Friday Favorites: Urban Outfitters


Today’s Friday Favorites are from the always tried and true, Urban Outfitters. I don’t always buy women’s apparel from Urban. In fact, it’s probably not the first place I go when I need new clothes. I just don’t think many of the things I own need to be see through, have weird cutouts or be wafer thin. So why am I using them as my Friday Favorites this week? Simply because I found somethings I liked on their website. I would add them to my wardrobe. They also fit my style asthetic quite well I’d say. I will still always continue to shop at Urban. You know for handbags, sunnies, apartment goods, and men’s graphic tees. Because let’s face it, a male graphic tee is much better than any women’s tee ever is.

For fall/winter I’m desperate to find the perfect (probably faux) leather jacket and a pair of joggers. Yes, I actually want to wear joggers outside the house as regular pants without feeling like I’ve given up on life. Also preferably ones that don’t have the word “juicy” or “pink” on the bum. I love the “favorite sweatshirt” shown above. It’s simple and looks absurdly comfortable. I fell in love with an ACNE one very similar to this but could never bring myself to buy it. This is quite the suitable substitute I feel. I can’t wait for fall. Boots, jumpers, and beanies. oh my!

Links: BDG Boatneck Tunic Tee / LNA Beach Sweatpants / Pins and Needles Silky Flutter Floral Romper / Ryder Quilted Flannel Mini Skirt / Project Social T Favorite Sweatshirt / Members Only Vegan Leather Jacket

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PS: Pumpkin Spice Lattes return to Starbucks August 25! (Really not ready…)