Friday Favorites: ASOS


I’ve never been one of those people who use the phrase TGIF. I just think it’s weird, but today I am so grateful it’s finally Friday. But what does this have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing. Just a new installment of Friday favorites. This week I chose another of my favorite shops: ASOS. I just love the pieces/outfits pictured here. All of which are great for summer. Despite my rather unwilling attitude to wear anything but black during the summer. Okay maybe sometimes you can catch me in white.

I almost never wear skirts but the bright yellow midi skirt was too much to resist. I’m not daring enough to attempt wearing dungarees as an adult, but if I were to take the leap these vintage washed ones would be the ones I would choose. I’m obsessed with the polka dotted playsuit. Now you may ask yourself why I added a boys ensemble there on the bottom. It’s simple really: tees made for boys are usually better than most tees made for girls. Sorry, every shop ever, I don’t always need my shirt to be some distressed crop top. Not to mention how seamlessly this outfit falls together. I just kind of love it. That said, if I were to get this shirt for myself (or if I just stole it from a boy) I would definitely roll the sleeves a bit and rock it like nobody’s business.

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