Music Monday: Afternoon Tunes

Well, here it is the middle of the afternoon on a Monday. Monday’s are pretty terrible usually, but today is Veteran’s Day. A day to celebrate the service of men and women protecting America both past and present. In honor of these fine folks, many places are closed for the day and everyone gets the day off of school. Fun right? If catching up on a giant to-do list of things you just didn’t feel like accomplishing this weekend is fun, then yes. Tons of fun. I thought since I have some spare time (but not really) I’d do a music monday with some nice songs I’ve been enjoying lately and a few I like to listen to on lazy days with a nice cup of tea. Oh also, it’s Leonardo DiCaprio’s 39th birthday. How ca-razy is that?

Enjoy some tunes on this slow Monday afternoon.

 Such a wonderful voice she has. 

Trying to get inspiration for a little something I’m writing about families definitely requires some time with the Tenenbaums’ and their soundtrack.

My favorite participant of “life is always no shave November” Sam Beam, of Iron and Wine, and his beautiful tunes.

Catching Fire is so so close and if this track by the National is anything to go off of the music is going to pretty cool, guys.

Lorde, of course, Lorde.