Friday Favorites: Zara


I’m sorry it feels as though all I do is appear twice a week now, but when I sit down to say something, I get distracted. I’m working on that not being an issue any longer, but for now here’s Friday Favorites.

Today I chose Zara. It’s clear by now to anyone reading this how simplistic but classic my style is. At times I try to step out of my comfort zone but it’s extremely rare and usually at the hands of my best friend/clothing judge/stylist. So, I find Zara suits my style quite well. If I had unlimited funds to make additions to my closet, these are things I would definitely be ordering ASAP. The pieces I chose fit seamlessly in with the clothes I already own which is one reason I can’t get enough of Zara. I can wear them without feeling as though I’m trying hard to be something I am clearly not, and they last season after season.

On second thought maybe it’s time to make a trip to Zara for some retail therapy….

1. White Blouse 2. Short coat 3. Guipure T-shirt 4. Jacquard dress 5. Checkered Shirt 6. Flap pocket dress 7. Grey wash jeans 8. 3/4 sleeve tee 9. Striped sweater