilted Flannel Mini Skirt / Project Social T Favorite Sweatshirt / Members Only Vegan Leather Jacket

See more things I’m coveting from Urban Outfitters over on Luvocracy

PS: Pumpkin Spice Lattes return to Starbucks August 25! (Really not ready…)

Friday Five: Outfit of the Day


For today’s Friday Five, I’m sharing my Outfit of the Day. Literally the one that is on my person right now. Well mostly. The handbag is one that’s very similar to my actual handbag which is no longer available. Also I really want it so best of both worlds really.

My style tends to be more laid back and relaxed. Obviously, I’ve mentioned on the blog before I love men’s tees. Not only are they (usually) softer and more comfortable, they typically aren’t made into ill-fitting crop tops or have really stupid phrases on them. Yes, my choice of clothing from the World Cup line at Forever 21 was very limited, and I’m a fan of actual shirts so yes, I bought the male one. I truly love it, but sadly it is now sold out.

Shop the look: 1. Forever 21 England crew neck tee 2. H&M Handbag 3. Gap 1969 Always Skinny Jeans 4. Forever 21 Arrow Ring 5. Ballet flats from Target

Back to Class: Wish List

It’s the final countdown. Class is back in session in a matter of weeks. As stoked as I would have been in 3rd grade, things change a bit when you’re an adult. So for the next few weeks I’m going to be sharing loads of things that are pretty essential to heading back to class. First up: my wish list. By description, these are all the things I wish I could add to my wardrobe.


Tops/Tees/Jumpers: 1. Brooklyn Circus Varsity sweatshirt 2. Alexander Wang classic muscle tee 3. Rag & Bone nautical striped tee 4. Proenza Schouler cropped paneled pullover 5. Topshop split side tee 6. H&M cotton tee with lace


Jeans/Bottoms/Dresses: 1. Topshop wrap front jogger trousers 2. Topshop Moto ‘Leigh’ skinny ankle jeans 3. Moto short denim dungarees 4. H&M short dress 5. ASOS Kimono sleeve playsuit 6. H&M skinny regular ankle jeans


Accessories/Shoes/Bags: 1. Burberry two tone bracelet watch 2. Vintage metal rim black sunglasses 3. Low block heel Chelsea boots 4. H&M Weekend bag 5. Forever 21 angular ring set 6. Kurt Geiger Itelli black sandals

Girl, you tripin’


Every summer there is a near constant flood of vacation photos that appear in my social media feeds. Everyone has these really cool adventures, and I get super bored with my current surroundings. Whether it’s entirely brought on by jealous/trip envy or just the wish I could be anywhere else in the world, I just want to have an adventure. The ones so memorable they become the subject of dinner party conversation years later. The ones that are sometimes so embarrassing to recall in front of another human being. So, it got me thinking, if I just picked up this weekend and took an entirely spontaneous roadtrip, what would I bring with me? But also where would I go? Then I realized I was missing the point of being entirely spontaneous and filling my type-a mold once again.

Truth be told, I am a bit excited for a trip that is coming up so soon so I suppose that also factors into this post. Either way, these are the things I would bring with me on a little jaunt to somewhere random on the map. Just the thought of pointing to a random place on the map makes me so, so anxious. 


One: Ashish x Topshop Hi My Name Is Tee  / Topshop Black faux leather shorts  / PLAY by Comme des Garçons Chuck Taylor low tops / Oliver Peoples’ Gregory Peck sunglasses  / Honeydew Intimates x Madewell Lace Bralette  / Baggu canvas backpack

Two: Sephora color reveal lip balm / Philosophy vanilla coconut body lotion / St. Tropez self tan bronzing mousse / MANGO wristlet cosmetics bag / Fudge Urban sea salt spray / Bobbi Brown Beach rollerball

Coveting: For the Home


Every few months I become quite bored with the decor around my home. Some things need updating. Sometimes just annoy me so much they need to go. But this time I just feel like I could use some new things.

Storage is a big one. I can’t stand having messes just tossed about. I really need a place to store my vinyl records. They are currently just sitting in a stack on my floor. Probably the worst possible (and most disrespectful) place to store records, but that’s where they currently reside. I like this one above from Urban Outfitters despite probably not being the sturdiest idea. And yes, most things I own are black and white. Very simple to me. Very classic which means I can always move them about and come back to them when I’ve stashed them away. I would love to try adventurous, colorful prints, but it just doesn’t feel very me. I’ll just stick to my little pops of color.

One: Amy Poehler print by Note to Self  Two: Plaid Pillow at Crate and Barrel Three: Eames Aluminum Management Chair ) Four: IKEA Towel Rack Five: London Print Six: Storage boxes Seven: Peggy Chalkboard Eight: Corner Store Vinyl Record Rack at Urban Outfitters