Spring Essentials!

Spring has officially sprung here in Arizona. When it’s not close to 90 degrees (gross), it is actually not so bad. Spring means a couple things: 1. I can’t wear my beloved jumpers anymore without looking like an absolute crazy person. and 2. I get to share things that are pretty essential to my life right now. So, if you ever looked at me and thought “damn, I want to be just like Nicole!” This is the post for you. I am joking about wanting to be like me, but hey if you do. I guess that’s cool too.



Let me just rave about some of these things. First, Fudge Urban’s dry shampoo is stellar. I tried putting it on at night before bed like I read on some beauty tip article and it actually worked to increase the volume of my hair. And when I’m not pulling off the perfectly messy yet volume filled ponytail, I’m going to try pulling off a snapback. Yes, a snapback. The 90s are well and alive and snapbacks are COOL. But seriously how great was my ponytail yesterday? Thank you, FU.


Looking for a good music recommendation? 5 Seconds of Summer. Now hear me out, it truly is “pop punk” goodness. I hate that genre label, but I’ll roll with it for the sake of that sentence. It’s warm weather, driving with the windows down certified. Which is a rating scaled I also just made up.

I’m seriously obsessed with rings lately, and I really want this arrow one from Urban Outfitters. Arrow crew for life.

Finally, say it with me now, hazelnut gelato. I wasn’t much of a gelato fan until I tried Talenti. Now I’m just super addicted to it which frankly isn’t the best for someone who isn’t best friends with dairy. Everything in moderation isn’t harmful though so live a little. This flavor is only available at Target and it truly takes everything in me not to just buy the entire shelf. I just learned they have sea salt carmel bars. YES BARS. Only downside? They only come in a box of 3. I might still give them a try. You know maybe just take one for the team and see how delicious they might be? Ya, an experiment. That’s it.

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 9.13.34 AM


Links: ONE: Dark Chocolate Pomegranate by Brookside / TWO: Oversized Clubmaster Sunglasses by Ray-Ban / THREE: Dry Shampoo by Fudge Urban / FOUR: LA Dodgers Snapback / FIVE: She Looks So Perfect EP by 5 Seconds of Summer / SIX: Arrow Ring @ Urban Outfitters / SEVEN: Lasting Finish Lipstick By Kate for Rimmel My shade is 101 in case you were curious. / EIGHT: I Woke Up Like This tee by Lauren Pope
Lasting Finish Lipstick

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