Noteworthy 005


It’s Friday and normally I would be sharing some of my favorite things, but today I decided to share a whole bunch of things. A whole bunch of things worth knowing about right now.

    • Snack On: It’s hard to snack healthy being so busy with school and life, but my latest snack obsession is Simple Truth roasted almonds with sea salt. Picked them up randomly in the grocery store the other day and I can’t stop rushing to them when I’m hungry. Maybe it’s time to try some roasted almond and sea salt dark chocolate bark?
    • Listen to: It’s the most wonderful time of the year….yes, One Direction is about to release a new album (November 17th for those who don’t know), but before then it’s new single time. Hear a snippet of their new single, Steal My Girl, over on Soundcloud now. Not only is that available but so is a snippet of the Big Payno Afterhrs Pool Party remix which comes on the single available, in full, on Monday! I can’t wait to hear the full version.
    • Wear: Time for my new favorite seasonal Essie color Dressed to Kilt
    • Jealous of: Kirsten Dunst’s Soho loft is beautiful. The kitchen is so well designed. I love the brick everyhere. I wish I could live in a place this nice. See more over at Because I’m Addicted
    • Choose between: Ah, engagement parties. Time to act like an adult and celebrate love. Too bad it’s hard to decide what dress to wear. I like both of these and obviously this H&M lace dressis far more budget friendly than the Alice + Olivia Amor dress.
    • Excited for:Browsing my instagram feed the other day I noticed this photo from Suja Juice. Holiday flavors? Yes please! I’m a bit apprehensive about trying them but maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised?