Friday Five: Fall Makeup Essentials


Fall means I can finally wear some of my favorite make up products. It’s a true joy to finally get to wear foundation without it melting off my face simply by stepping outside. So let’s get talking about my new favorite makeup items, shall we?

Nude Lipstick: I can’t exactly pull off lipstick in any capacity. I tried trendy pink lips this summer and every time I looked in the mirror, I just felt like I had sloppily eaten a Popsicle and hastily forgotten to wipe my mouth. Enter nude lipstick: my savior. This also happens to be one of MAC’s most popular shades which means countless others can agree with me about it’s greatness. Not ready to shell out $16 for lipstick? NYX makes an equally great, cheaper alternative. MAC, $16

Burgundy Nail Polish: Dark nail polish is kind of my thing in the fall/winter and Essie’s new fall line is all love/hate for me. Without many options I turned to Carry On which is a rich burgundy color which I prefer to their current shades. Essie, $8.50

False Eyelashes: I purchased these false eyelashes at Target on a whim for Halloween. I didn’t particularly dress up, but I thought it would give a added extra to my look for the night. If anything make me look more dark and mysterious. These weren’t bothersome, fairly lightweight, and I feel like I will be using them again come holiday party season. Even if I’m horrible at applying false lashes…. Eylure, £7.10

Natural Moisturizer: My skin hates everything…except Neutrogena Naturals. I keep adding in their products as I phase out older ones from my routine. This moisturizer is great. It applies well and isn’t greasy after it sets in. The smell is one of my favorite things about it. Neutrogena, $13.99

Foundation: Ah, foundation. My one true enemy of the make up routine. No one loves a greasy looking face or breaking out like crazy which is my main issue as previously mentioned. L’Oréal’s Dream Lumi foundation does neither of these things. I recently switched to BB cream in order to avoid my skincare issues and with a recommendation I tried this and fell in love. L’Oréal, $12.99