Words to Live By 004


I haven’t written about movies in a long while. I’m just not very good at it either so it’s really no loss. But movies are still one of my favorite things, I recently watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and here we are. I loved it. The trailer left me feeling lukewarm about it. Mainly because I literally couldn’t tell anyone anything about it that would convince them to spend their hard earned money on it. So, I went it alone and I must say it exceeded my expectations.

The visuals are absolutely stunning. I never knew Iceland was that beautiful. Then again I’ve never given Iceland that much thought to begin with. Ben Stiller did a hell of a job with both directing and acting in my humble opinion. Sure there are moments, like with any other movie, where things just aren’t that great, but those moments are outweighed with better ones. But how does this lead to Words to Live By? Well, the quote above said by Sean Penn’s character to Walter.

For some reason those words stuck with me while watching the movie. As cheesy as can be said, every time the sun sets a radiant pink or the mountains look close enough to touch on a nearly crystal clear day it commands a sort of beauty. A beauty that exists nearly every day, but goes relatively unappreciated.  I may be missing the mark entirely as far as the quote is concerned, but it meant something entirely different to me and will mean something else for another person. If there’s one thing I took from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty it was inspiration. Not just from the character of Walter or how he just went after life on a whim, but everything all at once.

Long story short: Beautiful things don’t ask for attention, go see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, and live life. On that note, I’ll be back later. I’m planning a trip to Iceland.

Oh, and don’t forget the soundtrack is killer which I mentioned just yesterday here.