The Weekender: 29 November


Thanksgiving has come and gone. I can’t say it’s officially Christmas since Christmas arrived three weeks ago according to (nearly) every store, radio station, and small child in the world. I’m happy Christmas is here. There’s just that extra bit of cheer around, and I can’t help but feel a little bit more smiley. Well, unless I’m working on the 2015 calendar I make as gifts. That’s a bit stressful and overwhelming. I mention this strictly because in between finishing up semester assignments and studying a bit, I’ve begun working on said calendars. My goal is to hopefully finish some of my custom made gifts this weekend in order to take part in Shutterfly’s Black Friday sale. I should probably be a bit more organized next year….


Back to School: Apartment Essentials

Continuing on with the back to school theme this month, I’m talking about apartment essentials today. Sure, most of these things are also quite suitable for dorm living, but I know nothing about that. I have never lived in a dorm. Nearly every friend I have lived in one at some point. My sister even lived in them. I visited plenty of times and I learned one thing: it’s definitely not for me. Hey, my sister had to have stitches on her eye after being hit with an empty chewing tobacco can someone was using as a hockey puck. Also, they NEVER used a vacuum which really bothered me.

I’m much more suited for apartment living (for the most part) so these are the things that are pretty essential to that living situation. Everyone knows you need sheets, towels, etc. So those are noticeably missing. These additions include, as mentioned previously, a vacuum because there’s no excuse. You’re an adult now. And a toothbrush holder for the same reason. The only reason not to use a toothbrush holder is if your toothbrush is electric/sings/or has another reason for not fitting in the holder!


Art Prints: London & Solitude / Message Board from IKEA / Dyson DC40 Upright Vacuum / 12 piece dinnerware set / Tea bag tidy / Krups 12 Cup coffee maker & Brooklyn Nets mug from Target


Alarm dock / Abstract bath mat / Milk Bottle toothbrush holder / Shower curtain / Mondrian Storage Boxes / Laundry basket

Friday Five: August


August is here and that means the dog days of summer are almost over. Thank god. I don’t know how many more 100+ degree days I can take. No one likes looking like a giant tomato every day now do they? With a new month comes plenty of new and exciting things to get ready for. These are 5 at the top of my list.

  • Clothes: Fall should be arriving (it takes forever here) and that means a whole new wardrobe. Okay maybe not a whole new wardrobe but time to add some new stuff! I would love to add this biker jacket from Mango and this linen tee from Acne Studio to my fall closet.
  • Film: There aren’t a whole lot of great albums or movies coming out this month. But there is a little romantic comedy starring Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan getting a limited release August 8 called What If. It should be interesting to see Daniel without his signature wand and taking on romantic comedies. Oh and it co-stars Adam Driver. Sign me up. Watch the trailer here.
  • Art Exhibit: The last time I went to the museum it was to see the Hollywood Costume exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum. It was pretty cool. Now SMOCA has a really cool exhibition of photographs by Bill Owens called Suburbia. Just from the preview on their website, the photos seem to give such an interesting look at middle class American life. I can’t wait to check it out.
  • Music: As I mentioned before there aren’t too many great albums coming out this month. So, I stumbled upon an old idea: the 30 day music challenge. It’s like the photo a day challenge in the sense you work with a prompt someone has created. Today’s prompt was a song that makes me happy. Naturally I chose Hall & Oates because why not? For the next 30 days I’ll be taking to my Tumblr to share a little bit of my love of music and you can follow along on my playlist tab! I apologize in advance for anything really stupid that happens along the way. 
  • Boozy Book Club is back! Yes and back with full force. I missed book club. Reading a book a long with friends kind of seems like a rough idea, but we seem to make it work. And we agreed fairly quickly on our newest selection: Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman. Maybe I’ll even write a little bit about it here on the blog.

The Weekender: 12 July


Ah, finally Saturday! Time for rest, relaxation, and maybe some pilates. At least then my Kim K Hollywood game play would be a bit justified, right? It’s a reward! Actually, I’ll probably touch up my newly pastel pink locks. That’s the only downside to having them so light. They fade so quickly. Not that I don’t love the rose gold-ish color that’s been happening for the past few days. Nevertheless have a great weekend! Go out and do something exciting and fun!

The Weekender: 26 April


It’s been one interesting week. I attempted to vintage DIY one of my tees this week and it is literally the most frustrating process in the world. I’ve tried doing it to this particular shirt half a million times now. I guess I’ll just have to stick with that boring new tee feeling. I just greatly despise the texture of American Apparel shirts so I try to avoid buying them or ruin them, ha.

Featured image: Coffee Invitation Cards via Etsy

The Weekender: 5 April


Ah, the weekend is here. My Saturday morning is a little game of catch up being (perfectly) soundtracked by my Pandora radio station. Yesterday I rediscovered my love of Pandora, and I’m not letting it go today. I can’t forget to mention yesterday I also tried some kind of science experiment of a coffee drink at Royal Coffee Bar. It was a shot of espresso mixed in a coke with vanilla syrup. I heard a guy ordering it and was intrigued enough to try it myself. It was….interesting. Not entirely disgusting, but sure had enough sugar and caffeine to give me a headache much later on. Oh, and it came with a disclaimer: don’t shake it. it will explode. I’m not making that last part up. Yeah! Science!

Tumblr Radar: 99 Problems



Anyone whose ever driven in a moving vehicle with me knows Jay Z’s 99 Problems is my go to jam. The Black Album came out when I was in high school, and that song quickly became my favorite of the entire album. So naturally, when I saw this tumblr centered around Jay Z’s 99 problems I was smitten. The lyric + illustration thing is pretty great, right? You can even purchase limited edition prints of one of Hova’s 99 problems. How cool is that? I know which ones I would love to have hanging on my wall.

Follow 99 Problems on Tumblr

Watch, Listen, Read


It’s Wednesday night. The most boring night of the week for myself. There’s nothing fun to do, and I’m just waiting for Friday to come along. The best part of my Wednesday night is turning on some tunes and pretending a care about economic models of monopolies. Spoilers the board game is MUCH MORE entertaining than they are in real life. Economics class at this point is just one long giant game of Monopoly. Everyone else is just building tons of hotels, and then there’s me just trying to make sense of why one island in the world had all of the nutmeg trees. So maybe I’m not going to be an economist.

Anyway, enjoy these recommendations this Wednesday evening, and don’t worry, Friday is almost here.

1. Inventing Abstraction 1910 – 1925 2. Bon Iver on Austin City Limits 3. Bankrupt by Phoenix

Reviewin': Art & Copy

In retrospect I should have switched yesterdays post and todays but nevertheless this is also about ads!

   Art & Copy is a documentary about advertising and some famous campaigns we have all seen before and the people who made them. Honestly, I have rarely ever wondered who came up with a brilliant ad concept, print ad, or the like. Some of the ads mentioned in the film I have never even seen before. With good reason obviously, I’m only in my mid twenties. Two of the major ad campaigns mentioned were Apple (1984 and Think Different) and Got Milk? With the campaign for Got Milk? I never put much thought into. Did anyone really? It was gigantic when I was younger. Everyone who was anyone had a milk mustache ad in a magazine. Hearing the story behind it was interesting, and sort of made the concept make more sense. Despite what my 14 year old lactose problem self once thought; it wasn’t about Britney Spears drinking milk so I must. It’s to make you think, do you have milk in your fridge right now if you sat down to have cereal? Milk is much more enticing by the way when you can’t really have any, trust me.

Throughout the film there are tons of different ad men and women who are completely inspiring to myself. They are different, creative, and special. They are doing something tough to do, sell people on a product that someone else says they need. Most of the facts in the film are extremely interesting to learn and mostly mind blowing. I had never known I’m exposed to so many ads on a daily basis. It takes a great, creative mind to make an ad image or idea stick in my brain when so many are brought upon me every day. With the popularity of Mad Men, advertising people are getting more attention. Of course, not everyone can be an ad person. I certainly love living vicariously through Don Draper and company. I could never come up with a creative slogan or image to stick in people’s minds as easy as they make it seem. Granted, their world is fictional. The artists in the documentary really make it known it takes a specific type of person to be in the advertising profession. Out of the box thinkers. I also really loved how they mentioned they just knew they were born to do something like this. That really stuck with me. Another aspect the film showed was the men who change the billboards a person sees every day. I had never put in a single thought about the changing of a billboard, and yet once it’s shown to me, it’s interesting to watch. Random, I’m aware.

Overall, this documentary was interesting and inspiring. It’s not for everyone. If you believe, like 65% of people, there are too many ads being thrown at you on a daily basis, you probably shouldn’t watch a movie all about them. I don’t mind it. In fact, I geeked out about it. I bored everyone to pieces with my analysis of current ads after viewing the film. I love business and advertising. Wow, I bet this is what it feels like for my math teacher to talk about math. Trust me, she loves math. I loved this documentary. I could watch it over and over and not be bored. Most people don’t like documentaries, fine. Most people don’t like advertising, fine. Leave it to the fictional world of Mad Men. I for one, can’t get enough of it.

Until next time,



Adventure: Contemporary Art Museum!

Today Kendall, Rachael, and myself took a Sunday adventure to SMOCA. It was a fun place to explore especially on a gloomy, rainy day like today, and free admission was also a perk! Sadly for this visit there was really only one or two artists works I enjoyed looking at. Andrew Kuo’s fascinating abstract graphs were particularly a high point for myself. My favorite had to be either the pie chart of feelings about drinking alcohol and the other chart about losing his glasses. I wish I could have taken pictures of these pieces. They would have been much more interesting to look at instead of these words, but the man standing in the corner of the room was very intimidating. Google him, It’s worth it. The other artist unfortunately I can’t recall the name of.

The above photos are from our adventure.
1. Eames house wooden block set from the gift shop. I was absolutely overjoyed by these blocks. I am obsessed with Charles and Ray Eames lately, and their house is an architectural dream. I probably wouldn’t even let anyone mess up these blocks if I owned them. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a price listed so in the gift shop they stayed.

2. The pieces of glass in the concrete outside of the museum just before it started sprinkling.

3. The palette installation above the solid red lounge space. Probably my second favorite part of the museum. We could never figure out what species of bug or animal was being played on the film screen though.

4. These two books were my favorite of the books available on the lounge table for reading. Another one about printing photography was also a great read.

Having an rainy day adventure to the museum was so fun! I can’t wait to see the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit at the larger art museum in the coming weeks!