Birthday Playlist: 1994

Kurt Cobain On 'MTV Unplugged'

Ah, my birthday. There’s no better time to be filled with nostalgia so for this year’s birthday playlist I’m heading back to 1994. In 1994, I was 7 years old. I was a fairly dorky elementary school kid with such a diverse taste in music. I watched a lot of MTV. Remember when like when they actually played music? I can honestly say I don’t recall plenty of memories from when I was 7, but I remember Kurt Cobain’s death, and I remember not being able to watch Power Rangers because OJ Simpson decided to have a crazy freeway police chase which was frankly, just rude.

Let’s take a look back at 1994 where a gallon of gas cost $1.09:

Important Stories:

  • Nelson Mandela became president of South Africa
  • Tonya Harding was stripped of her figure skating championship after planning an attack on Nancy Kerrigan
  • OJ Simpson was involved in the famous Bronco freeway police chase
  • Ice Hockey was officially named as Canada’s winter sport
  • Jackie Kennedy Onassis died of cancer

Music Events:

  • Kurt Cobain commits suicide
  • Tupac was shot 5 times after entering a Manhattan recording studio
  • Green Day released Dookie
  • Oasis released Definitely Maybe
  • Woodstock ’94 celebrates the 25th anniversary of the original Woodstock
  • Sabatoge by the Beastie Boys is one of the most popular videos airing on MTV
  • Harry Styles is born

Popular Television/Movies/Trends:

  • Movies: Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, and the Lion King
  • Television: Friends begins airing, E.R. and Seinfeld
  • The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is the most popular children’s program (and important thing in my life)
  • Children’s toy: My Sized Barbie (I got one for Christmas)
  • Fashion: Chokers, One strapped overalls, bike shorts, “grunge”


  • Best Picture of the Year at the Academy Awards: Schindler’s List
  • Album of the Year at the Grammys: The Bodyguard soundtrack
  • Video of the Year at the MTV VMAS: Cryin’ by Aerosmith

Now onto the playlist. I spent plenty of time looking at the Billboard charts, popular videos on MTV, and various other lists to determine what some of the best songs of 1994 were. Okay, maybe not exactly all the best, but they were pretty popular. It was really the greatest study for finals procrastination activity and afterwards I compiled them into this playlist. Tracklist and Links below!

  1. The Sign – Ace of Base
  2. Shoop – Salt-N-Pepa
  3. Zombie – The Cranberries
  4. Fantastic Voyage – Coolio
  5. Whoop! (There It Is) – Tag Team
  6. Stay – Lisa Loeb
  7. Linger – The Cranberries
  8. Whatta Man – Salt-N-Pepa and En Vogue
  9. Loser – Beck
  10. Black Hole Sun – Soundgarden
  11. Keep Ya Head Up – 2Pac
  12. Found Out About You – Gin Blossoms
  13. Gin and Juice – Snoop Doggy Dogg
  14. Bump n’ Grind – R. Kelly
  15. Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) – Us3
  16. Tootsee Roll – 69 Boyz
  17. Crazy – Aerosmith
  18. Mary Jane’s Last Dance – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
  19. Flava In Ya Ear – Craig Mack
  20. What is Love – Haddaway
  21. Buddy Holly – Weezer
  22. All Apologies (From MTV Unplugged) – Nirvana
  23. Mr. Jones – Counting Crows
  24. Here Comes the Hotstepper – Ini Kamoze
  25. I Swear – All-4-One
  26. Today – The Smashing Pumpkins
  27. Juicy – The Notorious B.I.G.
  28. Closer – Nine Inch Nails
  29. What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? – R.E.M.
  30. On Bended Knee – Boyz II Men
  31. Longview – Green Day
  32. Cannonball – The Breeders
  33. I’ll Stand By You – The Pretenders

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Bring it on, 27!