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Tuesday 10: Halloween Party


So what’s pretty cool is I’ve finally found my Halloween spirit. I mean with days to spare, am I right? Even with the countless horror movie marathons, ghost stories, and Monster Mash airings on the radio, it was a bit hard to get excited. Well, maybe you’re throwing a shindig this Friday night for all of your neighborhood ghouls and goblins and need some last minute cool stuff for your party. I have the solutions and the best news is: it’s all on sale, ha.

1. Tombstone Slate Cheese Board 2. Kids (more like should be for adults) Skull Apron 3. Bone Bottle Opener 4. Because it’s makes better candles than candy: Candy Corn Candles  5. Bat Punch Bowl 6. Graveyard Server 7.  Vampire Matches 8. Skeleton Servers 9. Halloween Candy Box DIY 10. Spiderweb Garland


Back to School: Apartment Essentials

Continuing on with the back to school theme this month, I’m talking about apartment essentials today. Sure, most of these things are also quite suitable for dorm living, but I know nothing about that. I have never lived in a dorm. Nearly every friend I have lived in one at some point. My sister even lived in them. I visited plenty of times and I learned one thing: it’s definitely not for me. Hey, my sister had to have stitches on her eye after being hit with an empty chewing tobacco can someone was using as a hockey puck. Also, they NEVER used a vacuum which really bothered me.

I’m much more suited for apartment living (for the most part) so these are the things that are pretty essential to that living situation. Everyone knows you need sheets, towels, etc. So those are noticeably missing. These additions include, as mentioned previously, a vacuum because there’s no excuse. You’re an adult now. And a toothbrush holder for the same reason. The only reason not to use a toothbrush holder is if your toothbrush is electric/sings/or has another reason for not fitting in the holder!


Art Prints: London & Solitude / Message Board from IKEA / Dyson DC40 Upright Vacuum / 12 piece dinnerware set / Tea bag tidy / Krups 12 Cup coffee maker & Brooklyn Nets mug from Target


Alarm dock / Abstract bath mat / Milk Bottle toothbrush holder / Shower curtain / Mondrian Storage Boxes / Laundry basket

Mid-Century Modern Living with Chairish


It’s no secret; I love Mad Men. I love anything with mid-century modern design. Tons of uncontrollable fangirling anytime anyone within a 5 mile radius mentions an Eames chair. So, there’s this really awesome website, Chairish, where lovers of beautiful, classic, pieces can buy and sell their favorite pieces of furniture. Everything from vintage 50s/60s pieces to modern designers carefully curated by a team of pre-loved furniture treasure hunters. If it meets their approval, it’s on their site.

I spent hours browsing their site for the perfect pieces of furniture completely inspired by the vintage red pod chair shown above. I created this here style board with a swinging 60s feel with items entirely from their shop. I even stumbled upon an old armoire my great-grandmother owned which I was eventually to inherit had it not been ruined in a flood. Hope someday I can own that piece! Chairish is pretty great for finding that one quirky piece your home has been missing.

Shop the look: 1. 1960 KLH 20 Twenty Plus Hi Fi Turntable 2. Herman Miller Sofa by George Nelson 3. Nessen Steel Cylinder Table Lamp 4.Vintage accent chair 5. Newton Minimalist Walnut Nightstand 6. Parvez Taj Aluminum Union Jack 7. Silver Mid-Century Modern Jacks 8. Surf Board Coffee Table 9. Red cone fireplace

Browse more great finds at Chairish including even more vintage accent chairs!

Coveting: For the Home


Every few months I become quite bored with the decor around my home. Some things need updating. Sometimes just annoy me so much they need to go. But this time I just feel like I could use some new things.

Storage is a big one. I can’t stand having messes just tossed about. I really need a place to store my vinyl records. They are currently just sitting in a stack on my floor. Probably the worst possible (and most disrespectful) place to store records, but that’s where they currently reside. I like this one above from Urban Outfitters despite probably not being the sturdiest idea. And yes, most things I own are black and white. Very simple to me. Very classic which means I can always move them about and come back to them when I’ve stashed them away. I would love to try adventurous, colorful prints, but it just doesn’t feel very me. I’ll just stick to my little pops of color.

One: Amy Poehler print by Note to Self  Two: Plaid Pillow at Crate and Barrel Three: Eames Aluminum Management Chair ) Four: IKEA Towel Rack Five: London Print Six: Storage boxes Seven: Peggy Chalkboard Eight: Corner Store Vinyl Record Rack at Urban Outfitters

Friday Favorites: Crate & Barrel


Saying I love Crate & Barrel is kind of an understatement. I guess I’m kind of a fangirl when it comes to the good ol’ C&B. Honestly, I spend loads of time browsing their website and perusing their store in person. When I was younger I even made an exchange with my friends we would get each other woks from there. Wow…that’s kind of embarrassing. Nevertheless, the reason I love C&B is things are so clean, modern, and stylish looking. The only downside is they always make me think I need things that I probably don’t. Oh a spoon strictly for powdered sugar? I had no idea I needed one of those until this moment. A quiche pan? Need it. I don’t even like quiche or eggs. I’ve never even made one but surely if I had a pan for it, I might give it the ol’ college try, right? No. I sense a future post coming on! For now these are what I currently have my eye on.

1. Chalkboard bottle stopper, $7.95 2. Airscape coffee canister, $26.95 3. Cafe cookie cutter set, $16.95 4. Cuisinart Tazzaccino milk frother, $99.95 5. Pennie chair, $499 6. Moscow Mule glass, $19.95 7. Entu side table, $349 8. Verve sparkling wine glass, $12.95 9. Onlin black rug, $19.95-$299

Interior Envy: Karlie Kloss


Really digging the interior design happing in Karlie Kloss’s West Village townhouse. Not to mention my envy over that stellar black and white dress she’s wearing.

Of course, like any person would, she turned to Nate Berkus for help designing her space. They worked together to get the perfect mix of pieces including some of Nate’s own line at Target. I’m quite jealous of her platform sofa at the moment.



The entire townhouse spread can be seen in this month’s Vogue or you can head to Domaine Home to read more about it. 

Currently Coveting: Christmas Wish List

Gifts are always cool to me. Someone puts a lot of thought into what they want to get you or, in the case of my family, put a lot of thought into ignoring the things you asked for. Gift giving in my family kind of works like this: right after Thanksgiving everyone becomes bombarded with what do you need for Christmas? text messages, e-mails, etc. The first couple of times it’s always the same nothing or I don’t know. Eventually time inches closer and closer to zero hour and everyone MAGICALLY has come up with at least one thing they need. (We usually buy gifts based on needs rather than wants) Once the person has given in typically everyone runs with a theme based on one thing they said. For instance, my sister loves penguins so every year I buy her something with a damn penguin on it. Last year it was salt and pepper shakers (she loved them) and some other less arctic themed home goods. This year will be no different. Unfortunately, this system is extremely flawed and once someone mentions they like ONE THING everyone gets a little carried away. I’m pretty sure I’ve already figured out my theme this year and I must admit I’m impressed yet unsure why it is the theme. Christmas is a bit strange as an adult. There’s only so many throw blankets and home goods I can handle, guys. 

In any case, I decided to put together a wish list for myself. A wish list that contains things that would be awesome to have, but won’t replace the pillowcases and coffee mugs that will inevitably end up under my tree. Hey, I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth. I love gifts. I’m just saying it’s a wish list for a reason, right?



One: Knitted Grey Jumper  Two: Salt + Pepper Shaker Set  Three: Ankle Boots  Four: Giles + Brother Nail Bracelet  Five: Note to Self Coffee Print  Six: Biker Jacket  Seven: CheMex Coffee Maker  Eight: Daniel Wellington Watch  Nine: The Black Album – Jay Z and The Chronic – Dr. Dre

Coveting: Holiday


Long time no see, blog. Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means it’s almost time to start decking the halls with boughs of holly. Ugh, that really sounded as dorky in type as it did in my head. I’m sorry. Holiday decorating is both exciting and frustrating, but nevertheless I love it. So I’ve been browsing the internet taking a look at all sorts of new holiday decorations and festive things in anticipation for decorating day 2013. Yeah, that’s a thing I do. Trust me, it’s a pretty cool event I made up for myself. And how cool is it there’s a cute Mad Men inspired Christmas album? Onto the shopping links! 

Links: 1. Mad Men Christmas CD 2. Dotted Mug 3. Hot Chocolate Mix 4. Sweet Treat Kit 5. Ball Ornament 6. Stocking Holder 7. Peppermint Hand Soap 8. Snowflake Bowl 9. Create Your Own Ornament



Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 8.06.48 AM

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 8.07.04 AM

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 8.07.23 AM

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 8.07.35 AM

Yesterday the lovelies over at Who What Wear launched their new website, Domaine. I actually, as of this moment, love it just a little bit more than WWW. Most likely because I can understand rugs, chairs, and wall art more than I understand what shade of lipstick is better for what skin tone. It’s just not one of my gifts, and I’m thankful WWW & WWW Beauty exist for that reason.

Domaine has decor, celebrity features, how-tos, and even a place to shop for items you see on the website. They even have a celebrity section for those times I want to see (and know) that Lea Michele has a book on Barbara Streisand on her coffee table. Honestly though, that doesn’t surprise me. Other than that her space really isn’t all that bad. Some of it, although not my style, is actually pretty cute. That’s not what we are here to discuss though. In Living, my personal favorite section of the website, there are recipes and recommendations. The site is new and more content is coming, but I can’t wait to see where it goes. How-to, like the name suggests, has how-tos, DIYs, and how to be Ms. Fix It. There’s also a blog and a section showing off their pins on Pinterest.

Overall I am in love with the website and it’s design. I’m excited to see where the website goes from here. So, if you’re like me and love interiors or beautiful things in general check out Domaine.

Images: Citizens of Humanity Studio Visit