The Weekender: October 19

What a week it has been. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m still slightly under the weather. The weather changes at the drop of a hat here so going from the 90s to the 80s is rough. Not to mention it gets very, very chilly over night. Not exactly the best thing for attempting to avoid a runny nose or the sniffles. But who wants to hear me complain about weather some more? No one. I’m pretty sure.

What else happened this week? Let’s see. The government reopened (for now) which means one thing: PANDA CAM IS BACK! Yes the all mighty panda cam  is back on!  As well as a few other underrated national zoo cams. That’s exciting! The Dodgers lost to the St. Louis Cardinals. That’s so sad and unfortunate, but they made it pretty damn far. It’s hard not to be proud of that fact even if going to the World Series would have been pret-ty awesome. Dutchess Kate played volleyball and looked pretty damn flawless. I’m still boggled how that’s possible since every time a normal person, mainly myself, does any physical activity I look like an uncoordinated monster. Can I please have her outfit? Over all it’s been an interesting week, here are some other things from around the net.

Ever wonder what your choice of drink says about you? I guess I could be considered civilized….?
Strange News: Seriously guys, what’s wrong with the blueberries?
H to the IZZO: Now you can browse the web like Jay Z which is something I didn’t even know I ever wanted.
Fangirl Alert: There have been some new TV spots for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and it’s becoming 900% harder every day to contain the feels.
Awe-dorable: There’s a huggable monkey robot that discreetly helps caregivers care for the elderly.
USA Today shares the most common room service orders. Can I get that antipasto stat?
Oh my god! Pumpkin spice lattes almost never happened? What else would I fall in love with? Probably pumpkin spice M&Ms. You know, if Target wasn’t sold out of them every single time I went to get some…
Listen up: Who do you think should be inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for 2014? You can sound off here. I already know who I’m choosing.
I WISH: Ever wanted Alexa Chung’s perfect hair? I know I do. Well, Nylon Magazine has us covered. Except, I feel like mine will still turn out to be a frizzy mess.
I love this: The Headphones Project stops random people and asks what they are listening to. Some of the results were pretty surprising.
FINALLY: There’s a trailer for The Grand Budapest Hotel. I absolutely cannot wait.
Shameless self plugs of the week: New Girl review The Box (Warning contains a really bad box pun). Over at TV Ever After find out my favorite horror movie themes or check out our playlist of horror scores to get into the Halloween spirit.

Well, I’m taking a mini road trip today. That should be fun and exciting. Who doesn’t love a good adventure? Catch you on the flip side, loves!