Friday Favorites: Haul


So, I guess there’s this cool thing to do on the internet where you share things you’ve recently purchased in some sort of haul post. Granted most of these are done by fairly popular Youtubers who have people who care what they buy watching their videos. I, for one, believe I have a highly obnoxious speaking voice and am not entertaining enough to make videos, so I decided to blog them instead.

Let’s start with the clothes, shall we? I love H&M basic sweaters. I think I own one in every color they have ever made. My most recent addition to my jumper collection is this grey knit sweater with zipper. Not only is it reasonably priced but ridiculously comfy. It’s taking plenty of self control not to go buy more. I’m trying to break this habit I have of buying multiple colors of things I already own. Next are ripped jeans. I was skeptical of this at first because why would I pay money for clothes with holes. I’m a sensible adult, right? That makes no sense. But on a whim I tried on a pair and just really kind of liked it enough to get some of my own. Ah, boots. Every fall/winter I go on a quest to find boots and always end up realizing maybe I’m “just not a boot person.” I really liked these though and, well, being on sale doesn’t hurt either. I just hope the weather begins to lighten up a bit so they become wearable.

I rarely take a brush to my hair. I can get my curls to last for a few days with just dry shampoo, but someone said this Tangle Teezer was an absolute hair must so I figured, maybe Lizzie McGuire is right, “Why not?” I’ve used it a bit and I must say I do think it is a hair must. This NYX Matte Finish spray is my new beauty must have. I’m obsessed with it. I love how it makes my make up look. I’m also loving their tea tree oil absorbing sheets. I’m trying this whole new put effort into make up thing. That’s what grown ups do, yea?

Speaking of adulthood, let’s talk about sheets. Since they don’t make One Direction sheets for adults (really missing the market here, guys), I’m forced to have grown up sheets like some person who follows societal norms. I’m entirely kidding, I love simple, basic sheets and I was adorkably excited to get new ones. These particular sheets from my favorite “we have everything shop,” Target, feel almost like hotel sheets. Yea, some people may hate that feeling, but it reminds me of traveling, which is something I love. Also, they are fairly good quality for the price, which is something I can always get behind.

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