The Weekender: 26 July


Hello Friends and happy weekend! Today is kind of going to be a day of catch up so don’t mind the other posts following the Weekender. I felt a bit under the weather this week which, I feel, is entirely unfair to happen to someone during the hottest week of the year. Rather than pretend I was productive I’ll just admit I wasn’t. I misspelled the number ‘twelve’ for heaven’s sake. This blog is about my life and lifestyle in general and well, that’s life, isn’t it? So check back later for some more posts! If not, here’s your weekly dose of important things!

Watch: The trailer for The Walking Dead Season 5
Turn your face into an emoji to annoy your friends with
Speaking of faces, Check out my new favorite app: Party Party from A Beautiful Mess. Now I can make stop motion videos and GIFs of my dog. You’re welcome, Instagram.
Kind of creepy: Children’s characters as Pantone swatches
Wait, hold up: Glazed Donut Muffins
I’m in love with this Herman Miller office furniture to create the office I want.
Stop what you’re doing right now and check out the Nostalgia Machine
Zach Braff on his Kickstarter experiment and go see Wish I Was Here. I highly recommend it.
Weekend Hair Links: How to keep your ombre looking great, braid your bangs, or possibly a DIY hair mask
Weekend Tunes: 5 Seconds of Summer
In case you missed it: My thoughts on this week’s Pretty Little Liars and posts on Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, my summer reading list, and Boy Meets World