Friday Favorites: OOTD

Today’s Friday Favorites is a bit different. It’s just a much cooler version of my actual OOTD. So rather than a Friday Five…errrrr nine I suppose, I’m just going to call it Friday Favorites. I’ve got some Celebrity Big Brother to catch up on…


ONE: Topshop tank top TWO: H&M bra THREE: Gold arrow ring FOUR: Zara girlfriend fit ripped jeans FIVE: Ray-Ban Cats 5000 sunnies SIX: Leyla Cemal icy ring SEVEN: Office sandals EIGHT: American Apparel L’Epicier leather tote NINE: American Apparel scrunchie


The Weekender: 9 August


Here’s the portion of the Weekender where we get a little personal. So, a few days ago I made a discovery on my local grocery shop shelves: pumpkin beer has arrived! YES the beginning of August and it’s already on! I’m a cliche. I love pumpkin everything. Seriously everyone knows hand me anything with pumpkin scent or pumpkin flavoring and I’m ecstatic. I just think August is a bit early. It’s still 100+ every day! How can I possibly enjoy a delicious cozy warm feeling in the form of a delicious Blue Moon Harvest Ale? Well, I’m going to anyway.

Chicago Skyline by Qishan Han

Friday Five: Outfit of the Day


For today’s Friday Five, I’m sharing my Outfit of the Day. Literally the one that is on my person right now. Well mostly. The handbag is one that’s very similar to my actual handbag which is no longer available. Also I really want it so best of both worlds really.

My style tends to be more laid back and relaxed. Obviously, I’ve mentioned on the blog before I love men’s tees. Not only are they (usually) softer and more comfortable, they typically aren’t made into ill-fitting crop tops or have really stupid phrases on them. Yes, my choice of clothing from the World Cup line at Forever 21 was very limited, and I’m a fan of actual shirts so yes, I bought the male one. I truly love it, but sadly it is now sold out.

Shop the look: 1. Forever 21 England crew neck tee 2. H&M Handbag 3. Gap 1969 Always Skinny Jeans 4. Forever 21 Arrow Ring 5. Ballet flats from Target

Back to Class: Wish List

It’s the final countdown. Class is back in session in a matter of weeks. As stoked as I would have been in 3rd grade, things change a bit when you’re an adult. So for the next few weeks I’m going to be sharing loads of things that are pretty essential to heading back to class. First up: my wish list. By description, these are all the things I wish I could add to my wardrobe.


Tops/Tees/Jumpers: 1. Brooklyn Circus Varsity sweatshirt 2. Alexander Wang classic muscle tee 3. Rag & Bone nautical striped tee 4. Proenza Schouler cropped paneled pullover 5. Topshop split side tee 6. H&M cotton tee with lace


Jeans/Bottoms/Dresses: 1. Topshop wrap front jogger trousers 2. Topshop Moto ‘Leigh’ skinny ankle jeans 3. Moto short denim dungarees 4. H&M short dress 5. ASOS Kimono sleeve playsuit 6. H&M skinny regular ankle jeans


Accessories/Shoes/Bags: 1. Burberry two tone bracelet watch 2. Vintage metal rim black sunglasses 3. Low block heel Chelsea boots 4. H&M Weekend bag 5. Forever 21 angular ring set 6. Kurt Geiger Itelli black sandals

Coveting: Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale


So much is happening today all at once, and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. That’s actually kind of an understatement. Rather than feel like I’m drowning I took a few minutes to listen to music and browse the Nordstrom anniversary sale. These are the things I would buy if I gave into some retail therapy. The browsing was quite relaxing actually. Here’s to hoping things calm down a bit though.

1. M.A.C. Look in a Box All About Beige 2. Rag & Bone Devon Suede Booties 3. Kate Spade Phone Case 4. Wildfox Pullover 5. Rebecca Minkoff Studded Satchel 6. Elizabeth & James Moto Shorts 7. NARS Lip/Nail set 8. M.A.C. Look in a Box basic brush set 9. Kate Spade Lottie Pump

Noteworthy 002


Beauty: My hair could use a nice deep conditioning treatment from all of the elements. Someone recommended this one from Kiehl’s and I just might give it a try. Especially since avocado home treatments are just far too messy, and let’s be honest, a much more suitable use of avocados is guacamole.

Enjoying: It’s been a very strange few weeks with summer storms. That photo was at about 5am this morning when I was surprised by a random rain shower.

Pinning: The last time I made homemade ice cream was after I graduated high school and I made soft serve with my friends the chemistry class way. I’m clearly not skilled in the ways of ice cream making, but I desperately want to try this chai latte ice cream from Sugar and Cloth.

Hair Inspiration: I love my dip dye, but I wish I had the effort and patience to dye my entire head one funky color. I love the purple pictured here so much. The upkeep is just way more than I’m willing to take on as well as the chance it might just not be the way I want it to.

Music: This week in music is what this should be called since it’s constantly changing. Right now two albums I keep revisiting are; X by Ed Sheeran and the soundtrack to Wish I Was Here. I wasn’t a giant fan of Ed Sheeran in the beginning but the more I heard of this album I couldn’t deny it’s pretty good. My favorite tracks right now are Bloodstream and Thinking Out Loud. If it’s not clear by now, I’m obsessed with Wish I Was Here. I finally got to hear the full soundtrack and I’m so in love with it. Especially So Now What by The Shins.

Clothing: I really like this zip front shift dress by Calvin Klein although I’m not entirely sure it would be very flattering on me. I have been graced with a set of hips.

Crushing On: Mark Duplass is seriously underrated. He’s quite the looker not to mention he’s hilarious. I love him in the League (my favorite of his roles) and he was quite the charmer in Tammy. Later this summer I can’t wait to see him in The One I Love with Elizabeth Moss.

Loving: PUPPIES! Who doesn’t love puppies? And how cute is this one that keeps reappearing on my Tumblr dashboard? I think it’s a sign I should get another puppy! Okay..maybe not. Hey I can dream, right?

Friday Favorites: Wildfox


I love Wildfox. Everything always looks so summery, comfy, and soft. Perfect for lounging around. I spent a bit of time on their website this morning looking at all of their newer pieces and collections. These are all the ones I wish were in my closet right now.

1. X My Heart tee  2. Twiggy sunnies  3. You & I tee  4. Wildfox jumper  5. Fancy You sweater  6. All Over Gingham mini sweater  7. The Lola Forever-Ever jean  8. Off the Deep End lazy weekend tee  9. Bel Air Palms tote bag  10. Essentials Cozy Raglan

Essentials: 4th of July



Independence Day, the day Americans were freed from the reign of the aliens. Okay that’s just the plot to the widely popular film, Independence Day. Is it widely popular? Is that a fair statement? All I know is tomorrow Americans everywhere will be eating BBQ and wielding fireworks to celebrate freedom. One thing I wish I could be doing is laying out by the beach. Boy do I miss the beach. Since we don’t have a beach in Arizona, and there’s not enough time to plan a road trip, I picked some essentials I would take with me on a boat. We have some very pretty lakes around these parts. At least there’s that.

Shop the look: 1. Pret a Surf for J. Crew bathing suit top and bottoms 2. Topshop Burnout Armhole Vest 3. Topshop fedora (sold out) 4. American flag beach towel from Urban Outfitters 5. H&M distressed denim shorts 6. Pabst Blue Ribbon 7. Karen Walker sunnies 8.Ked’s  double up core sneakers 9. Take a Deep Breath sunscreen from Philosophy 10. Wildfox reversible beach bag

Coveting: Topshop


It’s fair to say I have a simple style. I’m a jeans and t-shirt girl through and through. I really do love a good sweater and have more clothes with stripes than I ever want to admit. That said sometimes I do wish I could be a bit more adventurous. It just never turns out that way even with my glorious best friend stylist who tries so hard to break my bad habits. So, as you can see after spending quite awhile browsing the Topshop website I picked some of the things I wish were in my closet right now. A faux leather jacket in Arizona, Nicole? Are you crazy? No. I understand the heat is coming which is frankly why I haven’t quite made the investment into a biker jacket just yet. Winter certainly wasn’t cold enough here for that. A girl can dream though can’t she? As for the Nirvana shirt, I can never have too many of those now can I?

Sadly, as a college student many of these things will stay on my wish list. Hey, Topshop, wanna help a girl out here? 

Links: 1. Wrap Front Playsuit 2. Fit and Flare Crepe Dress 3. Leather Bag 4. Biker Jacket 5. Nirvana Tee 6. Cami

PINTEREST: Outfit Inspiration

If there’s one thing my Pinterest feed is filled with constantly it’s definitely perfectly styled outfits. Well that and recipes for a million things I want to make, but probably never will. Back to the outfits though, street style is super interesting to me. Probably because my normal “street style” is literally jeans, whatever jumper I am feeling most that day, and some sneakers. So I love seeing how people style their outfits and then share them for the world to see. It feels so effortless to me, but I’m sure it takes work, just like anything else, to look that great. Nevertheless seeing street style all over my Tumblr dash and Pinterest feed is always a fun time. These, I suppose, technically don’t fit under the category of “street style” but I’m not exactly an expert so just roll with it. Now if only I could look effortlessly put together and relaxed while not looking like a frumpy mess. Anyone have any tips for that?

Here are 4 of my favorite looks I’ve seen lately on Tumblr and Pinterest:


Look 1: Jack Wills Fall ’13 Collection Look 2: from Make Life Easier

Look 3: Pinterest Look 4: Jennifer Lawrence @ LAX

I’m kind of obsessed with the color grey lately. I have grey nails, grey jumpers, grey bags. Basically if you can make it grey I’ll buy it in grey. I’m a walking advert for gloomy days even when the sun is shining and it’s 175 out in November.

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