Reviewing: Fudge Urban Miracle Ends


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I’m trying something new here on the blog. I’ve never done a product review before of anything really not even on Amazon. But I recently had the opportunity to try some Fudge Urban products I’ve never tried before and I thought “why not?” I’m a huge fan of Fudge Urban. Not only are their products super amazing but they don’t break the bank. It also doesn’t hurt they are sold at Target which, as everyone knows, is a black hole of amazing products.

A little backstory, so I have had ombrĂ© hair for a while now which is really harsh on the ends of my hair. It’s usually a frizzy disaster unless I use a bit of leave in conditioner. Miracle Ends was something I was almost desperate to try. I wasn’t sure it would live up to it’s hype (I’ve heard countless recommendations for it), but I think it exceeded my expectations. Miracle Ends claims to, “hydrate and nourish the hair to smooth frizz, and seal dry ends,” and it does just that with particular ease against it’s competition.

Let’s talk about the pros and cons, shall we?


  • It smells great. It’s fruity to begin with but it’s not obnoxious. By the middle of the day it was a very subtle, refreshing smell that people would catch every once and while and comment on. I guess not smelling horrible to people around me is a positive.
  • Tames frizz and nourishes dry ends spectacularly. I’m weary of oils/hair products because they tend to over saturate my hair and make it a disgusting mess. Miracle Ends is lightweight and really worked well on the dryness of my blonde ends.
  • The hold lasts all day and isn’t sticky like some other hair serums. Something one doesn’t really consider until hair starts sticking to their face on a breezy day. Miracle Ends doesn’t do that.
  • Miracle Ends leaves hair looking shiny, healthy, and soft.


  • None

How did I use it?
The first time I tried it, I used it on towel dried hair to enhance my natural texture (See photo below). I really love that it didn’t make my natural wave look like a sticky mess, and I liked it enough and didn’t any further with styling. It’s works well on 1st or 2nd day hair, and I’ve used it on my natural texture, curled hair, and wavy hair via braids. I will admit my least favorite was the braided waves. It just didn’t look or feel right when I removed the braid the next morning. Note that wasn’t a styling suggestion of theirs or anyone’s, I just knew my hair needed some overnight nourishment. I only use Miracle Ends on the ends of my hair, not because it’s in the name, but because my hair tends to reject products on the scalp. We’re talking like oil spill reaction to scalp products here people.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 9.53.17 AM

I would highly recommend Miracle Ends to anyone with dry hair or anyone looking to smooth frizz. To summarize the text above, it smells great, it lasts a long time, and you’ll just be cooler by using it. Trust me. It can be used on all kinds of hair and styles from curly to straight.

Fudge Urban Miracle Ends retails for $9.69 (for 2.4 fl oz) at Target and will no doubt be your new favorite hair product. Purchase here

PS: it helped contribute to my awesome messy ponytail today.