Current Rotation: October


I’ll be entirely honest, I haven’t been up to speed on new music this month. I did manage to listen to a few selections, but have yet to check out the new Cults album I’ve been waiting to hear. I’m swimming in a sea of new music I just can’t find time to listen to. As if I feel I have the time and qualifications to pretend I have to listen to everything ever. That said, I suppose it’s possible to discuss what I actually have been listening to.

Pure Heroine – Lorde
I tried desperately to avoid listening to this album. I heard one of her tunes at a restaurant awhile back and was pleasantly intrigued, but once I saw everyone blabbering on and on about it, I immediately tried to avoid it. Until one Saturday morning I couldn’t avoid it any longer and gave in. It’s such a good album. I’m glad I gave in. Her voice is beautiful and that hair of hers is out of control in a good way.
Listen to: Ribs
Cereal’s Autumn Playlist
There’s not much I can say about this playlist since I didn’t actually create it. Cereal never fails to make a great playlist.
Listen to it here
Afterlife – Arcade Fire
“Oh here we go” groans everyone at this very moment. But this time, I actually liked it during the first listen. Shocking, I know considering what I said last time about Reflektor. I actually like this track a lot. It’s still very dance-y and gives off that Saturday Night Fever vibe, but it’s making me look forward to hearing the album.
Listen here
Hold On, We’re Going Home – Drake & Majid Jordan
Okay, I’ll admit I have listened to the new Drake album. I may have even live tweeted some of my thoughts while they were happening. In all honesty, it’s very hard for me to keep Drake and Jimmy Brooks separate. He will always be Jimmy Brooks to me just Jimmy got lucky as a rapper, I suppose. So, when he speaks of his high school reunion I immediately think of Degrassi. But tracks later he’s speaking of twerking and ordering a chicken in the same rhyme so I have no idea what’s happening, but I’m pretty sure those two things should not go or be mentioned together. Anyhow, this track has mostly been in my rotation because a close friend of mine put it on a get well playlist she made for me. It’s true, I love receiving playlist made for me. Even if it’s just to cheer me up while I’m sick.
Laughtrack – Botany featuring Father John Misty
So this track only appeared on my radar this morning, but already I’ve been listening to it a fair amount of times. What can I say I have a weakness for J. Tillman’s beautiful voice. It’s just a thing I have to go through life having. Not that I’m complaining.
Listen to it over at Pitchfork
Almost Famous (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Since I was 13 I’ve loved the movie Almost Famous, and to me the music selections are pretty perfect. Only recently have I rediscovered my love for many of them so naturally I’d spend plenty of time listening to a playlist of the tunes. There’s just something about them that makes boring day activities much cooler in my book. Although, I’d much rather be touring with a rock and roll band than grocery shopping, but what can you do? We all can’t be Penny Lane or William Miller, now can we?
Listen to: Voodoo Child – Jimi Hendrix, Tangerine – Led Zeppelin, Tiny Dancer – Elton John

There you have it. What’s currently playing out of my speakers. What do you think of these songs/albums? Is there anything I should be definitely checking out that I may have missed?