Mixtape: Horror Scores

It’s (almost) Halloween. That means a couple things: pumpkins everywhere and it’s time for those lovable horror movies. For TV Ever After this month I’ve been given the task of dedicating an entire month to horror. Like AMC’s Fearfest except a little more humorous. Anyone who knows me knows AMC Fearfest is one of my favorite times of year, and I don’t even love horror movies that much. Halloween is my jam though 110%. So, in honor of this creep-tastic time of the year I put together a little playlist of horror scores that can add just a little edge to your day. I’ve spent time listening to these scores days on end to pick just the right ones. Trust me, a gust of wind came, while I listened to Carol Anne’s Theme, that blew my blinds open and in that moment I could have peed my pants. That’s how much effort I put into this! I secretly love it though so it wasn’t much work. Enjoy.


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