As much as I would love to have a wonderful slice of s’mores cake, I think I’ll just stick to some tomato bruschetta. Attempting to cut out sweets is going horribly.


I’m really loving this all black look. Same with this business casual look on Miranda Kerr. Okay so maybe they are very similar. What can I say, I kind of have a simple sense of style.


I am obsessed with Candidly Nicole. It’s funny and different. Trust me. I wear glasses. I know everything. Watch full episodes on


I think I might like The Voyager by Jenny Lewis more than I imagined I would. So far my favorite tracks are She’s Not Me and Love U Forever. Listen to the album on Spotify. It’s so worth the listen.


I for one loving having a very fashionable BFF which is why I really liked this article from WhoWhatWear: The Amazing Perks of Having a Fashionable BFF


I probably have too many camera apps on my phone, but none of them make stop motion videos and GIFs. Enter the Party Party app by A Beautiful Mess. There are so many great things about it. The photo booth aspect is one of my favorite features. It takes pictures consecutively (or manually if you’re into that) just like a photobooth would. There are filters and borders and everything needed to make a cool little image to share on Instagram. And I even got to take 9 consecutive pictures of my face for this blog post. Learn more about it over at A Beautiful Mess