Super Bowl Commercials

Welcome to Monday afternoon. Not just any regular Monday afternoon. It’s post-Super Bowl Monday afternoon. Odds are getting through work today is a struggle. There were just so many wonderful activities to partake in while watching the Denver Broncos play the most horrible Super Bowl game I’ve ever seen. But how about that mini Seinfield reunion? One thing that is always hit or miss, and is a majority of the reason people watch the big game, are the commercials. So, let’s talk about some advertisements!

From what I’ve gathered, the 17 hour long Super Bowl is the only time audiences love being exposed to advertisements. Maybe I’m wrong, but there hasn’t been one time at the movie, or watching television, I haven’t heard someone complain about ads. Every day we are exposed to thousands of ads. Most of the time without even noticing because it’s just become such an ever present part of our daily lives. From the apps on our phones to the aforementioned movie theater, the ads are everywhere. And what’s so mind boggling to me is one day a year thousands, if not millions, of viewers hunker down in front of the television…for ads. Literally almost volunteering to watch commercials….for fun. Only then do we rate them, love them, share them, discuss them, and then eventually wonder how any brand could spend upwards of 4 million dollars to air them.

I’ve chosen 5 of my personal favorites. I’m no expert on advertising, but I do love ads. I’m not one the previously mentioned Negative Nancy’s about ads. So let’s get on with it, shall we?

‘Still No Contract’ / T-Mobile

Sure, Tim Tebow has no football contract, but now he’s letting us all know he’s going to be okay. He’s got T-Mobile now and even they don’t want to give him a contract. Well….except maybe the one he signed for this trilogy for commercials.

‘America’s Import’ / Chrylser

Patriotism. Cars. Bob Dylan. America. I’ll admit when I heard about Bob Dylan doing this commercial I was a bit disappointed, but to say the least I find it much more appealing than Clint Eastwood’s previous spot. All I must say is, why did you license I Want You to a yogurt commercial, Mr. Dylan?

‘The Phone Call’ / RadioShack

Guys, remember when Radioshack was the place you had to go to get replacement coil phone chords? You know the ones that look like a pig’s tail and were attached to the home phone hanging on the wall? Well, even if you don’t remember, Radioshack does which is why for their ad they went straight to the 80s. No one goes to Radioshack anymore and they know it. But what’s more important here is, they got all of these 80s icons to do this commercial. You know, like they were just sitting around by the phone waiting for this opportunity and Radioshack couldn’t pass it up. I mean ALF. GUYS ALF!

‘Campaign Film’ / H&M

Sandwiched in between two Stephen Colbert Wonderful Pistachio’s spots came this hyped David Beckham for H&M commercial. For weeks, H&M had people tweet with hashtags deciding whether Mr. Beckham should be clothed or naked for the spot. This little ad had three things I enjoy greatly: H&M, hashtags, and of course, David Beckham.

‘Puppy Love’ / Budweiser

This commercial for Budweiser is a cry fest waiting to happen. In fact, if you don’t at least tear up, I’m positive you’re a terminator or some kind of robot. Seriously an adorable little puppy and a Clidsedale horse being best buddies. COME ON! Even my own dog sat and watched this advert silently. And he barks at every little dog that comes on the television. It’s heartwarming and adorable and just ugh way to go Budweiser.

Lastly, I’m sharing something very important to me that aired during the pre-show before the game. The latest ad for Captain America The Winter Soldier.

I can’t wait for this. Is it April yet?

What were some of your favorite Super Bowl commercials? When is one team going to re-make the Super Bowl Shuffle?

Missed some of the commercials? Want to watch them again? Here’s the 2 minute super cut of last night’s commercials: @ Adweek