About Coffee + Winter

Coffee + Winter was a blog started in 2012 after an inspiring discussion with friends. Coffee + Winter is named after two of my favorite things: Coffee and winter. The blog is an outlet for creative, interesting things fitting my personality and style.

I am a twenty something trying to navigate life. I’m movie editor at TV Ever After and contribute weekly articles to Screen Spy. I enjoy music, movies, art, and anything creative. When I’m not at the movies or having an adventure, I can be found baking or cooking in the kitchen. They are two of my favorite things. I write about everything that fascinates me while trying to maintain a little bit of humor. I love playlists, shopping, architecture, design among other things that make life worth living. One of my closest friends has decided the title of my autobiography should be “Recipes and Louis Tomlinson: A Girl Trying to Figure Out Life One Recipe and Picture of Louis Tomlinson At a Time.” Only one of those things is true, but I’m not saying which one. I’m currently a business student with big aspirations. I love Instagram so expect to see a lot of pictures of things I find interesting in my life. I really believe there’s more to people than just one thing which is why C+W covers a lot of subjects that really don’t go together, but it’s true to my life and interests. I think that’s what makes blogging so special. It doesn’t necessarily have to be just one thing.

Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy your visit. Come back soon, and maybe even leave a comment saying hello.



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