Day: November 15, 2013

PINTEREST: Outfit Inspiration

If there’s one thing my Pinterest feed is filled with constantly it’s definitely perfectly styled outfits. Well that and recipes for a million things I want to make, but probably never will. Back to the outfits though, street style is super interesting to me. Probably because my normal “street style” is literally jeans, whatever jumper I am feeling most that day, and some sneakers. So I love seeing how people style their outfits and then share them for the world to see. It feels so effortless to me, but I’m sure it takes work, just like anything else, to look that great. Nevertheless seeing street style all over my Tumblr dash and Pinterest feed is always a fun time. These, I suppose, technically don’t fit under the category of “street style” but I’m not exactly an expert so just roll with it. Now if only I could look effortlessly put together and relaxed while not looking like a frumpy mess. Anyone have any tips for that?

Here are 4 of my favorite looks I’ve seen lately on Tumblr and Pinterest:


Look 1: Jack Wills Fall ’13 Collection Look 2: from Make Life Easier

Look 3: Pinterest Look 4: Jennifer Lawrence @ LAX

I’m kind of obsessed with the color grey lately. I have grey nails, grey jumpers, grey bags. Basically if you can make it grey I’ll buy it in grey. I’m a walking advert for gloomy days even when the sun is shining and it’s 175 out in November.

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