Summer Essentials: Part 1 of ?


Alright, first off all, as a disclaimer I’d like to note I’m actually a 27 year old despite the interests listed in this post. I can assure you I am, in fact, a fully grown adult. I’m just not willing to let go of my Bath and Body Works lotion (the scent lasts much longer than adult perfumes) and I really don’t enjoy spending loads of money on clothes. Sure, I love looking at clothes with large price tags, but I’m far to frugal to jump right in and buy one! Well at least not without the gigantic guilt complex that follows.

Let’s just get to the purpose of this post, shall we? At (nearly) every party or awkward conversation circle someone is bound to ask: If you were deserted on an island, what would you want to have with you? There’s a million possibilities for answers. Obviously clean drinking water and sustainable food because who knows how long you would be there, right? Books because those gossip magazines are going to be old news within seconds. A volleyball to reenact Castaway with? See? the possibilities are endless. With summer just rising on the horizon, I decided instead of doing my same boring summer essentials (I’m sure they will come about again sometime in the next few months) I thought I would pick some things I would love to have on a deserted island as of right now. These are clearly not set in stone nor are they entirely logical choices of things to bring, but let’s just go with it for the sake of having a bit of fun.

1. Guacamole Hummus (and accompanying veggies + pita chips) from Trader Joes / This is my favorite hummus in the whole world. I absolutely adore avocados, guacamole, and hummus so this would naturally be the one thing I would eat to stay the long haul. I’m not an expert but, I’m guessing that’s not healthy or wise, but neither is being deserted on an island.

2. Henley Tank Top from Old Navy / Yes, Old Navy. Hear me out. I know Old Navy is probably like the cool place for moms to shop, but I am in love with this tank top. Frequently in Arizona it’s 900 degrees out, and I don’t always want a stylish outfit to sweat all over while running errands so enter this simple (and affordable!) and comfortable tank top. I imagine being on a sandy beach would also require this simple tank top. And paired perfectly with these Boyfriend Shorts

3. Bath and Body Works Beach Glow Lotion in Oahu / I love lotions from Bath and Body Works. I’m not sorry about it either. As creepy as it is, people love telling me how good I smell and the scent definitely lasts longer than the average lotion for which I am extremely grateful. This lotion has a bit of a tint to it in order to give a just at the beach glow. It’s not fairly realistic as far as tans go since to get this “just back from the beach” glow, you’d have to camp out at the beach for at least one entire day while avoiding a massive sunburn, but other than that it’s fairly effective. Not to mention this entire new line smells wonderful.

4. Surf Spray by Bumble and Bumble / Okay so maybe being at the beach may be far more effective than Surf Spray, but I could never part from it. The secret is out kids, it’s an essential part to my hair routine.

5. Bikini Tube Top by American Apparel / Because why not?

6. Tunes: Because the Internet by Childish Gambino & The 1975 by The 1975 / Sure logically the iPod would die soon, there would be no way to listen to physical cds, and bringing vinyl is clearly out of the question, but music is essential to life. These are two of my favorite albums lately so they would have to be by my side.

7. My Phone / As I mentioned above, electricity is extremely scarce on deserted islands, but my phone is always with me. My phone is in the market for a new case I kind of love these, and it’s just so hard to choose: LAX Phone Case by Urban Outfitters, Coffee, and Bobbies by Note to Self: The Print Shop or Infinity Rope by a million people on Etsy. 

8. Pretty Little Liars! My new guilty pleasure. I can’t wait for the new season to start in just a few short weeks. If I were caught on a deserted island, I would be missing all of the new twists and turns. See new photos and trailer over at Screen Spy!

9. My favorite Suja juice: Lemon Love / I’ve mentioned this juice before, but it’s still my favorite thing right now. I would need a lifetime supply for this now resort style type island. I can’t wait to try all the new ways of drinking it I’ve seen suggested by others! A slushy maybe?

There you have it. My absolutely ridiculous list of deserted island must haves. Well, I mean, it can’t be that ridiculous seeing as how Mr. Howell, from Gilligan’s Island, brought millions of dollars with him on a three hour tour right?