Mixtape: In the Kitchen – Christmas 2013


The tree is decorated and looking beautiful with its mismatched ornaments. The stockings are hung because they say I have to do that, and I don’t really know why they just kind of remain empty and lifeless. I’m finding traces of powdered sugar and flour in nearly every nook and cranny of my kitchen. So you know what that means: it’s Christmastime! I mean, I don’t know, you probably already knew that, but just go with it. Last year I put together a nice, jazzy Christmas playlist for dinner parties and time spent cooking in the kitchen. It was kind of a success, so I decided to go with a part two.

Part two is slightly different. There’s still some great jazzy standards and some Rat Pack coolness happening, but there’s different source of inspiration this year; The Radio. Whaaaaaaat? People still listen to those? I know. It’s weird. Every year for nearly as long as I can remember the Christmas station on the radio was a staple in my house, but in recent years, thanks to technology, I’ve really stopped listening to it at all.  A couple days ago just by random chance I thought I’d give it a listen. Much to my surprise and a bit of happiness, a huge majority of the songs are the same. Exactly the same as they were when I was much younger, and as cheesy as it sounds, almost frozen in time but I suppose that’s what makes them classics. The inspiration for this year’s Christmas mix comes from those songs I used to hear on the radio each year. The songs that never got old and still don’t.

Looking back on it now, I can’t remember what I got for Christmas when I was 8. It was probably a Barbie styling head my mom threw in the trash after I cut her hair for the 3rd time and she told me not to. What I do remember are these songs. The songs that soundtracked my first and last attempt at making gingerbread men with my aunt, the endless hours spent traveling around looking at lights while listening to my sister sing along (at the top of her lungs) to Mary’s Boy Child, and the countless musicals my sister and I would put on much to the annoyance of nearly every other family member who had to suffer through them. Those are the things I do remember and the things the make me smile or laugh when I hear the song randomly during the season. So, I’ve chosen 20 songs a majority of which are classics and a couple of modern favorites. It’s still perfect for time spent in the kitchen or just taking a trip down sentimental memory lane. Oh, and don’t worry, that wonderful gem known as Mary’s Boy Child is absent from this mix.

Shout out to KEZ 99.9 for my trip down memory lane. Don’t change a thing except maybe stop playing Christmas music BEFORE Thanksgiving. It’s always been a day after Thanksgiving thing and really should stay that way. Thanks.

Tracklist and links below. Enjoy!


Find it on Spotify + 8Tracks & just in case you fancy a little more: Christmas 2012