The Weekender: December 20

It’s a rather chilly and rainy day today and there’s really no better way to handle this than giving every attempt possible at staying in bed. Unfortunately, I’ve pretty much caught up on every television show I have missed in the past couple weeks and can’t possibly make a dent in Breaking Bad (I promised my brother) before the Christmas crazy begins so here we are. A very lazy morning inspired weekender.

  • Ever wonder what the top pins of 2013 were on Pinterest? Well, I did and I didn’t know so many people wanted taco cupcakes….
  • Did you like 21 Jump Street? Well how about the trailer for 22 Jump Street?
  • 22 Jump Street not really your style? Looking for something more…festive? How about Christmas Face instead.
  • Infographic of the week: The Most Popular Toys of the Last 50 Years. I had quite a few of these 90s toys.
  • No one loves the Yule Log more than my family which is why I’m so pleased to share with them this: The trailer and director’s commentary for the streaming Yule Log on Netflix.
  • Grab a tissue because these photos of a father and daughter recreating wedding photos to honor the mother is heartbreaking.
  • Finally, my favorite of the week: Google’s Zeitgeist for 2013. It’s been a pretty memorable year and the inspiration part gets me every time.

Just for fun Friday tunes: Midnight Memories live on the X Factor USA Finale. In which Liam changes the words, Louis makes a face, and Harry is just….Harry. The UK one was much better.

Have a good weekend! Bake up some sweets for Christmas. Trust me, it’s fun. And what I will be doing all day Sunday.