Day: November 7, 2013

November Mix: Chilly Fall Nights

Comfy, warm jumper. Check. Cup of tea. Check. Fire in the fireplace. Check. Well, if I even had a fireplace. It’s my favorite time of the year but I think I’ve mentioned that about half a million times since I started this adventure almost two years ago. Daylight Savings Time has come along and brought with it evenings which get dark much much sooner. There are some positives and some negatives with this, but since this isn’t a blog about DST I’ll refrain from listing them. That would be a weird blog topic though, right? Anyway, time to get a little young adult novel up in here. There’s something slightly perfect to me about beautiful tunes, a warm beverage, and nighttime. I could be doing anything from pretending to study (which, 98% of the time, is bookmarking recipes), cooking, or just taking a break from the hustle and bustle of life, and somehow, during fall, night becomes my favorite time of day. That’s saying a lot since everyone knows I’m really a morning person. The crisp chill in the air has officially arrived (and comes and goes here in the desert) so for November’s mix, I put together a collection of songs I’ve been listening to on these nice fall evenings.

It’s ideal, at least to me, for the special times I mentioned above in the excerpt from my forthcoming YA novel: Really Nicole? Okay so maybe that’s not a real book I’m writing, but I could. So, I hope you enjoy some nice tunes. Perhaps enjoy them with a warm beverage, a nice dinner party, or a slice of delicious pie (preferably pumpkin because, well, seasons).


Find it over on 8Tracks and Spotify

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