Back to School: Wardrobe Essentials

For some reason every year I got ready to go back to school I was worried about one thing: my wardrobe. I didn’t care about having the coolest *NSYNC notebooks in the classroom (my mom allowed my sister and I one *NSYNC designed notebook each). The only thing I cared about was what I was going to wear. I spent most of the summer in my pajamas or raggedy old clothes (what else would one wear to play outside?). Okay so they weren’t raggedy. I just got bored fast. Not that much has changed, well, except the whole spending my summer in my pajamas thing. I no longer do that. But with back to school coming along quite fast I wish I could add even more to my wardrobe.

My parents definitely had one rule when it came to clothes shopping for back to school; We each got one first day outfit and the other four days we had to make due with what we had. They were convinced we would absolutely hate everything we bought after seeing what everyone else was wearing. I realize now it was most likely a ploy to not waste money or valuable time waiting in line to return nearly everything. Smart thinking mum and dad.

I’ve picked some things that are essential to my wardrobe. Items that usually make up my day to day outfits during the semester. They are fairly basic and mix and match with other pieces quite well. This is just a taste of some of the things I wear and some items I really can’t wait to add to my wardrobe. You get the idea, right?


Shirts: 1. Zara Silk Top 2. American Eagle polka dot chambray shirt 3. Mango side slit crepe blouse 4. Zara contrasting collar top /  Jeans: 1. River Island Amelie super skinny jeans 2. Rag & Bone Rock jean 3. Topshop Leigh skinny jeans  /  Sweaters: 1. Equipment Lucien zipper striped sweater 2. ACNE Studios Bird fleece cropped pullover 3. Mango Mohair sweater 4. Topshop textured fisherman jumper  /  Tees: 1. Topshop washed tee 2. Forever 21 DARE Racerback tank 3. Worn By Joy Division vest 4. H&M Oversized grey top


Boots: 1. H by Hudson Lewknor suede ankle boots 2. Mossimo Harmony combat boots 3. Forever 21 zipper booties /  Bags: 1. H&M handbag 2. Forever 21 pebbled satchel 3. ZARA Office citybag
/  Etc… 1. Topshop cutout triangle ring 2. Forever 21 ampersand ring 3. Urban Outfitters branch necklace 4. Topshop Warren flat top sunglasses /  Shoes: 1. Kurt Geiger ITELLI black sandal 2. VANS canvas lo pro 3. ASOS little rock pointed ballet flats