5 Things: Lessons I Learned from Full House

Today is Father’s Day (as if you didn’t know) and last year I shared some thoughts on my favorite TV dads. This year I couldn’t come up with a great follow up nor could I think of any lessons my father taught me that were worthy of a blog post. Just in case you were wondering my favorite lesson my dad ever taught me was forget the lunches made with love from my mom, Lunchables are always better. Anyway, Full House was one of my favorite shows growing up in the 90s. (Who didn’t love Full House though?) so in honor of dads everywhere I came up with a list of the top 5 best lessons I ever learned from Full House.

5. If you walk out of class no one will know you are gone

In season 5, Michelle started kindergarten. Not only was she the best dressed kindergartner I’ve ever seen, but she was frightened about what starting a new school would bring her. Duh, kids notoriously hate change, and the big kid school is scary. So, she decides to pay Stephanie a visit on the other side of the building. Naturally, she just walks right out of class and no one notices. Things were pretty relaxed in the 90s, I’ll admit, but how did no one notice she was gone? Did they not take attendance at all? The reason I find this lesson so interesting is in elementary school I actually walked straight out of class, out of the building, and down the street to my mom’s work…and NO ONE NOTICED. Seriously that happened. The school didn’t notice I was gone until I was returned and my parents caused a scene in the office wondering how the hell that could have happened. They weren’t wrong. I’m not entirely sure I learned this from Michelle (I probably did) or why I even decided to leave school that day, but what I do know is: public school in the 90s was one strange place.

4. “A clean room is a happy room”

Countless times throughout the run of Full House characters always took subtle (and not so subtle) jabs at Danny Tanner’s cleanliness. I come from a long line of obsessive-compulsive cleaners, so I could never understand why making fun of Mr. Tanner and his love of cleaning was so funny. Nor could I really understand why their house really was always so clean considering the time and effort they really would have had to put into it. Not to mention for living in San Fransisco, their rooms were fairly spacious. The kids on Full House always had their stuff put away and little to no mess ever in their lives. If my room wasn’t clean (and I mean just one troll doll on the floor) my parents were threatening to throw away my toys. A little harsh right? So even in my adulthood I still remember the one thing Full House (and my family) taught me: a clean room is a happy room. Despite the fact the room I’m currently writing this from looks like a laundry basket exploded…Sorry, Mr. Tanner.

3. Don’t let your friends pierce your ears

Having pierced ears is/was kind of a right of passage. I don’t necessarily know why. I’ve hated wearing earrings since 2nd grade when I had the worst allergic reaction to the day-glow earrings that accompanied my Barbie halloween costume. But nevertheless pierced ears were a big deal which is why Stephanie decided to have Kimmy Gibbler of all people pierce her ears after Danny refused to allow her to have a it done. Why anyone would let Kimmy Gibbler hold a piercing gun to their head is beyond me, but I guess when you insist on keeping up with your friends, you take what you can get. Eventually, her ears got infected (surprise, surprise) and she had to reveal to her dad what she had done. More shocking Mr. Tanner wasn’t as mad she had added holes to her ears, but more mad she had Kimmy do it. Her ears eventually healed and nothing was heard about this event ever again. Maybe later on in her teen years she had Kimmy give her a nice nose stud. Who knows? As for my ears, after my miserable halloween spent in the nurses office, I never wore earrings again.

2. Don’t play in cars

In Honey, I Broke the House, Uncle Joey is obsessed with his classic car, Rosie. He notices a tiny scratch and runs off to pick up some touch up paint (apparently that’s a thing), and rather than taking Stephanie with him, he leaves her unsupervised and left to her own devices. Naturally, being a bored child, she climbs into the car in order to have something to do. She takes Rosie for a fake spin but starts the car (to listen to the radio), puts it into reverse, and drives herself straight into the kitchen. I’m not sure where to begin with the lessons here. First, don’t leave a child unsupervised in a car. Second, as a child don’t touch things you probably shouldn’t. As a child, my sister and I used to play drive all the time while my parents did things in the garage just feet away. Never once did we drive into the house. But that’s probably because we knew not to touch the keys. It wasn’t all Stephanie’s fault, Joey could have been a responsible adult and removed the keys, but what do I know? I’m jut an adult that doesn’t leave my keys in the ignition all the time. In the end, Stephanie decided she was going to run away to Mexico, everyone notices she broke the kitchen, and Joey comes back with a tiny jar of paint and makes a wisecrack about needing more. How rude.

1. Hugs solve everything

My family very rarely hugs. We kind of all have a belief about personal space and some of us have phobias of germs. But on Full House it seems there’s no problem to big for a hug to solve. Okay and maybe a song about how great their dad is to cover up a hole in the wall. Either way it seems no heart to heart conversation on Full House was complete with a hug. Arguing about drinking and driving? Hug. Protecting your younger sister from danger? Hug. Make your sister sleep in the bathroom because you won’t share a room with her? Hug. Frankly, it’s still very strange to me they even had heart to hearts to begin with. Does anyone actually do that? I suppose the main lesson here is no matter what life throws at you or how upset you get, a hug can solve just about anything. Who knew you could be obsessed with hugs? Danny Tanner sure did. Hug life, am I right? (No, I’m not. I still really don’t like them.)

Well, there you have it. 5 of my favorite lessons from Full House. Happy Father’s Day to my dad and all the other dads out there. Go enjoy the World Cup, a cold one, or whatever else it is dads love to do.

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