I haven’t always been the number 1 fan of grilled cheese sandwiches. It was the way they were made or I just had a natural aversion to Kraft Singles; Either is possible really. But recently I’ve been craving one so badly and there are loads of recipes for grown up grilled cheeses worth trying. This one for Gabrielle Hamilton’s grilled cheese sandwiches was delivered to my inbox this morning, and honestly, there’s nothing I want more than to try it for dinner! Maybe just one…

Not only does Madewell have some of the best clothing around, but their stores consistently have the best playlists. They have always added little playlists to their blog, Madewell Musings, and now each month they are putting up their in-store playlists. I’m pretty obsessed with the one for July. Florida by Luke Temple is my favorite track on it. Such great summer vibes.

Last night Pretty Little Liars celebrated a television milestone with the most explosive 100th episode. I’m still not entirely over it! I never saw some of it coming. It’s definitely a contender for one of my favorite episodes of PLL in existence. There’s just so much to talk about and my review/thoughts of it are over on Screen Spy. So stop on by and let me know what you thought of the 100th!

I’m fairly certain if anyone asked me what Haute Couture was, I would be wrong. That said, these beautiful dresses by Giambattista Valli caught my eye while internet browsing earlier today. I’m just smitten by them and their shapes. Not to mention the colors…

Speaking of fashion, here’s something a bit more my style. Well, something I would more likely wear than say a haute couture dress, right? I just love everything about it from the perfectly ripped jeans to the jacket. Too bad it’s the dead of summer and this outfit is entirely not realistic. Actually…it could be. If I wanted heat stroke that is…I don’t think this is recent, but either way, kudos to you, Ashley Benson. I’ll be filing this away for fall (trends be damned).

There’s a new game sweeping the world: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. The goal is to climb your way up to the A List. Photoshoots. Shit talking. Dating. Club appearances. It’s all there. It’s entirely ridiculous and admitting you spend loads and loads of time playing it is sometimes so shameful to say out loud. It’s such a waste of time, but I can’t stop playing it. Not only does it waste so, so much of the aforementioned time, but you can buy things with actual dollars. I haven’t because, well, I’m just not into that whole buying virtual goods thing, but it’s an option. I haven’t exactly worked my way up to the A List yet. Hell, I just got broken up with virtually by a fake model. And my avatar (see above) is way cooler than I am in real life which makes me a bit jealous. Yeah, I’m jealous of fake me. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is available now in the Apple app store. (Christmas Kitty Charli is the best part, no lie)


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