Homes I Love: Vincent Kartheiser’s Hollywood Cabin

Ask anyone I know and they will tell you I have a love/hate relationship with Pete Campbell on AMC’s Mad Men. But, I can certainly tell you I don’t hold that against Mr. Kartheiser. I understand he’s just playing a character which is why I have no problem saying how much I love his house. Yes, his house. I had seen pictures of this lovely home before on various blogs, but this morning when Dwell reminded me of its existence I was quite pleased to renew my love for it.

I love it’s modern design and extremely minimalistic appeal. I’m no expert on homes, but considering how much I hate clutter and wasting space, it’s not a surprise how much I love this. The cabin is only 580 sq feet and contains many different innovative design elements. My favorite is the bed that rises to the ceiling when not in use and is controlled by a 300 pount steel weight hidden in the closet! The headboard which pulls double duty as a desk when the bed is not in use is made of, from what I can see, a beautiful piece of wood. The kitchen is just gorgeous, and the living room even contains the apple of my eye, the Eames lounge chair and ottoman. Oh, and that patio dry sauna ceiling made from 2,500 pieces of wood is far more interesting than I ever thought possible.

I seriously cannot get over this kitchen.



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